Bookish Academy Awards | 2020 [CC]

Hi! Welcome to my Bookish Academy Awards!
This is a book tag created by Regan over at PeruseProject so I will leave
her links down below. Basically she’s taken all the categories from the
Academy Awards and converted them into bookish awards
so I thought it was appropriate to do it at this time since it is Academy Awards
time. And personally I don’t really care that much about movies. I find them a
little bit slow and boring. But what I do care about is books! So let’s give
some books some awards! I will also say I would love for this to be based on all
the releases in 2019 but I just am not able to read that many new releases so
instead this is gonna be based on the books that I read in 2019 and there
were some good ones. So the first award is best male actor or in bookish terms,
best male protagonist. There were some really good candidates for this but I
decided that I had to go for Kaladin from the Way of Kings or the Stormlight
Archive series that I started last year by Brandon Sanderson. Kaladin is a
spearman who is part of this war that’s going on and he’s just suffered through
so much. But at the same time he’s a really great leader and I think that
anybody who has an interest in like servant leadership or organizational
culture should really consider reading the Stormlight Archives because it has
some really interesting things to say about that. Then we have best actress or
best female protagonist. Again there were a lot of really great candidates for
this award but I would have to go with Maika from the Monstress series by
Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda. Maika is a half-human, half-arcanic so she’s a
little bit animal sort of, and she also has this Old God / demon type thing
growing out of where her arm used to be. She’s trying to deal with this whole
demon possession thing at the same time is getting revenge on the people that
enslaved her when she was a child. As I’ve said before I absolutely loved the art
in this graphic novel series and I just think Maika is such a strong character
and so beautifully depicted. Then we have Best Cinematography or best plot twist
and for this I actually have this book here. Most of these books I don’t have
unfortunately because I wasn’t working this year and so I had to rely on the
library a lot but a lot of these books I do want to buy. I did however win a giveaway
where I got the Fifth Season and this has a plot to twist that I just think is so
different from all the other plot twists in the other books that I read this year.
In fact, whenever I talk about this book I feel like I have to be very careful
not to give away the plot twists because in some ways it’s obvious but in other
ways it’s very tricksy and I really loved it. Then we have best costume design or
best book cover. And for this when I looked through the books I read last year, the
ones with the most beautiful covers were actually ones that I only read because
of the cover and I didn’t actually end up liking them and so I don’t really
feel like, even though they were beautiful covers, I don’t feel like they
deserve to win the award. So instead I picked a book that I really love the
aesthetic of and I also think it really represents the book inside quite well
and that is Middlegame by Seanan McGuire. I just really love this front cover and
I think once you’ve read the book it also means even more to you which to
me is a sign of a good cover design. Then we have this supporting actor and
actress which is best male or female sidekick. And this is actually the only
category where I have reused the same books or the same author.
I tried mostly to kind of distribute things somewhat. But this category
there were so many options and they were all books that I wanted to include an
other categories so that’s what I’ve done. And I’ve tried to go for side characters
where I don’t think the story could have been the same without them. So for male
sidekick I’ve gone with Mr. Kindly from the Nevernight series. Possibly I’m not
sure if he’s really male but close enough. He is actually a Shadowcat. I say
‘he’ I’m pretty sure he’s referred to as he in the book.
But he is a Shadowcat that is like Mia’s familiar and in the story Nevernight
he eats Mia’s fear as she goes around becoming an assassin.
