“Being a Mom” Spoken Word Poetry Performance

Being a mom means thinking of his young mind every time I read a tragic headline hurting for my child growing up in this world hurting for the mother who just lost her whole world whirl-wind of emotion, mind full of commotion trying to find the words to explain these situations flooding in from the news station to the congregation of young children only reaching to my knees still can’t say their T’s When every day
madmen take lives with no sense the murder of innocents How do you explain that to your child? I swallow my screams settle my fury masquerade my anguish and worry I say, “son, evil and wicked surround us but they pale in comparison to
the goodness that grounds us But the pain… how do you heal the pain? big hearts bleeding begging screaming pleading for an end to the grief that has brought shields to the back-to-school aisle for an end to the tragedy that leaves mothers frozen in denial politicians gun control written law death toll Still grasping for the real solution social feeds of noise pollution Try to find comfort in the eyes of each hero those who think of our children as they run towards Ground Zero Remember that there are
miracles and there is love and there is light think of all the people who still practice
what is right speak loudly when you speak of hope come together to mend and cope don’t allow our differences to pull us apart Inside we’re all the same the beat of a heart Being a mom means saying what you don’t have words to say means praying when you don’t have
strength to pray means fighting to end this pattern of destruction because his young mind will not fall to their corruption

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