Body Language in an Interview – 3 Tips

– Hi ambitious professionals. It’s Linda Raynier of Career Strategist. I help driven professionals like you to enhance your personal brand so that you can pursue a
career you’ll truly enjoy and in this video I wanna
share with you a few tips on how to demonstrate good body language in an interview setting. This was something that
was actually brought up by a CEO client of mine
during one of our sessions. He told me how he just
recently read an article that talked about the significance of nonverbal communication
in an interview, specifically body language
and how it impacted the interviewer’s decision in hiring the particular candidate. Specifically, this article mentioned that there was an experiment that was done where there were three parties involved. There was the interviewer,
there was the job candidate, and then there was an observer. So the observer’s job was
to watch the interview as it was happening but they couldn’t hear what was being said by
either the interviewer or the job candidate. And then of course the
interviewer’s responsibility was to ask the questions
to the job candidate and go through the
course of the interview. By the end of the interview the observer and the
interviewer compared notes and it turned out that they both came to
the exact same conclusion about the candidate. They had the same perception,
they had the same judgements, and they essentially came up
with their own observations of this individual, this job candidate. So what I’m saying is the
observer only watched in silence but they came up to the conclusion, the same conclusion that
the interviewer did. So what that means is
that a lot of the times it really doesn’t matter exactly the words that come out of your mouth. It’s not so much of an
emphasis on what you say but it’s more of an
emphasis on how you say it and how you’re feeling while
you’re in the interview. Now I don’t know if they had a positive
or negative impression of that job candidate. I didn’t even both asking, but the point is that
you need to recognize how important your body
language, your energy, and really the vibe that you
give off in the interview is because it really does play a role in determining whether you’ll move forward in the interview process
and get the job or not. So in essence, if you’re
sending out the wrong vibes but saying the right
things in the interview, it still doesn’t matter because
how you’re being perceived is much more than the words that are coming out of your mouth. So here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to demonstrating
positive body language in an interview. Reminder number one,
interviewers want to feel at ease and in order for the interviewers
to feel at ease with you, you need to feel at ease with yourself. So a lot of people think that
when they go into an interview they need to demonstrate their enthusiasm and be overly excited
and show a lot of energy and the truth is when you do
that it just comes off as fake. It’s not as genuine, you’re
not feeling authentic to them, it really feels like
you’re putting on a show, putting on a theatrical performance and that’s not the point of an interview. If anything, they wanna see someone who can demonstrate their true self. And so the way to do
that is to get connected back to who you are, to go back to that centered,
connected place within you and then let that confidence come through and let that excitement come
through from that place. But it’s not gonna be an
overly dramatic excitement that’s gonna come through, it’s gonna be one where you
feel good, you’re excited, but you feel good about this opportunity and you’re gonna go in
with that positive mindset and because you’re
feeling good in yourself, they’re gonna feel that energy too. So you have to remember,
it all starts with you. You go back yourself, ask
yourself am I feeling positive, am I feeling good, am I feeling confident? And if you’re not then
you have to develop a way to get yourself feeling that way. You have to really
practice at feeling good. That’s the honest truth
’cause we practice feeling bad over our lifetime growing up into adults and it’s really the reverse. You really need to practice feeling good, feeling confident, and allow
that to come from within and out into the interview room. Reminder number two, you’re
the expert so be the expert. You’re the expert meaning you
have what they’re looking for. You have the technical
skills, the experience, and the knowledge and
the ability and potential to take on this role. So you have to remind yourself of that. A lot of people think that
they’re going into an interview, ya know it’s a competition
against other people and they have to fight for
their job and they have to, it comes across as desperate basically. But the goal here is to not
see yourself in that way and see yourself as someone
who has a set of experiences and knowledge and skills
that they can make use of as long as they’re willing to hire you. So you have to demonstrate to them that you are the person
that they’re looking for in the sense that you are the
expert in your specific field, in your specific role. It’s not about being cocky, it’s not about being overly confident, that’s, ya know the
farthest end of the spectrum and it’s not about not
having any confidence at all but it’s about being
somewhere in the middle, having that calm, confident
tone in your voice and in the way that you present yourself. Reminder number three, be present every second that you’re there. This is probably the most
important tip that I have for you and that is that you
need to really be present when you’re going into an interview room. As much as you may have
prepared, rehearsed your answers, rehearsed your interview scripts, and really rehearsed all
your stories ahead of time, once you’re there you
need to close the books and really just be present when you’re sitting in
front of that interviewer. The reason for that is because
when they ask you a question they expect for your answer
to really resonate with them. They expect that the answer is going to be directly answering that specific question that they’ve asked. And I can tell you that a lot
of people go into interviews and whenever they’re
being asked a question, because they’re thinking
of so many things at once and they’re thinking
about the next question that might be asked that they’re not directly
giving the answer to the question that’s being
asked at that point in time the attention and time that it needs. And so what happens is you seem as though you’re
not really listening to them, you come across as being a
little bit frazzled essentially. Like you’re not present essentially. You’re not connecting with them. And so the most important tip
is to be present, be there. They ask you a question, you take it in and then you come up and
allow for the right stories, the right words, the right
phrases to flow through you. And because you’ve already
practiced it well ahead of time, which I hope you did, then by the time you’re
in there your subconscious is going to just start
bringing the right words, bringing the right stories
for you to say in that moment and it’ll flow perfectly. But you have to give
yourself that space and time and that opportunity to
truly tap in and listen and pay attention to the
person in front of you but also pay attention to what you feel is the right thing to say
at that point in time. So there you have it. My three reminders that
will help you to demonstrate the right body language in an interview. So if you’re an experienced
corporate professional and you’re thinking about
making a career move and you’re wondering what
direction you should go in next or you’re thinking about
improving your resume and would like some help on
that or your interview skills, feel free to reach out to
me, I’d be happy to help. Just simply go to, click under Work With Me,
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careers you’ll truly enjoy. Thanks so much, I will
see you in the next video. (upbeat contemporary music)

