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I don’t know about you but when I saw the
end of Chapter 4 I basically exploded internally and spent the next week processing what the
Boris happened. I neglected my interpersonal relationships, I sulked in melancholy loneliness
and developed several unhealthy habits… all in an effort to understand this spoopy
chapter. I mean, Alice stabs Alice but she’s actually good Alice and she’s teamed up
with Boris WHO HAS A BIONIC HAND (which Grant neglected to mention what an idiot). But what
do we DO with this information? And also you can get a plunger. A plunger!!! Boy howdy
I can’t stop sweating. Maybe I should get that checked out. BUT NOT UNTIL I GET SOME
ANSWERS! Grant, in his story you didn’t not not know
delved into a lot of interesting information. He asked you to comment with anything he may
have missed and like the mailman, ya’lls delivered. Like ohmygod did you deliver! During my smarty induced, sleep deprived,
lonely and neurotic daze I combed through every comment and combined it with my memory
of every nook and cranny of Bendy Chapter 4 and the updated previous chapters. This
was quite the ordeal people! I’m here to fill in Grant’s gaps 😉 and distill all
this mumbo jumbo into an even clearer picture of reality than was previously thought possible.
Fear not, confused viewer. I’m here to make sense of this goopy nonsense! What’s the
deal with good Alice? Grant said she was Allison, the girl who replaced Susie for the role of
Alice Angel cause Joey think with his. But is it true??? And what’s the deal with mecha
Boris over here? Why did they kill Alice? How did evil Alice make an evil Boris? Why
did Bendy let us live even though he totally knew we were there when he rekt the projectionist??
What’s with the pile of ink hearts? Why is there a plunger??? I can’t take it anymore!
We’re going in people! This is the TRUTH! The Real Truth. OF BENDY AND THE INK MACHINE
HIT IT Good lord, this chapter was amazing. After
the fetch quest BS that was Chapter 3, theMeatly really needed to pop back with a banger…and
boy did they! We were streaming Chapter 4 at 3PM Pacific Time on
and I got SHOOK! Why the hell did I just say shook. When do
you ever need to channel your inner bro… I really don’t like what, now that I’m
saying that out loud. Maybe we should just cut that joke out. But regardless you know this ending blew my
mind so let’s start with that. A “not evil” looking Alice Angel and a mecha-Boris.
But who are these characters? Well let’s start with the easy ones. Alice and…Alice.
We’ve been introduced to the two people who had the job of voicing Alice: Susie Campbell
and Allison Pendle. Susie, based off her tapes, progressively got crazier and crazier as she
lost the favor of Joey Drew in favor of Allison who, despite having no tapes of her own, seems
to be pretty normal. At least in comparison to Susie. And based on all of our confrontations
with Evil Alice throughout the game thus far, and considering Susie kinda sorta got off
more than just a little bit to Joey calling her Alice. It’s safe to assume her delusions,
combined with the evil ink, morphed her into the evil Alice Angel we see before us. I mean,
hell, there’s even a painting in that final room of an Alice Angel looking woman with
an evil ink blob morphing her. Check and Mate. But then who would be the yang to Susie Angel’s
yin? Allison Pendle. And considering the game data reveals to us that “good” Alice’s
name is, in fact, Allison Angel…well…I think that settles that. Now, to Good Boris. As with Allison Angel,
his ‘real’ name isn’t found in the game itself, but within the games’ files. Thanks
for the comments telling us about this everyone! Good folks of the internet, allow me to introduce
to you: Tom. But who is Tom’s real life counterpart? The answer…is Thomas Connor.
He first appears in new Chapter 1 complaining about the godforesaken crummy pipes and spoopy
ink machine. Then he appears twice in Chapter 3, once complaining about the crappiness of
the elevator. And again trying to convince Wally to stop being an idiot but Wally just
pulls his whole “I’m outta here” crap. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT!?! He wasn’t “outta
here” quick enough. Because let’s take another look at post-op Thomas at the end
of Chapter 4. Looks just like a Boris clone. Except…is that arm mechanical? Yup. Tomris
is missing an arm. But what happened? Well the giant arm in the Chapter 4 “now in production”
trailer and the giant arm hanging above the butcher gang in Bendy Land are both right
arms, potentially even the same arm, considering they’re both giant. And, well, Tom is missing
his left arm, so it probably wasn’t Susie Angel that took it. My best guess here is
that our dumbass friend Wally tightened the safety bolt instead of loosening it, blowing
a bunch of the pipes around the studio causing Thomas to lose an arm in the process and (potentially)
killing Wally, and finally allowing him to “get outta here”. Hehe. But upon losing that left arm, Tom went to
work getting a new one, taking the arm off of the Bendy animatronic that we find near
the Butcher Gang in Bendy Land in Chapter 4 and taking it for himself. TURNING HIM INTO
SUPER BORIS! Or…just Tom. Huzzah! If you’re wondering how human Tom became Boris Tom…I’ll
touch on that in a bit. But what the hell happened here? Well, (as
you know) I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. Well, not JUST me. Me, Grant, Tyler, Mike
and I have been brainstorming and we’ve come up with some ideas. Hell, I thought our
Story You Never Knew on Chapter 4 killed it – you should watch it after this if you haven’t.
