Book Review On, ”On Fire: A Teen Wolf Novel” by Nancy Holder

How’s it going guys? it’s Chloe the book. We’re here to talk about today is on fire Which is A Teen Wolf Novel by Nancy Holder This book was Published on the 1 of June in 2012 by MTV books This book is 245 pages long. Nancy is a big animal lover that’s why I think she wanted to write this book. I brought this book on amazon. I will put the link below. I brought this book because I’m a fan of Teen Wolf. I do own a teen wolf fan page on Facebook which I will link down below [-] for those who don’t know teen Wolf is America and TV series developed by Jeff Davis or MTV it is loosely based on the 1985 film Teen Wolf premiered on the 5th of June in 2011 Following that MTV movie awards Teen wolf has everything, it has Horror, drama, , Comedy, Action, Romance all in one. Teen wolf is about a teenage boy called Scott McCall, who is a social outcast in high school living in the town of Beacon Hills where wolves haven’t made an appearance in almost sixty years. Scott’s life changes when he is bitten by a werewolf becoming one himself. All Scott wanted was to make first line on the Lacrosse team and to get a girlfriend And getting the Bite helped him reach his goals But however the bite also made his life harder than he ever thought possible Who wouldn’t want to have enhanced Vision and extra strength? But, when your girlfriends’ family hunts your kind and they could easily figure it out that you’re one of the monsters that they are trying to rid the world of Not Good! This book takes place between the first and second season, But mostly the first. this book bounces back and forth from 6 years ago The main plot is mostly all the characters trying to figure out where Jackson has disappeared too But near the end it kind of shift to a subplot. You will find yourself busting out laughing at Stiles, Scotts loyal best friend He already knows about Scott being a werewolf and he does try to help the only bad thing about stiles Is that his dad is a sheriff in town and one wrong word to his Dad then Scott is busted! You will find yourself falling in love with Stiles witty sense of humor and clumsiness, And there is Derek, another wolf But he was born a werewolf this book is mostly told in his point of view and it tells a lot about him when he was younger. A werewolf who thinks he’s in love with a woman who is a werewolf hunter she used him and That’s all I want to say about that Except there’s more and more Fire, I give this book 4 out of 5. to be honest, I Didn’t know what to expect after having seen the 1985 Film and The TV Series I Like the fact that it’s like the TV series. and also that it is told in multiple points of view. As you get to know each characters thoughts. But there are slight changes on the TV series which I love because you can’t always tell what’s going to happen next so you can’t stop reading. this book does help explain about the relationship of hate between Derek and Kate That’s it for today’s video. I hope you enjoyed it if you did, please give us a like comment, subscribe Click on the bell to get notifications for my latest videos

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