Brenna Twohy – “Fantastic Breasts and Where To Find Them” (NPS 2014)

Ask me what kind of porn I’m into,
and I will take you on a magical journey to– What turns me on
is Ginny Weasley in the Restricted Section with her skirt hiked up,
Sirius Black in a secret passageway solemnly swearing he is up to no good,
and Draco Malfoy in the Room of Requirement
Slytherin into my Chamber of Secrets, I am an unapologetic consumer of
all things Potterotica, and the sexiest part
is not the way Cho Chang rides that broomstick,
or the sound of Myrtle moaning, the sexiest part
is knowing they are part of a bigger story, that they exist beyond eight minutes in
“Titty Titty Gang Bang,” that their kegels
are not the strongest thing about them, and still,
I am told that my porn is unrealistic. Not quite as erotic
as flashing ads saying “JUST TURNED 18!” so you can fantasize about fucking
the youngest girl you won’t go to jail for; I’m told that my porn isn’t quite as lifelike
as a room full of lesbians begging for cock, told that this
is what is supposed to turn me on, Don’t you give me raw meat
and tell me it is nourishment, I know a slaughterhouse when I see one. It looks like 24/7 live streaming
reminding me that men are going to fuck me
whether I like it or not, that there is one use for my mouth
and it is not speaking, that a man is his most powerful
when he’s got a woman by the hair; The first time a man I loved
held me by the wrists and called me a whore, I did not think, “RUN.”
I thought, “This is just like the movies,” I know a slaughterhouse when I see one. It looks like websites and seminars
teaching you how to fuck more bitches; Looks like 15-year-old boys
bullied for being virgins; It looks like the man who did not flinch
when I said “Stop,” and he heard, “try harder,” If you play-act at butchery long enough
you grow used to the sounds of the screaming. It is just a side effect of industry;
Everything gets cut into small, marketable pieces. I will not practice bloody hands.
I will not make-believe dissected women. My sex cannot be packaged,
my sex is magic, it is part of a bigger story;
I am whole. I exist when you are not fucking me,
and I will not be cut into pieces anymore.

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  2. Male sexuality is more visual and female sexuality more mental. But we are more than our sex drives, a man can google "big tits" to jerk off to but see more in a woman when trying to interact with her in the real world than a pair of tits.

  3. so basically what your saying is what you jerk off to is better than what others jerk off to? A little hypocritical don't you think? Why do you care what other people do in the privacy of their own homes?

  4. I like this, but she's full of shit if she claims to use the fanfiction site, cause first of all it's .net, not .com, and there's no nc-17 rating on fanfiction, just M. Maybe she changed it to make it less confusing for the audience

  5. May i just say that i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOU for this TRULY EXTRAORDINARILY fantastic poem and just….. Ugh!!!! Bless you ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ i wish i was more eloquent in my praise but ironically, i can't find words to convey it. So just believe that my artless articulation of admiration for this is sincere and heartfelt! much love ^_^

  6. Its about men who generalize women to being cock loving sluts who want it hard that live in porn and that porn is wat should be the way women are treated

  7. Ask twenty people and they'll all give you a different meaning for sex. What does it mean? Why do we do it? And then you realize after watching this that the meaning of sex isn't the point. As always, women are the point. As always, men are the point. As always, people, human beings…they are the point. This was beautiful.

  8. Okay but I just need to appreciate this line, "Sirius Black in a secret passage way solemnly swearing he is up to no good." I just- I need to appreciate that line.

  9. a friend of mine had a shirt with the quote "fantastic beasts and where to find them" and I made this joke. Now I found this poem and can't stop laughing. Glad I wasn't the only one with this joke. gonna listen now to the poem byyeeee #excited

  10. The thing I love about Brenna's poetry is that she a) never shies away from anything and is always unapologetically herself and b) most of her poems start out as funny before she dives into the heartbreaking layers of her metaphors

  11. okay but honestly, how are you going to critique the porn industry for "JUST TURNED 18" banners right after you listed off a bunch of characters that are children that you like to get off to?

  12. I was binge watching these spoken word videos and came across this a few times, yet I didn't click on it not once. I then reached over with my left hand to pick and eyelash out of my eye and boom my hand brushed the screen of my cell phone. Next thing I know I'm watching something I've grown to love. Maybe it was coincidence.. or maybe not. Maybe it was fate.. or maybe not. But whatever it was I'm thankful that it happened

  13. The first time a man I loved held me by the wrists and called me a whore, I did not think 'run.' I thought 'this, is just like the movies'

  14. Porn takes away the very thing that defines us as human being: feelings. It shows a sexual behaviour that is equal to that of animals.
    But we are more than that. We are able to love and we should only do it with people we love and who love us in return. I don't mean this as slutshaming nor am I against polygamie. I just think that the only reason we should have sex with someone is out of love and or with real feelings.

  15. The first time I was curious about sex beyond the "facts of life" and "birds and the bees" talk and books, I searched for sex in the search engine. It came back with just as she described: all these disgusting, violent scary videos, images, and stories. Later on I would find the Harry Potter NC-17 and it was how I learned about sex my sexuality. It was a much better introduction that showed me women could be treated with respect during sex. That it could be loving.

  16. I have literally watched this poem like ten different times because it's so good and only just noticed that the title is fantastic BREASTS!! I mean I know it makes sense for the poem but I always read it as beasts

  17. If only she mentioned AO3… totally not self-promo here, I'm writing a bunch of fics (no NSFW) on there as AzuleOpal.


    Legit why is the Draco Malfoy part me XD and where can I find it

    But for real, this was a stunning poem! Amazing job! 😁💞

  19. This is amazing. I mean, men are attracted to the visuals for the most part. But the violence and degradation in porn is definitely always something that has kind of disgusted me. The realization that it can teach impressionable teens "this is what sex is supposed to be" hadn't occurred to me in this way before.

  20. Talking about horrific JUST TURNED 18 advertisements while at the same time fantasizing about the school children. I don't understand what I should make of this really I mean.

  21. Nothing wrong with erotica, but this is pretty stupid. For starters, yes erotica is unrealistic, just in different ways from porn. Also, if you do like erotica, but you're so willing to throw porn under the bus, you're a straight up hypocrite. Erotica is just porn for people who like to read. It's just as capable, if not more so, of being the things you would claim to hate about video porn. Yet at the same time you would still love it because you don't see the irony, you only know your own snobby "holier than thou" attitude.

  22. ВАУ

    Просто послухайте її!

    Я жалкую, що не знайшла це відео раніше

    алилуя, сестро💔

  23. Every time I look for slam poetry I can never find anything new guess I musta watched most of them 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️😢

  24. It's pretty fucked up that girls get made fun of for being 'fangirls' and shit, when men watch the sleaziest, diminishing porn and it's okay and not a time waste? Like f you. 😛

  25. aren’t there,, children included. in those fan fictions ? like. erotica about children? because the main characters,, are children ?forgive me if im wrong because i didn’t know much about Harry Potter but.,,

  26. Holy hell, lady. This is some powerful shit. I force all my friends to listen to this. They get goosebumps I still do everytime. Powerful imagery and use of the word slaughterhouse. You have a real talent. I love spoken word poetry. Wish the whole world would listen to more like this.
    Word. *Gives pimp nod*

  27. “I am whole. I exist when you are not FUCK!NG ME!!”

    This is the content I’m here for! I’m a fuck!ng human being who has feelings (gasp I never woulda though) not an object to be used by whoever thinks my boobs are too busty or I have more curves that a kid should. Ugh just, just this!!! I love this poem 🥺

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