Brown Sugar – Literary Gang (ft. Yellow Jello)

Today we’re gonna teach you the literary rules So you can be the coolest kid in school You can show off your newfound knowledge To your parents who’ll disown you if you don’t leave for college First is a metaphor, a figure of speech Comparing two things like a beach and a leech For example, Yellow, you are Jello! Hello! Allusion, it might cause confusion But I reassure you, it’s all just an illusion Just like Houdini, my flow is so dreamy Now to Brown Sugar, who tastes so creamy Next is pathos, I feel so sad My mom slapped me because my grades were bad I cried and I weeped like a sore little sheep This is so sad, can I get 10 likes please? A litote uses double negatives Communicating messages that are positive My dad is not a bad ricemaker He is also not a bad caretaker Anaphora repeats the first word of the sentence It’s everyday brother, It’s everyday brother! A polysyndeton is a repetition of conjunctions It’s very useful in writing combustions I meet it and I see it and I beat it and I eat it This is how I normally make my beat hit Indians like me use devices like logos To flex my knowledge on all these bozos NASA reported that my flow is out of this world! This proves the fact that I can get any girl A euphemism is a softened criticism Using this device will give a lot of wisdom My dog got shot last night, but that’s okay I’ll just tell everybody that he passed away! I hope you enjoyed our literary rules Now you’ll get every girl in school!

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