Best Article Writer Software: How To Create Unique Content In 60 Sec. For FREE

hey what’s up this is Luke Kubow from My
IM Place dot com and in this short video I’m gonna show you how to create
unlimited unique high-qulaity articles written by a human yes you heard me right –
written by a real human and all of that without paying for copywriters nor
without the risk of duplicate content I know sounds too good to be true right
but not with the best unique content generator I’m gonna show you in a few
seconds make sure you watch this video to the end because I’ll tell you how to
get it all for free let’s check it out as you already know business is all
around the world use unique articles to post on their websites and for a CEO as
pbn and with to 0 articles etc unique content is what works the best because
otherwise it just a plagiarism which is bad for your rankings there is one major
problem that affects all of the businesses I just mentioned as well as
my own business that problem is lack of time to write all of these articles by
your own or necessity to pay for them big bucks because an average quality
article costs around $10 or more and decent article spinners cost at least 49
bucks per month even if you hire a copywriter you need to check the
articles before posting them because if you have ever ordered one you know that
often times they need some Corrections and if you use regular content creation
tools then you know that the articles coming out of them are too poor to post
them anywhere especially after the Google content quality updates have you
been experiencing these problems it’s near impossible to use unique articles
if you’re constantly having to write them yourself while doing other parts of
your business and probably you don’t want to hire expensive copywriters
especially when you run multiple projects and you’re not sure if they’re
all gonna be successful that is until now
behind closed doors the my I am place team and I have been working on a way to
save every website owner SEO and agency a lot of time money and efforts while
generating unlimited unique content faster and easier than ever
for enter the article master this unique technology allows you to create
unlimited unique credible articles in 30 seconds and with a click of a button
provides you high quality content without the hassle or hitch now let me
show you how the tool works here we have our tool it works on both Mac and PC the
main part is YouTube section to get the unique article just go to YouTube to
your keyword search for videos choose the ones with the subtitles scroll down
a little bit to choose last-known video you may want to convert to an article let’s copy this link paste it here and click the search icon
and here we have our unique article you may want to check the grammar using a
free Chrome extension called grammarly let’s check it part of this article
right now copy paste it’s working right now the grammar is checking the article
it found the one thing that needs to be corrected let’s do this and now let’s
check the uniqueness of the article I’ll be checking the part of this just to
make it quicker let’s face it here check plug a rhythm little is working right now and as you
can see we get a unique high quality human wrote an article in around a
minute or two now let’s check some additional features of the software
let’s clear this app the next one is the article finder it just paste your
keyword here and click the find button and the software pulls out the the
irrelevant as in articles you may want to choose one from the drop-down menu is
pulling out the articles right now so I just need to wait a second here’s the
drop down menu it’s still working let’s pick one and to make it unique just
click the execute button the tool works by altering some letters from random
words so while the articles look the same to you and me they are 100% unique
to Google’s eyes let’s check the uniqueness of the source article let’s
copy it sparked and paste to Google and as you can see there are many websites
using the very same article now let’s check our converted version and as you can see no results found so
we have another way to get a high-quality unique article in a matter
of minutes but this is just an additional feature and the main part is
the you tip one well unique content equals money when you’re able to
generate unlimited unique articles you can save and make money you can use them
for ranking your websites or videos as pbn and whip to zero articles the unique
content always works the best for posting additional content on your blog
or you can sell articles on Fiverr or other websites like that also if you
want to create a video and you need a script for it you may just get one from
another video use it as a template and tweak it to your needs one of the
biggest benefits of the article master is the fact that it takes less than two
minutes for a beginner to create a high quality article it’s literally
push-button simple in testing we were able to generate a ton of results
because we identified what works the best and then combine that with the
technology which made it possible you just show yourself how easy it is to
create high-quality articles using the article master now how to get it as you
already know an average quality article costs minimum ten bucks and spinner
tools are based on monthly fees so I think you already realize that the
article Monster is worth at least 300 bucks but I’m not going to sell it to
you for 300 bucks you have three options you can buy it now for 97 bucks before
the price goes up to 197 or you can refer three of your friends and get the
$60 off coupon code which makes just 37 bucks for the software or if you refer
five of your friends you will get the software for free
the last two options are time limited and will be closing them soon so you
better hurry up before the promo ends to get your unique referral link just hit
the button below this video and use your best email if you’re watching this video
on YouTube Facebook or wherever else just click the link below this video
place in the description and again make sure you sign up right now and invite
your friends right away because the promo will end soon just click the
button below and get your unique referral link now or just buy the
software for 97 bucks it’s up to you I look forward to helping you make more
money in your business and even if you’re starting out army with a tool
that will enable you to gain an unfair advantage over your competition this is
Luke you both and I’ll see you inside you

