Blind Date with a Book | February To-Be-Read [CC]

Hey! There we go.
Hello readers. I’m Amy. Demi’s back. It needs to stop focusing on that now. There
we go. -Okay I was like I can’t even see it. I’m like blind today. So, today, we’re
gonna do a blind date with a book or actually a lot of books and I am gonna
open them in this video because she figures I’m already gonna know -She’s gon… she know -what she picked anyway. -has like all of them memorized so she’s like ‘should I wait to open them and just open them as I read them?’ and I’m like ‘let’s be real here. you’re gonna know which ones are missing.’
-Yeah. So here are… ha! the books that I want to
read in February, and that’s way more books than I can read in February so
she’s gonna help me lower them down. -She limited me to 6, so I still feel like
that’s a lot. -Yeah that, that is a lot, but like in a bad month
I’ll read say five or six books and in a good month
I’ll read probably about 15 books. -Oh man. -So if it’s a bad month I’ll read all the books
you pick. -Well, I, read zero books last month [laughs] yeah I’m like -You’ve read half -I’m like halfway through -half -like three of them though. -You read
half of a book that is almost 30 hours -That’s true. -As an audiobook, so really
you’ve read like two books. -Well when you put it that way. -So anyways, [taps book stack] I am going to
quickly go through this large stack of books that I really want to read, or
really need to read, you know. Um, and she will pick 6 when I leave the room and
use the pretty wrapping paper that I got just for this video. Cuz it’s pretty. -Yay.
-Which actually, the wrapping paper kind of matches you [laughs]. -Oh and I didn’t even plan it. That’s kind of exciting. -Mm-hmm. so we have Shirley by Charlotte Bronte.
This is going to be my first Charlotte Bronte book. I’m reading my way through
the Brontes. I read both of Anne Bronte’s books, and I started this, and I was
really struggling with it, but I want to go ahead and get it out of the way so I
can then read Villette, and then read Jane Eyre, and then read Wuthering Heights. -Oh. K. -So I
need to read this, but I’ve kind of been putting it off, and I need to stop
putting it off. Um. The Flicker of Old Dreams. this is a book recommended by a subscriber. Um, I don’t remember what it’s about,
but it has to deal with a small town and I like small towns, and it says unlikely
friendship and shocking the locals? I love shocking the locals. Who doesn’t
love to shock some locals. -I know I do. -Reading Lolita in Tehran.
I meant to read this whenever… Is it focusing? No it’s not focusing. -It’s like, too bright.
-Probably. Um I meant to read this around the time that I read Lolita in December, and
I didn’t, and then it was going to be my nonfiction for February, but I already
told you this, I have a memoir on hold with the library that I should get in
the next couple days, and I have to read that because it’s from the library, so I
might as well put this nonfiction in the pile to make things more interesting. -That does look interesting. -I
finally got The Birds and Other Stories in the mail the other day. This is the
next Daphne du Maurier I want to read, and I’ve loved everything of hers -Wait. What was the first one that you read? -That I’ve read so far. I’ve read Rebecca, which was amazing.
My Cousin Rachel ,which was really good, and then I read Don’t Look Now and Other
Stories which is the first full set of short stories that I’ve loved, like the
whole thing, so I have high expectations. I also watched -It’s got sweet cover on it, so. -Yeah! and I watched The Birds, the Alfred Hitchcock movie, and -Is that what this is… -And considering -What that was based off of… -That
was based off of this, and I’d never watched it before and, the things that
they include in that movie, back in the days of black and white, is pretty
shocking. -Yeah. -Like it, it freaked me out! [laughing] So I’m
really excited to read it! Um, the Dark Crystal, this is… I think I just put this
in my unhaul revisit revisit video. So I revisit the books that I hauled from two
seasons previously. -Mmm. K. -So for winter I was revisiting summer and I thought for
funsies, I would look back at my spring haul
revisit and of the 13 books that I hadn’t read I still hadn’t read 11 of
them, so I unhauled some and this is one of them that I have to read by April or
get rid of it. -Oh. Why? -So… because I’m just being that hard on myself. -Oh. -So. -That’s… because I need to start reading the books that I have. -A lot of pressure. I haven’t even started on these books. -How’re you… -The books on the top shelf, I’ve had for like, a lot of them I’ve had for over two years now.