But the big thing this Chapter taught us is the good versus evil battle that is happening
within Joey Drew studios. It’s not just us as the protagonist trying to escape Alice
Angel, The Projectionist, Bendy and all their evil minions. There’s another faction of
characters that are battling the evil entities. There’s an evil Boris. There’s a good
Boris – with a mechanical arm and a name, Tom. There’s an evil Alice Angel. There’s
a good Alice Angel. There’s the mysterious, havoc-wreaking entity that is Bendy. Some
have even speculated that WE are a good Bendy. We’ve never looked in the mirror have we? So to dive into this, let’s make an outline
for what we’ve learned here. We start the game by the broken elevator where
Evil Alice stole our good ol’ buddy Boris. We meet a bunch of inky people who are quite…docile…and
in a very sad state. Unlike most of the other inky beings we’ve encountered thus far,
the only one who seems even remotely dangerous is just hitting his head on a wall. Over.
And over. And over again. We then discover Bendy Land, a glorious…theme
park? Created by Benedict Cumberbach. Belmont Piedmont. Bertrum Piedmont, an ego-maniac
who put his own face inside a carnival octopus ride.
Next up is the Projectionist. A dudey dude who gets a bit angry when we take a pokey
poke at his pi le of ink hearts. But after chasing us and trying to project our guts
into another dimension, his head is ripped off and body taken by none other than the
More wrong? Whatever. We proceed and go for a little ride, meet
evil Boris, do the dance and yada yada yada meet good girl Alice. But let’s focus on
evil Boris. Where did he come from??? To answer that let’s look at what’s next on the
agenda: it’s time we address those ink hearts in the projectionists…area down there! What – we’re not gonna talk about the pile
of organs just sitting on a table? I don’t know about you but the last time I saw a pile
of organs casually sitting on a table the walls were covered in cellophane and there
was a sweaty guy in a mask asking what my favorite part of the human body was. His was
the appendix. He collected them. Weird guy but we’re cool now. Anyway as a critical
thinker myself, I have to wonder what these ink hearts are for exactly. In the previous
chapters we see Boris and pals strapped to surgical tables with their chests ripped open
to reveal an empty cavity where a heart used to be. We know evil Alice harvested those
hearts to make her so beautiful. Beauty is subjective but idk Alice I’m not into it.
Also in Chapter 3 Alice has us do her bidding and retrieve 5 ink hearts from the projectionists
other lair. This leads me to two questions. One, why are
these hearts always found with the projectionist? And two what are these things for?? That’s
actually the second time I asked that question so lemme answer that first. We know Alice
collected these things and we know these hearts can only be extracted from a body that used
to be human. These aren’t just organs that formed from the ink, these are inkified human
hearts that used to be part of human bodies before said bodies were converted into inky
cartoon characters to suit the needs of Alice! If you’re wondering where these bodies came
from, they used to be employees here at the studio. Now they’re cartoon characters.
This is how Thomas became Tomris! …Boris Tom…You get it. These employees’ modified
bodies are strapped to these tables and their souls are trapped in the ink. You can see
their souls manifested into ink early in Chapter 4…crying and miserable and wanting to go
home. Grant went into more detail about that in the story you never knew, so let’s focus
on these hearts. We know Alice has been collecting them and we know she sicked evil, roided out
Boris on us as the end of Chapter 4. Clearly our no longer loveable Boris is no longer
a standard “print” like the other ones. There’s something different about him…somehow
Alice breathed new life into Boris and made him into a monstrosity that is custom made.
He is no longer an off-the-shelf cartoon character that the ink machine can just pump out…this
Boris is a new, unique being. If we want to know how Alice was able to create such a unique
kind of life, we need look no further than the ink hearts. These hearts came from bodies made of flesh,
from bodies that had life-force and so these hearts contain within them the complexity
and life-force that can catalyze new life into existence. Alice Angel collected hearts
to make herself “so beautiful”, yes but she also did it to build a minion…a terrifying,
unique one that mindlessly serves her and has its own skills, attacks, rage, and strength
that normal enemies do not. Of course, once the heart is used to create new life, that
life will dissolve like any standard enemy does when it’s defeated. The flesh is no
longer lasting…it has been used as a catalyst for new life and it can do no more than that.
This is why evil Boris dissolves instead of sticking around like the dead employees and
like evil Alice (I mean Susie). So hopefully that explains what the hearts
are for. But let’s not forget about that other question…why is the Projectionist
collecting them?? For now we can assume he’s either trying to build his own army OR he’s
trying to stash them away from Alice or Bendy so they can’t be used for evil. At this
point, we really don’t know what side the Projectionist is on. He clearly hates us and
Bendy clearly doesn’t like him, and Alice didn’t like him either…because we basically
stole the hearts in the Projectionts area in Chapter 3 in order to serve her. The Projectionist
is still a bit of a mystery to me…maybe let me know down below what you think he’s
here for. Up to you. Personally I’m content with the secrets
and explanations we’ve got in this video so far…hopefully you are too. If you’re
still not impressed I’ll go over them again. We know from the character model in the game
files that this mechanical-armed Boris is Tom Connor and we have reason to believe he
lost his arm in an inky explosion thanks to Wally Franks not knowing how pipes work. Also
Wally Franks died from that same explosion. RIP you sassy janitor, you! He really did
“get outta here”. Theeeen we know good Alice Angel is actually Allison Pendle (also
thanks to the game files). All of this tells us there’s a clear battle between good and
evil going on…we’ve got evil Alice, good Alice, evil Boris, good Boris, and last but
not least we now have a speculative understanding of how exactly these ink hearts work and that
they were used to mutate our happy pal Boris into evil Boris. After playing through Chapter
four and ALL the new and improved previous chapters on our stream, reading your comments
and racking my brain these were the answers I could conjured up. Some hopefully that fills
in some of Grants gaps and sprinkles upon you the golden bits and pieces that together
in their glittering, beautiful majesty make up the truth. THE REAL TRUTH. Now those of you that have been a part of
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time! Tootles!

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