Bloom’s Literature

Hi, and welcome to Bloom’s Literature. Are
you trying to find information on some important works of literature or authors? Well, you
have come to the right place. You can begin by searching for specific authors, works,
or characters by using the tabs at the top. Or, you can do a more general search by typing
into the search box. I’m going to search for To Kill a Mockingbird, a book written by Harper
Lee. And, then I will hit my search button. I now have a list of search results for To
Kill a Mockingbird. Using the tabs at the top, I can make my search results more specific.
Under biographies, you will find biographical information of the author of the work. Under
overviews, you will find summaries for your work. If you need information critiquing or
analyzing the work, you will click on analysis and criticism. And, finally, there is a section
for topics and themes within the work. You will notice each article is identified to
tell you what type of information you will find in the article. For example, the first
one on this list is a criticism article. After clicking on the title of the work, you’ll
find bibliographical information at the top, including, first, the title, the date it was published,
the original author and title of the work, the author of this article, and the book it
was originally published in. Underneath, you will have the full-text article to read. And, finally,
you have article tools to the right. You can save this article, you can email the article,
or you can print it, and, finally, you have the citation information at the bottom. If
you need any more help in this database, don’t forget to ask one of your librarians for help.

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