Brian Finds Lois’ Romance Novel | Season 17 Ep. 14 | FAMILY GUY

walking into a room. There’s food left on the table,
and the owners aren’t around. Just going to do a little
“paws on the table, side of the mouth” dog eating. “A Stable Affair,”
by Lois Griffin. OK. Another writer in the house. Oh, my god, this is amazing! This is basically
a guide to what Lois is looking for in a lover. Check this out. Lois is writing a romance
novel about a woman who is unhappy with her
husband and begins to have a torrid affair with
a caped lover who has horses. Don’t you know what this is? It’s a description of her
every fantasy and desire. This could finally
be my key to– To what? Banging my mom? You know, you are the worst.

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