Conversation Corner – An English Literature and Spanish Studies Student Spotlight

Welcome to Conversation Corner. My name is Leonardo and I’m joined by Isi who studied English literature and Spanish and
today is her Student Spotlight Okay so we’re now going to move into a bit of a quick-fire round and then ask you a few questions. Are you ready? Yes Okay so, what made you choose a joint-honours course? I was indecisive Which course did you prefer? Spanish So what are your favourite aspects about both courses? The reading
material on both courses. There’s a wide variety on both the
English Literature and Spanish side How’s your relationship been with your academics? It’s been friendly, they’ve been helpful on all aspects How many contact hours do you have? 10 How has your course prepared you for the future? It’s given me the skills to analyse and write and research What career are you planning on going into? Academia What do you have planned to do in the short term? A Masters in Latin America
Literature in Cambridge What is important to you? A good balance in life How have you found that balance at Manchester? I’ve figured it out year by
year so it’s been a work in progress, and it’s still being a work in progress What does student life mean to you? Making friends for life. Like real
friends What societies have you joined? The International, Ballroom Dancing, Creative Writing, Kickboxing What was your favourite society? The International Society hands down What else have you have been involved with? Well this year, well work with ambassadors. I’ve done a extracurricular research project, or languages XP which is teaching languages to schools around Manchester What do you wish you knew before coming here? I don’t need to pack so much for uni Definitely What do you wish you did more of? I think more sport Being from abroad, how have you coped in the UK? Well! Especially in Manchester there’s a big international society like in
general What’s been the best part about living in the UK? I just really like how
open people are How do you think university has shaped you as a person? I think it’s made me more independent More of a critical thinker So that has been Conversation Corner and Student Spotlight with Isi Hope you enjoyed listening
and catch you in the next one

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