66 Replies to “Best Article Writer Software: How To Create Unique Content In 60 Sec. For FREE

  1. sir, can we make a video for youtube channel from any copyrighted article or copyright books?
    and add this copyright content on my whiteboard animation video is it copyright way? please

  2. I recommend 3 people Luke, for signup and did not get a code for the discount? Now my Upviral link is saying 0 referrals

  3. Shame as this looks like a really good tool Luke!
    I have a FB Group of software buyers I would have shared it with.

  4. Question… I see the software has a box that says (words) are you able to tell it HOW MANY words you want the article to be?

  5. is it work in android i refer five friends and get it for free and download in zip file please tell me how to use…

  6. Hi I have it the article monster now everything was working fine on the last 24 hours and now the problem is I cant find the article from the Find Article option when i find it it dont says anything this is just blank please let me know how to fix it ASAP thanks mate 🙂 waiting your replyyy ohh my fault its have a limit of attempts Its working with vpn thanks mate its an awesome tool.

  7. Hello, I did used this software its working fine but I cant get google adsense approval it says unspported language please help me??? MYIMPLACE? let me know thanks!

  8. Hi, I got the software today. I open the zip with Java. The Find Article doesn't work. I write Weight loss as you did in the video. It starts and then stops without results. Any tips how to fix this?

  9. I mean, it's great but it's still less than perfect with a bunch of words sticking together uncorrected by grammarly…

  10. Can we copied article and rewrite using this tool makes unique to avoid copyright and plagiarism possible

  11. Hello sir , my friend used article monster to add an article to his website's "Blog" section… he used the search bar which gets articles from ezine articles website . The Strange fact is , whenever he uses the "Stopwords" option with article monster , the whole article becomes full of plagarised content. But , when he does not use stopwords function and just normally clicks execute , the article shows up as "Unique" , and the weird thing is , grammarly detects tons of grammar mistakes in the article when there isn't any actually …. Grammarly suggests exactly the same things like "replace an with an , replace the downloads with the downloads" etc , it suggests exactly the same words … And when he replaces them , the article becomes copied again…

    These are the two issues I thought I should share with you …. I hope i have done the right thing …

  12. hey Luke, hope you are ok sir. please, we are just being notified of the app. was asking if the promo has ended or we can still try our best. some of us can't afford it but it turns out to be a very good idea from you. thumbs up Luke.

  13. do the friends you refer have to also buy the product or refer friends? or its simply refer 5 friends and then you get it for free?

  14. I think you may want to say: your software is more clever rather than google!!!! Stupid software!

  15. 5:05 Those are the same text, I don't know why google give you differents results? is not a FREE software, good video!

  16. You know what prevent me from trying the product?

    You are doing online marketing (jvzoo, $97, squeeze page, sales funnels etc), so it's hard to take it seriously when you know a little what is behind, I could guess the exact price of the product even before going to your sales page…

  17. So I could use this to "write" unique articles and then be paid for them by selling them as my own? Seems to good to be true.

  18. Let’s be honest, this is just a smart form of plagiarism, based on original YouTube content parsed by the software. It won’t be long before Google checks the uniqueness of written articles against video transcriptions. It’s a piece of cake with the technology they have 😉

  19. As stated in the video, the free option was time-limited and has ended now (you can still get the discount), but we'll be running more giveaways soon, so make sure to subscribe to the channel and hit the bell icon, so you don't miss anything.

  20. I have other option for free and unique article. My Idea is 100% free. I am using this and use 100% free article in my blog share4all .xyz

  21. i purchased the product and have sent you guys multiple emails because the software article search feature doesnt work. I havent gotten a reply.

  22. This is laughably feeble. I can't believe you genuinely think this is a viable option. 🙄 It's a deeply unethical approach, and it's extremely shortsighted to think this "solution" will last for long.

  23. Best Article Writer Software: How To Create Unique Content In 60 Sec. For FREE?

    Your Link Says $97.00? & You say For Free?

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