COMING SOON: Making a Graphic Novel Course

– Hey, I just wanted to let you know that we are releasing a
brand new course next month called Making a Graphic Novel. Just like the name implies, the course will teach
you everything there is to know about creating graphic novels and comic books from scratch. It’s going to be one
of the biggest courses we’ve ever created and will be the best online course on
the topic you can find. So here’s a little bit
about what you’ll learn in the course. We’ll start by covering the basics like different publishing conventions and comic books terminology and theory as well as go over different
styles of comic books. Then we’ll go over all the different comic books elements like
lettering and word balloons and learn about layouts
including backgrounds, inking, tone, and color. We’ll then cover the different pipelines for graphic novel production as well as how to work in
a team versus working solo. We’ll learn how to structure your story and characters and how to
format a script around it. Then we’ll get to the actual process of making the comic book itself, drawing, penciling,
lettering, inking, coloring, and working traditionally
versus digitally. After that, we’ll get into
the basic of publishing versus self-publishing, like the different printing
options, book design, distribution, and marketing. This course is going to be a must-have for anyone with a dream of
making their own graphic novel. After doing a lot of research online and never finding the right resource for learning about making a graphic novel, I can promise you that this course will be the best place online to learn about it. The course comes out
next month on May 1st. Make sure to join the launch list so you’ll be notified when it comes out and get the special launch prize which will be discounted
for the first few days. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Will you be teaching the course? I guess not, cause I don't see any of your product even slightly related to graphic novels. I just want to know who is teaching this in the course, so I can see his work.

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