Casually Explained: Body Language

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  1. >Introduce her to your hot friend
    >She falls in love with your hot friend
    >You are also in love with your hot friend
    >Propose threesome; they both accept
    >You end up not being included and end up uncomfortably masturbating in the corner

    10/10 WOULD DO AGAIN

  2. Sometimes I wish we were just dumb barbarians. Imagine how easy it would be:
    -U cute
    -U too
    -Me in love
    -Me not
    -Do you last longer than 3 minutes?
    -ok then

  3. My ideal man:
    -smart af
    -funny af
    -isn’t a douchebag
    -plays video games with me
    -tolerates my moods
    -has boobs
    -I’m a lesbian

  4. I stopped being productive like three hours ago.

    On the flip-side, I’ve been watching your videos 😊

  5. Only one pupil dialating/ constricting will indicate an optic nerve lesion so you really can't tell with that one

  6. Oh that’s why!! I would never figured out why all my relationships have ended so suddenly….After I jerk their dog off….Welp I guess I’ll just have to jerk their cat off now….

  7. Oh nooooo, I thought he just copy and pasted the stay in stage two for too long check box and I realized that it's a cycle

  8. "just be yourself" is the worst advice someone can give you. it just doesn't mean anything.
    "just be yourself" believers freeze during dates, don't know what to say, do red flags, end up having no chemistry, behave in a cringy way from the start to end, even if they're good looking.

  9. I love that the
    Fucking it up stage is just a loop of how your life is getting good and then its just turns bad

  10. instead of saying arm or dick, you could've said arm and then just make the arrow point at the dick. this would have delivered the joke more efficiently in my opinion.

  11. 0:44 – 0:48 . casually explained knows how it works. hi five to you for realizing it. most liars on the internet would say that its about "confidence" and that bs. yeah by "confidence" they mean they're confident they like you because you looks are 7/10 or higher. like deadass.

  12. Dude have you taken this stuff to the stage? I feel like this as a powerpoint presentation with you beside it would have people in fits. The good kind…

  13. Thanks for the solo meme for getting me to ur channel. Here's how:
    1. I search up solo meme but its a group prject because it relates 100% to group projects
    2. I see ur group project vid
    3. I binge watch all ur vids the same day.

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