Also the Dark Crystal is a book based on the movie so I think I’m gonna watch the
movie again, then read the book, and then try and get started on the series. -I love
the movie. I haven’t read, there’s like a sh… series about it now too. -Yeah and the
series Chris seemed to enjoy. I just couldn’t really get into it cuz I’ve
only ever watch the movie once -Oh. Yeah. -And that was like a year ago, so. -Oh. Yeah. -Ian McEwan’s Saturday,
this is about a neurologist or something. I really like Ian McEwan. This is also in
the pile of read it or get rid of it. -Oh. So, need to get that one out of the
way. -Do I need to take that into consideration when choosing books?
-Probably. -Okay. -The House of Special Purpose. It’s the
next John Boyne book that I have, and I really really really really really
really really want to read it, but also it’s a big book, and I really really want
to read a bunch of other things. So the House of Special Purpose is the house
that the Romanovs lived in where they were murdered. -Oh. -And this is a
historical fiction about one of the guards guarding the Romanovs.
And it’s John Boyne so he’s probably gonna make me cry at some point. -Bird Box, which everyone’s telling me I need to read. -It’s so good! -And I read, um, A House
at the Bottom of a Lake which was one of his novellas and I really loved it.
So I want to get to this one. -I think this might be the only book that I’ve
read and you haven’t. Usually it’s the other way around. -True, true. -Yeah. -Um, if you don’t know what Bird Box is about, watch the movie I guess. -[laughs] I was -I, I don’t know. It’s actually what is it, a thriller,
and um if you look at this thing then you like, go psychotic or something. -Yeah. And you kill yourself. -But
you never find out what it looks like which is awesome. Um have you seen any -Amadeus wants to pick out a book. -Of those memes on Facebook where they’re like, they have like the person, like from
-Probably. -Netflix and it’s like ‘oh look there’s puppies’ and then she like peeks
to thing, that’d be me. -Oh my gosh. -I’d, I don’t know, I just like puppies. -Um. Oh and I got on Twitter, and
I had asked people if, which, which thriller I should read next because I
want to read both of them and I think they’re both really pretty, and -I really like
the cover on this one. -I, I had one person say Into the Water and one person say How to
Be a Good Wife. Into the Water is from the author that wrote The Girl on the
Train. I don’t know what it’s about but I really like the cover cuz it’s
pretty and it’s got like that watered down feel? -Yeah, I’ve heard good things. -Uh I’ve heard mixed things, but again I really like the cover. -Yeah. -This one I found it when I was shopping
with a friend. Um, she like,
her memory is playing tricks on her, or something. I’m doing terrible at
summarizing these books but I also haven’t read them so. -Yeah that’s
definitely hard to -Shutter Island. I’ve never seen the movie. I hear it’s a
good movie but I’ve never seen the movie -It’s a mindfuck. -And um -It’s a good movie. -One of my friends
was getting rid of her for books and she sent me a picture of them and I saw this
and I’m like ‘oh! Maybe I should read that cuz I’ve never
seen the movie.’ -Should I read -You’ll have to tell me how it is -Should I the… [laughs] I was gonna say ‘should I read the
movie?’ Should I watch the movie before I read the book or I read the book before I
watch the movie? -That is the question. -Cuz you haven’t read the book and I haven’t watched the movie. -I… -Nor have I read the book, yet. I feel like the movie is one of those
ones that you’re like have no idea what the fuck’s going on until the very end.
