Body Language: People Around the World React

How close is too close? This is very uncomfortable right now OK… Well, my comfort zone is like… maybe like this close… That’s not close for me That’s comfortable I don’t have a problem with that. Culturally speaking – this is way too close. It would be a little farther away If you are a man though, I’d be like… “hey” For me, this is perfect. Usually, Japanese people don’t stay close on first date Like, that’s a little bit close But that’s OK After a couple of drinks or something if you are walking along I think it would be OK.. yeah. Probably if it’s cold or something How would you greet each other if you are just meeting each other on the date? I would kiss him. I would say – hi Hi How are you? I would just like – I would kiss you and I would say – hi, I’m Julie Hi Hey I usually just go for the hug Hey A kiss – hi! Just one? Ah, yeah Hi, nice to meet you – I’m Paula Hi, nice to meet you In France, we do the same but twice So, I guess if you don’t know it can be awkward Generally Japanese people don’t shake hands Mi name is Satoshi. I am so glad to see you. You are standing like so far from me! That’s what it is! You are talking about cultures – that’s what we do. You wanna get something to eat? Yeah, sure! Let’s go Hi! How, are you? How would you feel if she leaned in to kiss you on the first date? She kissed me? Probably she likes me so much I’m gonna have a good time tonight How much physical contact do you feel comfortable with? Don’t touch me, please I’m sorry I’m not being mean, just generally don’t touch me You already hurt my feelings. I’m leaving If I don’t really like the guy and he goes like that I really hate that Touching the person like that that’s not something you would do a lot We don’t do anything Just maybe make distance bow… Holding hands would be OK probably Something like that to see if I like him to do that sort of stuff Generally I don’t expect physical contact on the first date Just hanging out… If she is touching me on the first date I would be kind of questioning her How is this? So I go by my culture pretty much so I wouldn’t do that on the first date I would feel pretty comfortable if I have good feeling with the person a South American would definitely do it don’t think about other things But me – it depends on the guy If I had three tequila shots and two bottles of wine – maybe I wouldn’t kiss a guy on the first date cause I don’t know if he is willing to see me on the next date I don’t have any problems with that if I like the guy If someone is right away like this I’m like … Unless there is a special spark then And if she tries to kiss you? That would be seduction I might just walk away.. I don’t know I’m a man, so… actually… I don’t know What should I say… You are gonna put this video on Youtube? It’s my private. Hi guys, I’m Marina I hope you liked today’s video Let me know in the comments below – where are you from and what is normal for your country How close is too close and would you kiss on the first date I’d love to hear it Keep on sharing and subscribe! Thank you guys for subscribing I love you Keep on breaking down barriers

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  1. Everything is about touch in Greece. So, excpect him/her to not have much of a distance. We are not pervets, don't worry 😂😂😂 we are touchy in general, like Italians.

  2. Satoshi is so Tokyo in his manners, would have been interesting to compare with a guy from Kyoto, very different approach (still super polite but less reserved).

  3. I love Hispanic culture, no one is shy and anything goes. They rarely if ever get offended.
    Believe me, I always playfully ask Colombians "did you know Pablo Escobar" and they say something witty like "yeah, we used to party together all the time, but he was very stupid so I stopped hanging out with him"

  4. OH MY GOD! We found Satoshi; the creator of Bitcoin!!! 1:26

    Dude, send me 10. I'll give you some DogeCoin in exchange.

  5. For a brazilian person
    "How close is too close?"

    Brazilian: What mean "too close"? I never hear this before..

  6. Bangladeshi dude is definitely grew up outside of Bangladesh coz usually people ( male – female) don’t shake hands or hug each other until they r very close (family or friends)

  7. Yus Ireland was accurately represented! Here we are just like 'want to go for something to eat' and just stroll together chilled

  8. I like your videos a lot, they're really interesting and I have much fun!
    In Spain, two kisses too, as in France. We are pretty touchy but on a first date we keep some distance, not much, maybe half a metre or so. But we can take our hands in some moment. We may or not kiss on the first date. If you like him, and you think he likes you, then that's all you need. But, as a woman, I need him approaching first. I won't kiss him spontaneously. That's my case. First step is his.

  9. Welll…I think everybody knows it, but…for Brazilians, kissing on first date is expected – actually, if it doesn't happen, the Brazilian person will think the other person doesn't like them…

  10. Amateurs! Ok works in all cultures but depends the place private or public so what you do is close in by clues you pick up communicating! Now you learn to pick up those signs and you can eliminate the proximity gap but the more distant the culture the longer it takes but the more professional you get at it the faster the result. A good looking professional should not take him more than the end of evening and if it does case closed gone to the next the leftovers for the jerks! lol

  11. Canadian here and I dont really care about "personal space", being close means you are comfortable! I would kiss on the first date if I like the guy

  12. In Poland:
    Normal people – hug or check kiss
    Me – hand shake will be enough, other way there is small chance that i will just… run away screaming 😅

  13. Portuguese people are a lot like the Italians, people are usually ok with hugging a total stranger or cheek kissing someone who you’ve just met but since people tend to hide their feelings really well here that’s your assessment to make!

  14. I ship Paula (the Nigerian girl, who's super duper pretty), and Satoshi (who's adorable and has the best giggle).

  15. Holy shit this is so freaky because I'm also Raad from Bangladesh, and I've never met another person let alone Bangladeshi named Raad. What are the chances damnn

  16. So happy to see Belgium here ! 🇧🇪🇧 🇪 my conclusion is that there is a kind of good balance with us ( in relation with the gestures shown) 😄

  17. Im a filipina but i dont like too much distance. I shake hands and give one kiss. I like physical contact to make the date natural and comfortable.

  18. American here. The amount of physical contact depends on the chemistry and whether you've known each other for a while or just met. An online date that goes well might end in a hug, but if you've been friends for a while it might end in a kiss or more 😉 .

  19. I think it's not only the culture but it differs from person to person. I don't like random people touching me but I wouldn't say it's typically Latvian. If somebody tried to touch me on the first date I'd probably move away or even push them away. But if I'd known this guy as a friend for a while before dating probably even a kiss wouldn't feel wrong. If I like him. So, it depends on the background of every date.
    But foreign people better keep distance. Like 1 meter or so.

  20. The egypt one is lying to look good before the women😂 its normaly not from Arab/Muslim culture to greet the opposed sex with an hand shake (because we shouldn't touch the opposed sex before marriage ). And before "liberal" arab air heads jump on me, the handshake is just a thing that people adopted from the west, it's not from us and in Islam it's even forbidden to shake hands with a non mahram person. 🙅
    Ps: the Nigerian girl is very pretty and has beautiful hair.

  21. Bangladeshi people start on the Friend Zone or Bro Zone and Slowly go all the way.
    Trust and Understanding is Key.
    Getting intimate on the 1st couple of dates is a complete no no like "I just met you today.."

  22. I am German and I had to counter quite a lot of greating handshakes with a hug on first dates with German girls. I think they are just testing you. If you obey to their business handshake you just lowered your chances with her.

  23. On first date it should be thought of as first impression is always last one. Distance should be less between boy and girl. There should be hug and kiss, otherwise purpose of date goes wasted.

  24. Where are my Greeks? We are sooo touchy! If we like each other a lot we will surely end up fu**ing (I’m sorry but it’s true) on some lonely beach .. Cmmon, life is all about fun

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