100 Replies to “Body Language in an Interview – 3 Tips

  1. Listening to your tips on interviews sent me well prepared into back to back interviews at a Big 4 yesterday. The 3-4 days of preparation helped me go from all nerves to completely comfortable, confident and feeling genuinely positive/upbeat during the interview. I have rarely been good at interviews, so this was a BIG deal for me. Thanks so much!

    Three days before the interview, I began practicing recital of my answers out loud, and recorded myself and was mortified how monotone and nervous I looked and sounded (um, pauses, rolling eyes).. but as you say, the more you practice, the better and more relaxed you become. Also, hearing myself made me realize better ways to say things so that my answers were positive. Even sitting in the car waiting to go into the building, I reverted back to mixing my words. However I reminded myself (as you say in your confidence video) that I am highly skilled, experienced and educated and to be confident in myself. I did not stumble over words at all during the interviews!

    I went into the interviews thinking of them as conversations with friends. My 3-4 day prep including drafting the answers to the 10ish common questions (tell me about yourself, why this company?, etc.), 5ish POSITIVE stories (for those unexpected questions; topics like: leadership, how I drove growth or managed risk, difficult colleague, etc.), and had 3 really good questions prepared for them. With that, I was able to answer every single questions quickly and concisely (which is so not me in the past).. this alone helped me to remain in a confident and positive state throughout the interview.

    My stories WERE engaging (also not my norm), as you say to let them include your emotions, develop the story so they can follow you and your line of thinking, etc… all this engages them. It worked! In fact, the Director commented after one story (an example of how I mitigated financial risk): "That was very interesting."

    I paid attention to my body language (smiled, sat up straight, opened posture (no crossed arms), had fingers come together like a steeple (shows confidence) rather than holding my hands/fingers intermingled (shows trying to comfort self) and their body language (nodded, smiled a lot). I was cognizant of being present and had to pull myself back into the moment and pay attention to them 3-4 times, looking into their eyes, as my thoughts had started to drift. (Yay for being aware to do that! TY.)

    Also, your "Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years? – Ideal Sample Answer" answer is SO good. It is a great attitude and personal goal to start any job; loved it and used it!

    During the interview the Director told me that he knows they are opening up other higher org level roles, and described one that he thought I would be fit for, asked me if I would be interested. He was concerned I may be bored with the job I was interviewing for (not due to my answers showing boredom, but because I was able to explain how I had developed overtime from a very junior analyst into a business advisor with influence). So he said he has some decisions to make, and they will decide on the position I applied for by the end of next week. TY Linda!! <3

    (Oh, one last thing.. I arrived an hour before the interview, to eliminate avoidable stress (traffic, where to park, "oh I missed the turn" type of things).. and I sat in my car practicing and headed in 18 min before the interview to arrive 15 min early. This also helped me stay in the right state of mind.) — This is rather long comment. |: Just wanted to pass on my experience.

  2. This made me feel good about myself and made me realize that I have alot to offer. I've been seeing myself as less than hoping for the job just like you said. This is really good advice.. It definitely changed my mindset

  3. Thank you SO much for this; these tips are so helpful; I am feeling much more confidant about my job interview tomorrow, Thank you:)

  4. I totally understand and agree with the suggestions however, the HR/interviewer today is not as professional as they used to be. Example: It's very annoying and unprofessional to answer personal phone calls, answering a radio, constantly looking at your cell phone, etc etc. They ask a question and then start doing things before you even get your first word out. This has happened to me several times and I have had to excuse myself from the interview. Recruiters have done the same thing. I have over 30 years experience and have to answer questions from a twenty year old interviewer that has no idea of my field then why do companies have these people?

  5. This is very helpful. Thank you. I must say that the job search process is going to be a big roadblock to a lot of people. There's a lot of unemployment in my country and the way preparing, looking for, and getting a job is at the moment, it looks to me to be a big contributing factor. A lot of roadblocks are put in place but not a lot of facilitators/facilitations which is peculiar. Thank god at least there are many helpful people on Youtube and elsewhere streamlining the process a little.

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  18. LINDA,


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  20. The chicken and egg paradox. Lack of confidence in interview > no job offer > lack of confidence in future interview

  21. Thanks I think I did well today…..
    Beside your exellent interview tips are you among those ABC whom a white fever and also bashing Asian male?

  22. The problem is that when you are naturally that outgoing, when you try to tame yourself, it is also seen as not being authentic. Sometimes interviewers feel you are way too confident. Almost becomes a can't-win situation.

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  33. You could also interpret tip number 2 in the sense that you are the expert about YOU. The interviewer is there to learn about you, they can't read your mind. So relax, breathe, and tell them about the topic that you know best: yourself

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