So it might be beneficial to read the book first so that you kind of have an
idea. Although it might ruin the plot twist. And you’re like ‘holy fuck.’ Cuz there’s one of those. -But if I watch the movie it will do the same thing. -That’s what I’m saying that you might
ruin that for the movie. Maybe read, maybe read, maybe watch the made me read the movie. maybe watch the movie first. -Maybe read the movie or watch the book, one of the two. -One of the two. -You know. Um, I’m going to read Stepford Wives with Hilary from Melted Books in
February, and that is going to meet the criteria for both my novella
of the month and my classic of the month. -Oo okay. -For my year’s goals. Um. And whenever I got those two I also got these two Ira Levin books. This one, um, Dorothy meets a handsome young man, she has an inheritance, they’re supposed to
be married but she’s pregnant. She’ll be disinherited if her father
finds out, and… talks about abortion I guess? “Soon there will be no baby and
perhaps no Dorothy either.” -Oh God! -Um this one The Boys from Brazil, it’s, it sounds
like a retelling of jah- Dr. Josef Mengele? Is that how you say that? -I have no idea. -Um, and his nightmarish plot to restore the Third Reich. So this is the one that I’ve
been looking forward to the most, but this one’s pink and it’s February. -So that reminds me -And now reading the back of this I’m like oof. -Yeah, a lot of pink. [groans of frustration] You know how I feel about that. Um, so speaking the Third Reich, it just reminded me of this little video I see on, I just, I… ah on Facebook. -Is it a good thing to say ‘speaking of the Third Reich [laughs] that reminds me.’ So it’s a video of them, um, [clink] opening
Christmas presents and it’s like, I want to say that it, it sounds like they’re from
France or something like that, and ah this, this little boy he’s like
maybe seven or eight he opens up, up, he’s opening his gift up, and its a copy of
Mein Kampf, and the dad,s like ‘what, what is this’ and he looks at the grandpa he’s
like ‘he said Minecraft’ he’s like ‘no he told me Mein Kampf. [laughs] He’s like ‘no, Minecraft.’ [laughs] I was like ‘oooh.’ -Oh, man. I have a copy of
Mein Kampf, but I also think I’m old enough to read it. -Yeah! [laughs] definitely. -And it, it won’t like… -Like I just want know why the grandpa was like ‘yeah I’m gonna get this 8
year old Mein Kampf like I feel like that’s legit. -I mean, I, I get that he wouldn’t have known what Minecraft -Minecraft was, yeah. -And he might have not understood. But also if an 8 year old
asks for Mein Kampf don’t give it to them. -I would maybe like discuss it with the parents like [laughs] ‘hey. [laughs] Should we or shouldn’t we buy this.’ -Oh my god, um, oh my gosh. Um, okay so, like I said my classic for the month is already taken care of. -Mm hm. -With Stepford Wives, but if it wasn’t then I would probably be reading Orlando. I’m
nervous to read it. I got like halfway through Mrs. Dalloway and I hated it
because I didn’t realize that Virginia Woolf writes in stream of consciousness -ooh -but Orlando is where this guy ends up changing gender at one point like -is this
-changing sex because -a movie? -it’s a movie, yes -okay I was like she was -this is a -she’s
an actress of some -it’s a movie cover that actually looks good which never
happens -it’s true -but he changes sex because like his genitals change um
part way through his life and he ends up living like hundreds of years or
something that’s it may or may not be a blessing from the Queen I think it was
in the movie -hmm -but I’m interested but I’m also nervous because what if I hate the
writing style but I’ve been told by a subscriber to continue on with a Room of
One’s Own since it’s non-fiction -Oh -and try that -just like force yourself through it -and then the next book in the
Isaac Asimov series that I started in December and pretty cover -yes I like that one I like the way it feels too -and I I think I’ll really like that so those are all of the books -and I have to pick six of them -those are all the books that I want to read in February and I’m not
gonna have time to read that many books even if I want to which I do but pick
six of them -okay should I number them in the order I want you to read them -no
-okay -whatever order I open them in -oh -I’ll
read them in that order okay -although I guess -so I need to plan ahead you could number them do you want to number them -I don’t know maybe -you decide whether or not you want to number them -okay -k so I think I got my six books that I’m
gonna do for her [thump] and this is what I’ve decided okay I tried to get a good variety um this one [flap] how to be a good wife [thunk] the flicker of old dreams because I was
reading the back and she’s an embalmer so that’s a sold that’s sold for me
automatically [thunk] this one because you know [thump] she pink to match me [flap] and then this one because I think the idea is a pretty dope so I hope that that’s a good enough variety um I’m kind of excited for her to read all these cuz now I want to read a lot of them not all of them but some of them so I kind of have you positioned a little bit we got wrapping paper I got scissors and a tiny elephant tape dispenser and I think we’re just gonna
