100 Replies to “Build of the Week S8E4: Poetry in Motion

  1. Bex: "This turns 3 of those corpses into explosive balls". Video: Shows 4 corpses turning into explosive balls. Ahhh cognitive dissonance…

  2. First time I actually like a featured character's look. That MTX combo looks nice. Didn't know Loreweave has 3D art.

  3. I'm playing dual poet pen occultist focused on physical to chaos build with bladefall + glacial cascade spells. Very strong dmg and with good movement speed fast clear.

  4. i'm doing this type of build as a pathfinder : 99% all ele res, perma immortal call with romira's banquet and a voll's devotion

  5. Ive did this build and more original at the second Bestiary league but with Detonate dead loop for more %dmg based in life… more fast than FS or TS.

  6. Immortal call? not so useful for me because i have 25k armor. Need more resist =( guess i should change my unique belt or helmet. Guess i gonna try another part of this build.

  7. Interesting… when was the last time a build video featured more than just one player's guide? This is nice – extra reference points.

  8. I've been using a poet's pen build and man it's my favorite thing to use, but I didn't consider using body swap with it…. But seeing it action makes me want to give it a go.

  9. Can someone explain how 2 link skills do damage? Like I understand +3 Cause pen but thats still only an empower so 3 link

  10. i don't have a build guide, but i leveled up an assassin poet's pen build that was really smooth to me, it used ek (with the threshold jewel) crit strikes and faster projectiles on one pen and glacial cascade crit strikes and conc effect on the other pen.
    The ek setup offered some amazing clear speed and the glacial cascade did an excellent job of single target. And since i was assassin, the crits were so satisfying! I will admit the setup did not have a movement skill setup, but like myself, i imagine not everyone enjoys or can handle that type of play. Going to try my hardest next league to get this build up and running again, cuz it was the smoothest leveling ive ever had and made it to maps rather easily.

  11. slow build residentsleeper bodyswap residentsleeper. Also Stop calling skills builds op Juggernaut is the only thing you should nerf with 6+ link shaper&elder items and watchers eye .All fine

  12. Its a cool build but it looks even more mindless than a lot of the 2 button builds I have played in the past. Thanks for the eye candy, but no thanks for the build.

  13. being playing this build for a bit. its AMAZING. I'm act 8 now and so far died 0 times. damage is HUGE on clearing. bossing is EASY. just dash around with frenzy and the balls just float to the boss anyhow, making you super evasive. most fun build ive had so far. even though I don't have too much experience with this game (about 4 months now) I would HIGHLY recommend this build for beginners to advanced players. It can be started very cheap, with only the poet's pens being the main cost of the build. and advanced poe'ers can go massive dmg with more investment.

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  15. Important question: How did they get an additional skill slot? He's using "V" to cast something. How did he get the ability to use an additional move?

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