Charlie Charlie Poetry Challenge

Greetings children let’s put all our cell phones on silent, For a tale about pencils and demons quite violent. #CharlieCharlieChallenge: This game taught us all how some grown-ups act smart, but their minds are quite small. Many trends send me into a quick anger spiral; more often than not it’s the trends that go viral, but in this case, I don’t really feel that annoyed. Why?
Well back off and maybe we’ll get to my point. First, of the rules of the “game”. Stack two pencils like so, with a sheet underneath graphing out “yes” And “no”. Ask a question that starts with the chant
[“C h a r l i e C h a r l i e,”]
then wait for the pencil to move Magi . . . cal . . .ly. When it does, be prepared for how loud things might get, and have towels on hand some pants will be wet. Kids of various ages will flee with a shiver, But the secret, of course, is your breath moves the lever. A crude little game for all those not involved. If you found it annoying, you Might be too old. See, it’s not about ghosts or events paranormal. It’s not about logic informal or formal. It’s bonding and fun in a kind of . . . street cred: the kind of kids get by messing with other kids heads. though some of them felt that it might be enhanced by increasing saying [Nigga x2.5] 200%. So no need for debunking, critiquing, explaining. The game was meant only to be entertaining. If we find some hard proof of life after death, it will not be through Vine, I would venture to guess. But when a trend captures the eyes of youth culture, It’s quickly pursued by a gaggle of vultures: old journalists and bloggers clinging to youth, all Reported about this as if it was news. Only, there was no angle is it good or bad? Is it cute or should some moral outrage be had? When a Vatican exorcist offered that it might be dangerous, We all knew he’s full of s***, but the press should try harder. Research stuff, even like the fact that it wasn’t a “Mexican Demon” and that once in República Dominicana, a newscast stirred up some hilarious drama. An old Spanish game that goes back generations With different forms, at least two machinations, where pencils are used at a demon is summoned is breaking our young peoples’ spiritual hymens! [clears throat] Suffice, to say it was quite a slow news week. Until a new scandalous detail a blog leaked: the meme was a brainchild of mischievous ad men. An ad for the movie “The Gallows,” Let’s get them! Except that it’s not. That was clearly made later. They studied the crowd to which they had to cater. New footage was shot to exploit the new fad, even though The film *isn’t* related to that. So here we are now and the craze has long passed. I admit that this overview’s somewhat half-assed, but let’s learn to distinguish news facts from news junk. Because some days there’s just not much out there to debunk. I hope that you love with your heart (made of cells), use the head on your shoulders for everything else. And I’ll channel the spirit of Charlie, meanwhile, to remind you to keep your chin up, and to smile. [Dramatic Exit Gag] “Captain Disillusion!” [Like seriously, this is a beautiful exit gag.] [I’m not crying, you’re crying.] [Fin] [please consider supporting my videos] [please consider supporting my videos on] [please consider supporting my videos on P] [please consider supporting my videos on Patreon]

100 Replies to “Charlie Charlie Poetry Challenge

  1. Uh, yea my old christian school banned it and they even made up some story where some kids who did it got possessed by Satan or something. I dunno, I'm not religious.

  2. 0:00
    Captain Disillusion: …let's put our cell phones on silent…

    Me: Okay

    Captain Disillusion: *is silent for rest of video *

    Me: Hmmmmmm!? 🤨

  3. Don't be so quick to dismiss the supernatural; it can(and does) exist.
    Now, I agree that all those videos are "fake," in that the people in the video are stacking the metaphorical deck. Why would a class of spirit dedicated to being secretive and addicting dean to be recorded for study and widespread discovery? Keeping away just increases skepticism of their existence and makes people more likely to attribute their whisperings as internal conscience, which furthers their goals nicely.
    I'm not concerned about the 99% of "no devils here", I'm worried about that fraction of a percent that gets more massive(1% of 8,000,000 > 1% of 80,000). The more people engaging in these activities, the more room for them to maneuver.

  4. 00:20 Captain needs to work on his VFX skills you can see his flesh coloured skin on the side of his neck

  5. I always feel like this channel is just getting difficult for you with how you talk like this could be the last video… hope everything's going well

  6. How come I discovered you just now??? I'm an advanced motion graphics artist hahaha Always thought about everything you say every video. So glad I found your channel. Binge watching for days!!

  7. It works but the demons like a air conditioned atmosphere to transcend into so make sure u have many fans blowing near when u do this trick otherwise the demon will take your warm and muggy room as a sign of disrespect and not answer your question.

  8. I once played this with a couple of friends, and the wind was blowing at NO but the pencil still went to YES

  9. Wow…this is one of those Internet Footnote things that was instantly forgotten and only remembered as a really retarded thing that happened for like a few days but every annoying idiot wanted to post online about!

  10. I have never heard of the charlie thing, I’m probably too old to care. But this video was amusing.

  11. in my 8th grade civics class, 2 girls were doing this challenge behind me in the middle of class, so i turned around and blew on the pencils without them noticing, and the heckin booked it out of the school it was hilarious

  12. 2:01 He (the priest) is rigth, kids can start to play with actual dangerous stuff by calling demons names, the Charlie game is bullshit but playing with actual demons is not.

  13. I hate poems… but holy fuck lolol most poems are as painful as my own poetry: very. This was funny as hell.

  14. I hope you mean use your mind because wiping my arse (correct) with my head is going to be difficult and disgusting.

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