One, I just love the concept of that but also I loved his sense of humor and I
loved everything that he added to the story. Then for female sidekick I have
decided to go with one of my favorite characters from the year and that is
Erin from Middlegame. Now I haven’t really heard anybody else
talk about Erin. I know that Nichi from I read past my bedtime was like “who?” and
didn’t even remember Erin, but for some reason when I was reading Middlegame I
just got really attached to Erin. I think she has gone through some really
difficult times but I really appreciated things that she did to try and make
things better. If you don’t know, Erin is basically one part of a pair of
alchemically created twins. Unfortunately most of the book she has to do without
her twin brother. Even though she’s part of a failed experiment, she’s trying to
really help Roger and Dodger, the main characters to get free where she was
unable to. And I am just going to pretend that she got a happy ending because
that’s what I wanted to happen. Then we have best adapted screenplay or best
book to movie adaptation. Now I actually struggled a bit to think of any book to
movie adaptations that I’ve watched and I’ve actually gone for a book to TV
adaptation because I’m much more likely to watch TV shows than movies. I just
find most movies are really slow paced and TV shows, in a much shorter time, seem
to pack in a lot more plot and a lot more character development and just a
lot more everything. So I prefer TV shows. And the only one I could really think of
that I watched was the Umbrella Academy which was created by Netflix and
originally was a graphic novel series by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bā. I will say the
graphic novel series, even though it has some really great concepts and some
really great art, I do think the narrative structure is not the best and
I think they took the ideas in the graphic novel and really turned them
into a great story for the TV show which was amazing. Then we have Best Animated
Feature and for this we’re picking a book that would work well in the
animated format. And for this … there were quite a few but what I’ve decided to go
with is the Apocalypse of Elena Mendoza by Sean David Hutchinson. This is a story
about a girl named Elena Mendoza who discovers that she can heal people and
that perhaps she needs to stop the end of the world from happening. The reason
why I think this would work really well in animated format is because Elena
often sees inanimate objects that talk to her and so, as well as this being a
really good story, I just think that aspect of the book would be much better
told in an animated format than anything else. Then we have best director or an
author you discovered for the first time. And for this I tried to find an author
that not only did I read for the first time but they’re one where I’ve now read
multiple things by them and I want to read more by them. So that led me to pick
Sylvain Neuvel. He’s the author of the Themis files which is a series that
I read and loved last year. And also he wrote the short story The Test which is
another one that I loved. I think he just has a really great writing style and a
really great way of analyzing real life issues through science fiction. Then we
have best visual effects or best action in a book and for this I almost went with
Kate Daniels, which is my favorite series ever. There’s always really detailed
and well-described sword fighting scenes in the Kate Daniels series. This is
the only one where I’m gonna mention the runner-up because I didn’t manage to
give Kate Daniels anything and I think she deserves an award. However I also
think that the Nevernight series deserves an award
other than the sidekick one so I’m gonna give this award to the Nevernight series
because I do think there were some really amazing fight scenes. They were
really well described. I love the way that Jay Kristoff incorporated the
shadow magic into the fight scenes and just how bloody and gory he managed to
get. Then we have best musical score or best music in a book to movie adaptation.
As I said the Umbrella Academy was the only one I could remember watching
and I don’t think that it had a pretty good soundtrack.
So I’m gonna go with that. I guess I lied about the sidekick one being
the only one where I duplicated things but I don’t really have any other option
for this. Then we have best short film or best novella or short book. And for this
I went with Before the Coffee gets Cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi. This was such a
strange little book. I think it was about 200 pages so not too long, not too
short but pretty short. But it was definitely a quick read. And this is
about this cafe where you can if you sit in a particular seat, which you can only
sit in under certain circumstances, you are then able to go back in time but you
still have to sit in that one seat that you went back in time on and you can’t
get up so you can only talk to anyone who was in the cafe at that time that
you’ve gone back to. And then once your coffee gets cold you go back to the
present. Such a weird little story. It’s kind of told in four chapters, each
chapter being its own story. But there are characters throughout the
stories that link them all together and I just thought it was a really cool
concept and I got quite emotionally attached to the characters. Then we have
best picture or best standalone. Now as I read a lot of fantasy, a lot of the books
that I read last year were in fact series so they weren’t that many to
choose from for this list. And in the end I have ended up going for a thriller. If
you’ve been watching my videos for the last year, you probably can guess I’m
gonna go with Big Little Lies by Lianne Moriarty. This is a very hyped book, a lot
of people know about it.Reese Witherspoon made a TV show which I just
started watching at Christmas but I didn’t finish it so it doesn’t count for
that adaptation question. But again, it’s a TV show not a movie.
I just don’t watch movies but I do read books and Big Little Lies was one that I
thought was really great. It was released a little while ago now so
I’m, as always, a little bit behind the times. But we basically have this group
of mothers of these kindergarten children and you know right from the
beginning that at the end of the story someone is gonna die. And so you’re
trying to work out who is gonna die and who is it that’s gonna
kill them. And it’s just a really great story told in a really great way and
it’s one of the few thrillers that I really love. And then lastly we have best
documentary which is best non-fiction or historical fiction. I don’t really like
historical fiction so let’s just call it best nonfiction. And for this I think ah
there were a few good non-fiction that I read this year but the one that I
probably got the most out of was the Anatomy of Story by John Truby, just a
book about how to put your stories together.
I still haven’t put my story together so I guess from that perspective it’s
debatable whether it actually did its job but it did make me think about how
to construct stories in a really different way than I had previously so I
think it’s definitely a good one to read if you have an interest in writing a
novel. So those are the books from the ones that I read last year that I think
deserve all the awards. There was actually quite a few other ones that I
didn’t manage to squish into any of the categories but these ones are all ones
that I recommend so I’m glad I had the chance to bring them all up again and
recommend them to you. I would love to know if you’ve read any of the books I
talked about today, what you thought about them, or otherwise if you have an
interest in reading any of the ones that I’ve talked about today now that I’ve
mentioned them. Otherwise as always, thank you so much for watching. I hope
that you’re having a really wonderful day and I will see you next time 🙂

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