Bukhaar – Drama Short Film

I have always been a film buff used to mimic stars People used to imitate my style and girls were crazy about me! So, I always knew that i am a star material. & may be film industry is the best place for me How do you feel after winning so many best actor awards? Obviously i feel great But, this is just the beginning For me.. sky is the limit You are a star but you live like a common man
Why?? How will you act staying away from reality!! Right? A crazy fan of yours sneaked into your house..
any comments? Yes, I would like to sing a song for him (Singing in Hindi)Don’t love me to the extent (Singing in Hindi)that you become my habit (Giggles) You and my other fans are habit to me Meet me on social media live Or come & meet in studios But don’t scare me sneaking into my house A product you will never endorse? Hmmmm… “Churan” “Khul ja sim sim Churan” “Khole band darwaze” (Laughs louder) Horrible yaar…
You know…ads these days….rubbish I would never sell that “Churan”
never Alia Bhatt says that she loves your smile…
what do you think about her? Alia Bhatt… hmm Daughter of Mahesh Bhatt – Founder of Vishesh Films …Need to say something nice … Ok Critics say that you are just a mimicry artist… Who copy famous stars (phone ringing) Yeah Manisha? (Female on Phone): Hi Ronit sir Yeah..hi…how are you? Good..i have been trying your number Yes, got a call from “Starlust” for an interview They are after me for a very long time Now that i have said yes, So was preparing for that. Yeah.. hmm Actually..the dialogues have been changed for today’s scene
I have sent you the new ones What? No..no.. No Manisha You know how particular I am about my lines. I have been working on that character for the past three days,
Now you guys have changed the dialogues at the last moment. Sorry..but,it was director’s call.
you have to reach by 11:30. How can i prepare in 1.5 hours? Later critics will come..saying
“I can’t act”,I mimic and all This is so unprofessional. Baba! I knocked the door
“khat” “khat” “khat” She didn’t open,so i pushed it. (Alarm Rings) Hey guys..Hi Whats up? Had little time, but just to wish my fans I am here exactly at 10.00 Ok lets see…
Hi Rohini, Hi Happy Birthday. Hi Rahul. Raj…Rishabh Hey Siraj, Hi.. Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday Its all because of your love, I am here. Otherwise,I have a shoot today
& an interview lined up with a film magazine. But, More than that it’s my responsibility That’s why I am here !! Anyways guys keep smiling,celebrate and do share the pictures. Okay? Need to leave now
Happy birthday once again Guys. Thank you, take care..Love you Love you Guys. Bye Female : Hi (People Mumbling for Ronit’s Entry in Studio) You aren’t a mimicry artist.. ..You are a real actor. “The elephant keeps walking as the dogs keep barking” Critics…F***you Ronit, Shades. Actually I was thinking it off, while taking the dialogues. What do you think? Okay Ready? Ready. Action. Baba! I knocked the door.. “Khat” “Khat” “Khat” She didn’t open.. So I pushed it hard.. & when I got inside.. I saw her on bed with the watchman. and a novel was kept beside, baba. Whose wife:His or….. cut..cut..cut Ronit..You just looked into the camera… Ohhh..shit..sorry Lets go for a retake? Yes..yes..lets do it Ready? Yeah One minute sir!Ready? Ready sir. Yeah Action. Hey… What’s the matter? I am waiting for someone Go out and wait. Just 2 minutes It’s not a public area. Wait outside Please leave Please 2 minutes! “Khat” “Khat” “Khat” When she didn’t open the door… then… I… …broke inside And what did I see?? That she was on bed with that watchman..Baba! & a novel was kept beside Baba!.. cut..cut..cut listen That “She is on bed with the watchman”….part its going flat Means? Should I go louder or vice-versa!! Whatever..up to you.. but.. Someone’s wife is on bed with a watchman so try to bring that feeling. Okay sir,got it. got..it Okay..okay..yeah.. Ready? ready..ready..sir Ready Okay lets do it sir.. Action Listen,its not about 2-3 minutes, It’s a private area not public. Leave now!! I know it’s a private area As soon as my brother comes,I will leave. Who is your brother? Don’t tell him I am here. Give me his name. Satendra.. No..Ronit Kapoor “Khat” “Khat” “Khat” But she didn’t open the door cut..cut..cut Ronit Avoid mimicking Shahrukh… Oh.. Okay I got it sir… Now it will come… Now it will be fine You’ll see Okay Yeah lets do it…. Yeah Hey Manisha… Coffee please. Ready? Ready. Action Baba! I knocked the door.. “Khat” “Khat” “Khat” but.. She didn’t open the door.. She didn’t She didn’t…baba..She didn’t So I pushed it hard and broke inside… & when I got inside… I saw her on bed with the watchman….Baba! I saw her on bed with the watchman. and a novel was kept beside, Whose wife: His or the other one’s? hmmm.. Whose wife: His or the other one’s?