Contemporary Literature Final (The Glass Castle)

Alright so our book was called The Glass Castle and… …umm…so For the first question: What do I think of book discussions? I think they’re actually kind of fun …like…cause we get to like- kind of be with your friends and then discuss something …that’s just… …like… interesting to see what they have to think as well [awkward silence] ummm [more awkward silence] For me book discussions uh… …I mean- -personally I’d rather just read my own book but… …other people might just- -like being in a group [awkward silence] umm… I was concerned with -like- being with other people that I really didn’t like- -wanna be grouped up with- -with people I didn’t really know that much but umm… I kind of resolve- -well Ms. Kok kind of resolved it By like- -having us look at books that we might be interested in and then like having us do a umm- -a google form for the- which one you wanted to do and then she just used that to group up the people that wanted that book to be in that group so yea. and umm… I think a- a umm…good book discussion is when everyone talks and everyone asks questions or like analizes a book as a whole and honest- and a bad *stroke* book discussion is like the opposite of that pretty much so…..yea okay, so if you didn’t finish reading the book umm, you can still earn points or if you didn’t finish the reading you can still earn points by participating even if you don’t know like whats going on you can ask them and then just…you can ask your- [thinking] -group and then they could like give you a little summary or something so that you can at least contribute to the- [thinking] book discussion [awkward silence] umm…. [more awkward silence] *knuckle crack* ~I forgot what I was going to say~ uhhhh It’s best to just do the post-it notes cause if you don’t

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