Christian Ylagan, PhD candidate, Comparative Literature, Western University

My name is Christian Ylagan, I’m a
third year PhD student in the Comparative Literature program of
Western. So they have a good funding package, they have a great slew of
professors, and you know a very interdisciplinary field, and you know,
after a few more, you know, like hours of research, I saw that, you know, like this
is definitely a place that sort of, really, matches what I really want to do,
and what I’m looking for in a university. So I’m primarily interested in the
intersection of queer theory and post-colonial literature, specifically
the depiction of queer subjectivities in post-colonial texts. So I’m interested in
how queer identities developed differently or similarly, in relation to
a post colonial context, and how that might be different, for example, from the
development of queer identities in a Western context, for example, so my
idea is to look at a popular Philippine texts, and queer depictions in those
texts, specifically. I do find that, what really sets the Comp Lit program at Western
apart is, how tight knit the community is, and how open everyone is to helping each
other with their research, so for example, we have a weekly Comp Lit forum
where the grad students are able to present what they’re working on, and
then everybody comes, and you know listens, and provides feedback and
critique. So it’s a very open and diverse community, and I think that the mechanism
of, you know, or the dynamic of that really helps stimulate everyone to do
better in their own research. The best thing that I appreciate about Western
really is, just how intellectually open my own community is, my department
my own circle, I’ve taken courses in other departments, and generally Western
students and professors are very engaging and very interested in what you
have to bring to the table, so even though I’ve taken courses in the Theory
Center, or Anthropology, I have the same sense that everyone is open-minded, and
is curious about what I have to say, and that sort of gives me, really the
motivation to keep engaging with other scholars, and that in turn sort of rounds
out of my own intellectual pursuits and my own research.

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