….Baba! that f****ng book. They were relishing grapes. which I had brought her for … The B***h was offering him grapes Baba!! The B***h was offering him GRAPES . & That f****** watchman That f****** watchman was wearing my “lungi” Baba!! That f****** watchman was wearing my “lungi” She ruined everything!! She ruined everything Baba!! Everything What was I supposed to do? What was I supposed to do baba? What was I supposed to do Yesterday only she got a knife for kitchen…. it was sharp So I took it.. So I took it baba.. So I took it. Now if someone is cheated,what else he’ll do!!baba I took the knife and stabbed her Baba.. stabbed her (Screams) Why are you laughing…..?? Why are you laughing…..?? Put on the lights…. What should we do? Tell me what to do… Your performance sucks… What…my performance is bad
Am I mimicking?? Neither you have any actress here
nor any watchman.. I have been talking to the walls….. You changed the dialogues at the last moment… You all are laughing in between the scenes…. Are we on Sshoot or its just fun?? An audition is going on here… And when your brother is done, he’ll come out…. Got it? Now leave…or I’ll throw you out… I know there’s audition going on… but my brother doesn’t know audition? Is it an audition? No we are shooting “The Mughal-e-azam” part 2 You are ‘Anarkali’.. and I am ‘Shehanshah Akbar’ You idiot…stop f******around or you’ll be entombed alive… What are you upto a**hole? Hey…
mind your tongue…. You are the bloody director, so I respect you… Got it? Who is Manisha? Yeah,its me. You called me in the morning for the shoot… The dialogues have been changed…..right? Yeah,but I had called for the audition I had seen that’churan-ad’ of yours…
that ‘khul ja sim sim’ You were going with the character…that’s why prank…prank….prank It’s a prank…Right? You are recording it? for Youtube…? And what did you say…Churan!!… I am too big star to sall a churan… You are a star???You moron And the way you are acting….
you can only sell a churan… which one? ‘khul ja sim sim’!! Bloody fool…. You are mimicking… Am I mimicking? Yes you are…. Am I mimicking? Am I mimicking?.. Security!! Now listen to this latest track of King khan’s upcoming film Lyrics by Rudrashish…Music by Rajat Tiwary and Sung by evergreen king of melody…Geet SaagarThrash him.. Throw him out… Sir please sir…leave him.. Is He with you? Yes, he is my brother.. He is totally mad !! Take him with you or I’ll file a complaint against him I’ll make sure he gets arrested…. He dared to hit me?? He dared to hit an international director… He is actually mad sir… He is out of his mindYou’ll not cover your face? May I talk to him once? Sure. Three years back I had come to Mumbai… to be a heroine.. since then.. everyone is trying to remind me that I am nothing I am worth nothing… I have lived in cities before… but.. here the buildings seem much taller and cars much bigger… I had seen you two years back in an audition… You weren’t an actor You were only copying your favourite actor… but you have improved… really. and if you really work hard….. You’ll definitely be a star one day. What did you say?? work hard and you’ll be a star. you know what Alia Bhatt says about me? That she loves my smile and you know what I think about her? “That she is a gift to Bollywood”

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  1. I am 8th😊😊😊😊
    Hit like for Pocket Films…..

  2. Barely feel the urge to comment on YouTube, this is one of those rare occasions. This Story is so well put together! It grasps your attention in the first minute itself. It has been shot quite professionally and loved those few experimented shots too.

    Coming to Acting: what a brilliant power packed performance by the Actor and even the supporting cast did a great job. That scene in front of the camera is worth watching several times. Crazy! Funny!

    Direction: Great job with the framing. It was well planned and shot! Thank you for creating such a beautiful piece.

    Writing & Editing and sound: writing was Excellent and so was the editing and sound/music. Set the mood right! It seemed to be in a perfect tune, and editing is crisp. Honestly, i wanted more in the end, and its a compliment as this has great scope. Thank you.

    (Best wishes to the entire team for this and future films).

  3. बकवास तो यहां भरपूर मात्रा में उपलब्ध है

  4. Abhinay bhai you nailed it.
    Asli performance dekhne ka maza hi aa gaya.
    You will be a gift to bollywood. Lage rehna ladke.❤️❤️❤️

  5. What a beautiful film Namash such a fabulous skills you have. Abhinay you are just ossam 👍👍👍👍

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