BLACK POETRY : Nemurirea (The immortality)(L’immortalite)(L’immortalita)(Die Unsterblichkeit)

.. The immortality of Al. O. Teodoreanu The graves are waiting for us with open mouths.
And we all go to them, on one road or another, How flue gases are hypnotized
To snakes with golden scales and invaluable eyes. Love, hate: life. Bright amber
And the widow spat out, from a group of stars, What, taking in the dark, will take them
Another humanity – an amazing ant! The sun is consumed their hot material
And it freezes (is it death?). We raise statues, For the bronze to watch, forever (but to whom?),
That it’s immortality, in a parade coat. Nor do we think that in chaos he will find
fulfillment Earth, when will pass rotating through spaces.
and it will be for a moment line of emptiness, And he will die with life, then and Immortality.

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