get to it I kind of want to stick this one in there just in like with another
one and like sneak it in there cuz it’s so tiny it’s like the tiniest book ever it’s
only 186 pages she could read this in like an hour so this is gonna be a bonus because I’m crazy I don’t know how I managed that but it’s
perfect oh you can’t even you can’t even tell there a bonus one in here fuck yeah ooh surprise bitch sorry I didn’t mean to call you bitch I was just really excited [blowing air out] you’re never gonna know eh eh okay yeah that’s better I gotta show you my setup here okay got my little tape dispensey on the thing okay [laughs] so here’s the first one ooh you can’t even tell you can’t even tell okay two technically three [gasp] you know what I just realized oh no
she’ll open no wonder we’re filming before she sees it cuz like she’s gonna
know because she’s editing this I almost I almost thought that I would bust it but crisis averted would it be weird if I got a couch
cover like a slipcover with this pattern I’m like I love it I have a thing for florals anyway [beep beep beep] [sigh] she left her phone [beep beep beep] in here she left her phone in here I’m kind of excited for this one I really like the whole embalmer thing
really just gets to me and it kind of reminds me of where we
live like this cover so it’s very Montana-y which that’d be kind of crazy if
it was actually [gasp] oh my gosh someone gets killed in a grain elevator a high school
athlete a beloved one [thump] [snap] ooh shit the plot thickens oh no oh no I made that one too big haha hahaha [evil laughter] hee hee hee hee hee [thump] let’s make our little pile here we got we’re 50% done ooh well I did not I did not cut
that very straight really you learn how to use scissors in
like the first grade ooh last one ooh I’m done [evil laughter] I apologize to the books that I did not
pick I’m sure you’re amazing I’m sure your I almost picked this one
but feel like she’s gonna read it anyway that one and it was I was wanted to pick
this one too but I um I wanted to give her a good variety so hopefully I did that
and I didn’t let the cover sway me because I am definitely one of those
people that judges a book by its cover and it’s probably why I have it read
very many classics because it just they just don’t do it for me
I mean this just doesn’t do it for me but okay so this is this is the stack I I’m
not sure which I’m gonna like do a little shuffle-y shuffle here so that I don’t even know what order they’re in cuz I like surprises too surprises are the best we have to put you know now that
I’m looking at these um you can kind of tell just sure one in this one eh can you tell which one it is oh well all right guys I’m gonna go get her and I think we’re gonna open them up and
see what she thinks [sigh] hopefully she’s not mad at me for sneaking another
one in there but it’s only what’d I say it’s less than 200 pages so girl you got
this also because she um has like all of her books memorized I’m gonna hide them in the back over there in there I don’t know how to do this that’s where they’re goin -there [clap] I’m back [clap -she’s back
-hi I’m back these are the six books- these are the six books -did you number them -uh in that order yep I did -in this specific order from top to bottom -yes -we didn’t lose any whenever I dropped -nope -some we didn’t lose the -I -Well I guess you can double check the order -honestly -as we open them -I shuffled so that I could be surprised too [laughs]
surprised too -I love it but this is the order in which
I’m going to read them -yep -as it as it stands -so should I be writing this down I guess you have
video documentary -let’s take notes because we don’t have
this on video [laughs] all right do you want to do the drums [drumming] -can you guess -it keeps wanting to fall out -should we see if you’re psychic -I’m I’m guessing that the Dark Crystal is not in
here because all the books look too big to be the Dark Crystal
-yeah you got me you got me [laughs] -ah The Caves of Steel TheCaves of Steel will be the
first book that I read this month -I tried to give you a good variety -thank
you all the well I guess technically The Ten Thousand Doors of January would be
the first one that I read because I’m probably not gonna finish it by the end
of January -mmm -I also it just clicked with me that I’m reading The Ten Thousand Doors of January in January -yeah but that doesn’t count that’s it’s separate -cuz I started it this month -oh I just -next one -wow that went way over my head I just realized that it was
January in January it’s been a long day -what month did you think it is -I don’t know I just it just clicked -next book hard co…over the the good a good wife how to be a good wife -oooh -I was right -you were right -cuz it was I think it was the only hardcover in the pile wasn’t it -I believe so yeah -you believe k -is that considered cheating? no -I didn’t even realize it was the only hardcover and the next oh yeh… did you sneak in a book -no -is The Dark Crystal in here -no [laughs] you cheater -in my defense it’s less than 200 pages you can read that like an hour -yes two books in one -surprise [laughs] that I thought -I was sneaky -one of them felt funny but I didn’t think about it until I went to
