Beauty and the Beast DIY Rose Dome Tutorial | In Literature

Hi everyone! So no Beauty and the Beast
party would be complete without the iconic rose under a dome. So, inspired by
the 2017 live-action film that’s coming up in a few weeks, I’ve created this
template and this tutorial for you guys to follow along. So to make this, you’re
going to need: a glass dome with a base, the printable template, which I’ll add a
link below for you guys to click on, masking tape and a glass etcher. Finally
you’re also going to need a faux red rose or we bought an Ikea pink rose and I’m
going to show you how to dye it using red food dye and vinegar. You’re also going
to need a hot glue gun to put this all together. So to put this together you’re
going to start by printing out a template cutting it to size, you’re
going to take some masking tape and you’re going to attach it to the inside of the glass.
Now, you’re going to want to make sure you’re wearing glasses or goggles to
protect your eyes, because what you’re doing, is going to be creating glass dust when you
etch. So using the template as a guide, you’re going to flick the etching pen
while it’s moving. Now the only way to describe this is you’re pressing
slightly heavier as you draw the line and then lifting the pressure as
the line tapers out. As you move faster it basically becomes like a flicking
motion. Once you’ve finished tracing one section, you’re going to move the
template and the tape, and repeat until you’ve completed the whole base. Then
you’re going to repeat with top template and use the long strand (on the template) occasionally.
Next, to create a softer look we’re basically going to do again that rough
sort of flicking motion, but much, much lighter. Basically I’m just going to
smooth out those lines so it doesn’t look so hand drawn. The one tip I do have,
is that you should probably start on something like a wine glass or a
drinking glass, and practice on that, before you do your rose dome. That way
you’ve got the confidence that you aren’t trying to screw this up.
So on to the rose. Now I bought a faux rose from Ikea and as you can see, it’s
pink. So what I did was I took just under 3/4 of a cup of vinegar, I added a good
dose of red pillar red food dye, gave it a good mix and then soaked the rose. I then
leaned it on it’s side on the glass and just let it drip dry.
Finally we’re putting it all together. So the base I had was wood, so I did spray
painted with gold paint. Then, once the rose was dried, we’re going to snip the
rose to the correct height, so it’s going to stand up under the dome. Then I’m
going to place a few tall, sturdy items around the rose for support. Then I’m going to use a
hot glue gun and basically I’m going to put on the base, press the rose down. It can look
a little messy as you’re starting out. But you use a hot glue gun and
build it up around the rose bace and now let it dry. And it’s going to stand up by
itself. And then you can place the rose dome
over, and your rose dome is ready for your dinner party.

29 Replies to “Beauty and the Beast DIY Rose Dome Tutorial | In Literature

  1. just wanted to put it out there, you could have covered that glue at the base of the rose with a rose petal…js

    but I LOVED this diy, so BEAUTIFUL. GREAT JOB!!

  2. Instead of etching the design onto the glass, I think I would use a mix of silver & white paint to try and achieve the same effect! 😊

  3. OMG thank you so much for including the etched template. I'm not the greatest artist in the world and was afraid I'd mess mine up. I'm making this for my daughter and with this template I feel allot more confident it's gonna look great. You're awesome!

  4. I just ordered an etching pen for less than $5! Im going to use it to etch everything in my house that is glass hehe >=]

  5. One tweak I would do is drill a hole in the wooden base and and stick the stem in and glue with a strong hold glue or wood glue. Then you can put some petals in the bottom to look like it's shedding.

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