Brave New World – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

What it do yo? This here your boy
Doc Sweets and today we gettin savage with Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. It’s the year 632 AF and most o’ civilization is
part of one hood called the World State Up in here, technology makin it so
that humans pop off assembly lines and be brainwashed to value nothin but
what the government tells em- constant happiness, consumption, and
bangin group orgies. Whoo-wee! And if you still ain’t feelin fly,
just throw back a lil’ soma and you get so iced out that you aint got no worries. So some high class pusher named
Bernard Marx start thinkin that, unlike the rest of them soma-
slammin zombies, he a trill-ass individual who curious bout
what life on the outside be like. So Bernard hollers at some choice hunny named
Lenina and asks if she wanna roll with him to the Savage reservation where
peeps be livin old school. Lenina holla back, but she actin spicious
bout this playa since he don’t like to pop pillz and get dirty like she do. When Bernard and Lenina land at the
Savage Reservation, they peep some gnarly beezy named Linda and her boy John- who be
called ‘The Savage.’ Even though John and Linda been livin the low life,
Linda schooled John on how to read, making him a top shelf savage. After Bernard takes John back to
London, John admits to Lenina that he got mad love for her, but dis hoochie can’t
even understand what that means. Instead, she get but- ass naked and
try to get freaky wit him. But my boy John wants somethin with meaning; so instead of tappin dat ass, he
pimp slaps her and sends her ass packin. Then John’s mama bites the big one
up in the hospital and John completely loses his sh**. So the Five-O bust in and sling him and
Bernard in front of some big bird playa named Mustapha Mond. Mond exiles Bernard, but makes
John stay cuz he want “the experiment” to go on. Fed up wit the system, John
secludes himself in a lighthouse when one day some snitch gets all up in his bidness
and peeps John whipping himself, making him a media sensation. Later, when a big ass crowd forms
outside his crib with Lenina in tow, John calls her a skank and starts layin a whoop
on her. Errybody gets so riled up at the sight that they start poppin soma screamin “Orgy
Porgy” and gettin they freak on. Even Johnny boy joins in! Next day John wakes up and realizes
they ain’t nothing he can do to fight the civilized world he imprisoned in. So our boy takes the only escape
left and hangs himself. Whew. Welcome to the Brave New World, son. If you
wanna roll with the World State crew, you gotta drop yo beliefs
and adopt a whole jam called Fordism. Instead of giving up worldly possessions for a heaven
in the sky, get ready for a soma- soaked paradise now. All you gotta do is take all dat art,
science, history, and religion- and kiss it goodbye, play boy. My mayne Karl Marx once said that
“religion is the opiate of da masses”. But Huxley gone and flipped that idea on its
head and made Opium, AKA Soma, the people’s religon And this sh** right here is so dank
that it also offers hope, consolation, and reassurance just like religion, cept better-
cuz you ain’t even gotta do nuthin. Just like Mustapha Mond say,
Soma is “Christianity without tears.” Now open up yo ears and soak this
game up, B. In a place like the World State where the motto is “COMMUNITY, IDENTITY,
AND STABILITY,” they aint nuthin mo dangerous than a G flying solo. Cuz when you on your own, you ain’t got
nobody to put your strongest emotions in check. With all yo love directed at only
one thing, you end up unstable, miserable and wantin to take yoslf out of the game for
good. Naw mean? That’s why the world state throwin all those swanky sex-parties, so you
can get all dat excess emotion out on the reg. Don’t believe me? Just look how
unstable Johnny boy be when he on the reservation- he even shanks one of his mama’s lovers!
And it don’t get no better in the civilized world. When Lenina’s standing butt naked
in front of him, he roughs her up, calls her a ho, and threatens to waste her ass! Maybe
there’s a good reason they call him the savage. And with all that excessive emotion
building up, it’s no wonder that this fool ices himself. Looks like Mustapha Mond’s
experiment went exactly as he expected. Hey thanks for keepin it real wit
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29 Replies to “Brave New World – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

  1. Just finished the book today. 12/06/18.

    I found myself laughing out loud with the book because I found it hilarious and depressing. all around a fun book.

    "Hourly radio reporter has coccyx kicked by mystery savage" chapter 18. COCCYX!

    that text made laugh.

    I would like to have the influence of Shakespeare discussed on this video. but then again it such a brief video that I don't think you have time to address it. I like the world building at the beginning. how people are genetically engineered? I appreciate that Huxley was way ahead of his time on this one, even though genes are not discussed (A Chinaman doctor claimed he gene edited twins last week! so this kind of reality is becoming more real). I guess John is the main character, but it took a while for him to be introduced. So I though Barnard Marx was a protagonist. but Barnard is somewhat of scumbag, I initially thought he was gonna be a Winston Smith like character a la 1984 (I finished 1984 a week before), but he's just a scumbag. I thought Helmholtz is somewhat sympathetic and so is Lenina, she is quite "pneumatic" you know! It sorta reminds me of the film GATTACCA and I'm wondering how much BNW influenced that film. The character Mustafa Mond sorta remind me of the conductor from Snowpiercer.

    I know no one will care to I read this, but I'm just leaving a trail for future me when I read the comments.

    I like to leave comments on youtubes so I can track it down later on. years down the line.

    so please ignore my ramblings.

  2. I'm actually reading Brave New World right now and have been looking at videos of people's analysis of it. When I cam across this I tuned in just for a laugh; but stangely this video does a better job at analyzing Brave New World than any other video I've watched so far. haha!

  3. I view Soma as representing sensual (particularly sexual) hedonism. In a society plagued with chaos and disorder, rather than searching for solutions to personal or societal problems, we prefer to submerge any sense of responsibility within the vast expanse of sensual pleasure and carelessness.

  4. Probably the least accurate interpretation of this book available on the internet. I was expecting a joke, but not this level of misinterpretation. The book is about the evil of a fascist egalitarian state, not an idiotic savage's failure to adapt to it.

  5. I could not here anything with all that Tap Dancing coooooning

    – only white people can come up with something like this
    – only whire people will enjoy this dumb shit

  6. The way of speaking does not match that old fashioned book at all but i like it since it gets straight to the point

  7. We pretty much live in a society that is soon to be a combination of brave new world and 1984. Social conditioning orchestrated by an oppressive regime.

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