Black Man Speaks 20 languages With Random Foreigners In L.A.

100 Replies to “Black Man Speaks 20 languages With Random Foreigners In L.A.

  1. Hy broo
    Love from India,Tamilnadu Chennai.
    One of the oldest language is Tamil yooo try learning it…..
    I am getting inspired.Thanks for that you.
    I have the intention of learning languages…😊

  2. 20 diffrrent languages in just this video an he still spraks a lot more different languages!! Are you a spy or something hahaha

  3. That girl 16:14 was totally into him, I mean that dude was her husband if not she totally would hit on him hard 😀

  4. i thought i was hot shit when i mastered my second language, then i go europe and the lowest street bum speaks 4 languages with an inaudible accent.

  5. Imagine if you’re stuck in an island all alone. Must be really hard not to speak to someone with all the language you hold. 😄

    Really loved your videos man. I’m from the Philippines and would love to be able to communicate with everyone.

    Cheers! Subscribed! 😊

  6. I don’t really understand why this says black man….. why not an American speaks 20 languages? I doubt anybody is thinking that black guy can speak a lot of languages. It’s almost like saying black men shouldn’t be able to speak 20 languages.

  7. I love it when you switch to Cantonese and everyone is mind blown!! I would say cantonese is my favorite. I really want to learn mandarin and cantonese. I actually work in a chinese community so it's very important

  8. I only speak english and spanish im trying to learn french now that im 37 i dont have the attention span or patience

  9. The video looks great, but without captions it's hard to follow. I'm sure that there is loads of value in this though.

  10. Funny as shit is when the first 2 guys when they seen him they didnt know weather to say hi, call the cops or shoot them themselves😬🤭🤣👍… .they they smiled when he popped the Chinese on them😭😁😎🤙

  11. Algeria not in the Middle East bruh lmaoo. Morocco and Algeria are similar Bc they both in North Africa and were part of France before they got their independence

  12. This guy thinks stereotyping strangers and annoying them by going up to them and kind of demanding them to speak a specific language means he’s “fluent”

  13. Bro I wish I had your knowledge, Travel my brother you would make so much money in these countries teaching 3 months at a time.

  14. Bro how do you know so much !? Amazing man. Speak to some serbians if you ever get the chance haha great videos keep spreading the love

  15. That is Fox Hill mall isn't it,been there before,you should go to Venice Beach and Santa Monica pier, I was stationed in California four years,San Bernardino,love Cali!

  16. Why do you feel the need to state in the title of the video that you are black? It's not relevant at all to the topic of the video. Odd how some (not all) black people feel the need to go round everywhere announcing "I'm black, I'm black, has everybody noticed? I'm black". Yes, we get it. You have skin, and your skin is a specific colour. So what?? Why is it relevant? I don't care if somebody is black, white, brown, or green with neon yellow spots. We're all human. Why do you feel the need to tell us the colour of your skin??

  17. whats your nationality? this nigga said AMERICAN. then thay say no your nationality, your roots! fool say american smh , fuvking fool.

  18. the brazilian guy said "Vai Corinthians". Corinthians it's a soccer team from Sao Paulo. It's like "Go Cleveland" or just "Lets Go Caves" (in case of basketball team)

  19. This guy can be friends with literally anyone cause he can just break through any cultural barrier. Its amazing!

  20. You are just killing it because you stay relaxed at all times and you take the time to think before you speak “ properly “

    I admire that to the max ..

    You aint show,n off

    You do it right !

    Communication is the key for a better world ..

    The smile and pride of others when you speak their language is priceless.

    Keep going man ,

    You are a genius

  21. How do you learn these languages? What platform do you prefer? I’ve tried learning apps because I want to learn other languages, but I can’t retain anything. I have tried mostly French and Norwegian.

  22. Being an American I want to learn Spanish so I can talk to Spanish speakers who don't know much English. I know a little bit just to help them out at the store I work at, but I have to tell them I only know like key words.

  23. I love the smiles and sense of comfort they feel after you speak their primary language. It’s a great thing to see

  24. Kawan,pening saya tengok video kamu ni.apa pun,tahniah atas semangat kamu mempelajari banyak bahasa.teruskan usaha.

  25. I am bilingual and speak english and Hebrew fluently. This man inspires me learn more. I am currently learning spanish and greek. He has a very heavy accent in Hebrew though he is making progress

  26. Bro…. I got the Somali v1 from you before. Cant wait to continue. If you're ever in LA again, I'll take you to the real spots you can practice. Seems u went to all the bootleg spots. Lololololol

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