City of Literature: A Film About the History of Creative Writing in Iowa City

I thought, Iowa City, I’m not gonna drive
out there that’s the wild. It does seem a little desolate. To me compared to New York, I worried
that I would feel very lonely. There was an almost folkloric concern, of
producing the literature that was native to the midwest. There was a heavy
political scene, and a heavy literary scene, and they
blended perfectly. There weren’t that many people who wanted to come to such a program it was vaguely disreputable. It was replicating itself all across the country. You know, one by one people check out of the gamble. I
don’t like quiet places. Adverbs are toxic. A writer is somebody who writes. Every reader is a writer. You couldn’t stop
Paul, Paul was a steamroller. (“So all writers from the world aught to come to Iowa City.”) I just thought that, Christ I can’t get
tickets at the Budapest string quartet in New York. I’ll be better off here. They want to be
told what they can do to move to the next
level, and that can be hard to hear. We take literacy and literature
seriously. (“We are dealing with artists whose form is language”)

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