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Hi, my name is Sarah Jessica Curtis. I’m a BookBaby author and I’m 15 years old. Here’s my sister playing the piano. My Dad playing his game. My mom on the phone. And while all this is happening, I just sit
here and write. I block everything out. I like go into another world. It started back in the eighth grade. I was 14 years old and I had to write this
story for a school project. And I came up with this theme for these monsters
called the “Silent Silhouettes.” And it was just a ghost story and I decided
to turn it into a novel once I finished writing it. I was still fourteen and I realized that I
would really like to get it published. So, my mom and I – we did a lot of searching around. We asked like real publishers and
self-publishing companies. Like, we just researched everything. And we found out all the little secrets some of those companies were hiding. And BookBaby was just so honest and loyal. It was the perfect place to go. We did a lot of research. We called a lot of companies. We got Christina on the phone
and we stuck with her. Sarah did this all by herself and Christina
guided her through it. I mean right on the telephone. One time, with the numbers on the page, she
couldn’t get the numbers, like 1…2…3…4… It wouldn’t work. So she got a hold of Christina. I know it was late. I think it was time to go home, but she stood
on the phone with Sarah and said, “I’m going to stay on the phone with you
until you get it right.” Just like that, Sarah got it. She was so happy. I’m just really proud of her. Like, it’s a really good book. I’m not even really a book reader, and I can’t
put it down whenever I read it. Her language arts teacher – honors language
arts teacher – was so impressed that a girl of fourteen years old could write
with such a capacity. It was like an adult written book. I see her being the next John Green. Since I am fifteen and I have published this
book, I want to show anyone, like kids, other teenagers, and even adults all around the
world that they can do it too. Very excited for this new journey we are
about to embark on. We want to thank everyone here. We really appreciate you guys and we’re happy we found you. I would definitely love to publish more books
and write more books. I’ve started my second one, the sequel to
this one – two chapters into that right now. So, I’m looking forward to a great career
as an author.

4 Replies to “BookBaby Reviews – Self-Publishing My First Novel – Sarah Jessica Curtis

  1. This novel is amazing! I'm looking forward to the sequel. And I can't wait for a movie. I know Sarah Jessica Curtis got it. You just know when somebody has the, "got it," factor. I'm still shocked that a 14 year old wrote this novel. The storyline is very well written. There were no gaps or give aways, in fact, it had a lot of emotions involved which was surprising to me being she is very young. A must read. I couldn't put the book down, literally. I had to know what was gonna happen next. The best way I can describe it is to compare it to one of my favorite tv show series and having the footage at the palm of my hands and I can go on a binge. That's exactly how I would describe it and that's exactly how I treated the book. And Hello, she's 14-15 yrs old and I think she is somebody to watch! A rising star out of New Jersey. You're Great!

  2. I remember the when I first got both of her books, it was at some event in my town. I remember seeing a table advertising them, so I went to check it out. I ended up buying both her books, and she even signed them. Oh and if you’re seeing this Sarah, I loved both of the books

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