open it Orlando and The Dark Crystal I’m still nervous about Orlando like -I’m
-well I guess technically this is on the bottom -yeah -so I’m gonna put it that way -I’m honestly excited for that -you’re excited for Orlando -yeah it sounds like it’s gonna be really good -you said you saw the movie -hmm mm you didn’t see the movie -I saw Shutter Island -but you didn’t see Orlando -no -okay next one it’s a paperback -it is [laughs] -that’s actually all I can tell I am going to guess that it’s one of the Ira Levin’s
because the corners on it feel sharper -mmm -if that makes any sense -I
don’t remember -new books have a feel you don’t remember
what you wrapped -well I remember what I wrapped but I don’t remember which one it is cuz they’re all like very similar Lee and -oh -oh -The Flicker of Old Dreams -yeah -I should actually like just read -I’m excited for this one -the back of this -I read it and there’s an embalmer and -that’s why I was
interested because I -an athlete dies in a -was thinking ooh -grain silo -this reminds me of Caitlin
Doughty but with like murder mysteries -yeah -I’m ex I’m so excited I’ve been wanting to read that
one for a while this one what might be an Ira Levin again like -I did pick one -the corners on the new books just feel different -you know -feel crisp -that was that was terrible [laughs] Bird Box which I act I should have figured
you’d put bird box in here yeah just so you’d put Bird Box in here -yeah -just so that -but you made it one of the last ones -I know -through your random
shuffle -I did I don’t know how I did that -oh you should probably do a drum for
the last one -oh -dra drum on [drumming] -it’s like I don’t have anything hard to da-da-da-da-dun-dun-da -the pink one -yay -yay this one was the what where like there will be no baby and maybe no Dorothy either and I like ooh -yeah I know that one is like crazy -and this shade of pink I know I love that’s honestly why I chose it -awesome -mm hmm -so she’s a total cheater and I’m gonna be reading 7 books -I feel like The Dark Crystal doesn’t count [laughs] it’s like a like a blink and it’s over -yeah yeah so I do need to wrap a book
for you though cuz that would be super fun but -aah this was blind date with a book for
February cuz you know that’s when the libraries come out with all the blind
date books so you should go to your local library and go on a blind date
with the book -I did that last year and I -you did -I did -what did you end up with -I got The Winter People and then um the other ones some kind of shorts or it was like I want to say Chuck Palan -Chuck Palahniuk -I hated it I didn’t finish it I like The Winter People though -I haven’t done blind date with a book before this -ooh -but I remember going to the library and they had like a the first sentence
each book or something and I was reading through them and I’m like that one’s
Atonement [laughs] -yeah they had when I think -cuz I loved that book I remember -I haven’t read it -it’s so good I’ve seen the movie -it’s so good like -I just [groan] it’s so out of my comfort zone -break out of your comfort zone -I need to [laughs] -and you did really well with this variety we have a robot classic we have a sex and gender
classic and we have two thrillers and we have -which is what I usually read -small town embalmer and I guess
this is kind of a thriller or like a classic I don’t I don’t know -I’d say it’s a it’s a pink -so this is this is this is eclectic I love that people are calling me eclectic I’ve had like two
comments on my channel that I’m eclectic but like -Oh yeah definitely I would say very much
so -I hope -I’m like thriller suspense all the way
horror that’s my jam -you’re a very dark person despite how bright you look [laughs] I was like yeah it’s uh it’s my cover so nobody can tell -mm-hmm well blind date with a book
here’s Demi and here’s me she will be back because we’re doing a bunch of
filming while she’s here tonight uh -we are so if you see me in this outfit that’s
why no several days pass and she just happened to come back -in this outfit -in exactly the same outfit -just like take I could just wear my undershirt and then nobody would ever know minus my makeup and my hair -like subscribe be our friends and enemies and stuff on the social
medias which are linked below oh don’t be don’t be her enemy she reads
a lot of murders and thrillers and stuff and you don’t want to be her enemy -no -I
post every Wednesday Sunday I will see all of you in the next video and she’ll
see you whenever I post this and whenever I post the next video that we
film -but I’ll always be watching [laughs] in the comment section -so I’m gonna go get
murdered now by friends

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