BE WITH ME FOREVER | Doki Doki Literature Club – Part 6 (ENDING)

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  1. I think the Doki Doki title art also hints at the theme of the game. The 'o's are connected and probable are meant to be the sign for Infinity only vertical. Being trapped forever and loving someone so much to obsession and wanting to spend eternity with them are very big themes so the title art might be teasing this.

  2. Yuri's poem about bread and the raccoon was about cutting
    the knife, is a razor
    the bread, her skin
    the raccoon following her for more bread, the want to cut more and more its turns into an addiction
    the fact that her poem read that she knew if u fed the 'raccoon' it would come back for more, she knew if she started its hard to end it

    aahhhh i have the mind of a cutter cus i used to do it (i stopped thankfully)

  3. 46:45 is a moment i got by doing a random things on the first poem. pretty sure you have to go for sayori first

  4. always read the description always read the description always read the description always read the description always read the description always read the description always read the description always read the description always read the description always read the description always read the description

  5. i'm having a bad depressive episode rn and the only thing that has made me belly laugh in 3 days is mark reading his poem at 28:39

  6. Okay, I'm fucking scared a bit now… I'm never gonna look at anime the same again. Thanks Mark.. and the asshole who made Doki Doki Literature Club.

  7. Did anyone else see it or is it just me..?
    After Yuri… unfortunatley died…. in the messed up text I SWEAR I saw Sayori's name..

  8. Wow…what an adventure

    Such craftsmanship and deep planning obviously went into this game. This is truly one of the best horrors Mark has played.

    Now I’m gonna be real here for a minute…

    For 3 years I’ve always made fun of depression, always joked that I had depression and thought it was a funny joke. I now realize that it isn’t a joke, that it isn’t funny. Unlike this game…it’s real, and it’s scary. I realize now what people that have depression go though, I feel terrible for them. If you have depression please…I beg you…TALK TO SOMEONE! Please it will make you feel better that people care about you and love you wether you like it or not. I would hate for anyone to get hurt because of depression, you can get through this, just keep ploughing through! But please talk to someone. I know I’m a complete stranger to you but I want you to know that you’re loved, you’re cared for, and I want you to have the best life you can have! I really hope I helped you and I really hope you have an amazing day!

    Whoo! If you read all of that thank you, if you or anybody you know has depression do something about it.


  9. Monika: we don’t need cupcakes or poems or tea…


  10. The reason Monica is doing this is because she is an AI.
    That’s all she is. She even admits this. Her AI got too advanced and that’s why all the stuff that happened in the game, happened..

  11. At the beginning, that was monika’s sticker jumping! That’s pretty rare! That doesn’t happen every time!

  12. Yuri: * being creepy *
    Yuri: wait what’s that noise?
    Morp: Sounds like…. Plapping?
    Monika: *running at them at the speed of light*
    Yuri: OH FRIC-

  13. Wow…okay, uh, do you know that feeling when your scared where your stomach hurts, that's what I do, and
    When she stabbed herself, I had that feeling, only it was 10x worse than before when it happened it still hurts even now even though I paused it. HOLLY SHIT, that scared the F* shit out of me

  14. Yuri doesn't care if you're black
    Yuri doesn't care if you're white
    Yuri doesn't care if you're african
    Yuri doesn't care if you're indian

    Yuri doesn't care about anyone's race


  15. Mark:I think yuri is evil
    Comment section:it's obviously monika
    Yuri:*everything she has done and said since sayori died*
    Comment section:ya know I always thought yuri was evil

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