BALDIS NEW WIFE AND SCHOOLHOUSE FOUND! || Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning

Whats up guys and welcome to ball Deena’s
bassist and education literary grammar this is a baldies basics fan game that
has ball Deena so this is baldies girlfriend wife whatever you want to
call her she’s in this game and apparently it’s pretty interesting I
don’t know I saw I liked the thumbnail from Jay from the Cub Scouts I saw
something that I was like wait what ball Deena’s what like this just looks cool
and sounds cool but of course if you guys want chance to win the ball these
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still going on anyways let’s get into the video so it says to be or not to be
okay and then you got ball Deena right there you know it looks like she’s in a
pretty normal classroom let’s go and start the game though all right loading
up oh oh okay wow this looks different so this is actually made using unity
which i think is different than ball these basics where are we though that’s
so creepy it’s only it always creeps me out when we’re like in a random like
world likely this we’re surrounded by nothing that is so critical
you can’t go home you can’t go anywhere you’re just in the middle of nowhere
alright let’s get in oh oh no is that I’ve seen that face before what did they
do to it why did they put it on the principle of the thing
oh my gosh oh there’s ball Deena okay let’s goin again okay
oh we’re in all right we got a terrifying that was creepy hurry up to the
classroom I’m not no school rules wow it’s like a mobile game why is it so
tiny you are welcome to use the school Crocs
crup what’s that say I literally I can’t read that I don’t know we have a Hall of
Fame now oh do we got you on musk on there you got PewDiePie you got Baldy
and some other people is that it was a little pump or six and I can’t tell but
that’s good to see them there and as the pictures okay
oh she hearts bucks literally okay is this the classroom can i oh no no no I’m
already going no wait I’m not ready to go in what else is there dude we got to
explore do the sensitivities really slow for this game I do not know why what is
this all the kitchen we can’t go in there
though I what about over here can’t go in there either
can I go on any of these maybe not cuz the game hasn’t started yet all right
let’s go start the game I’m assuming she’s gonna hunt us down through here I
don’t know if it’s going through the same you know baldies basic format or
what but you can see on the top right it says we have zero out of eight pages so
yeah I guess we have to get pages this time
all right Paul Deena I’m coming in how are you what recite the poem I don’t know what
she’s talking about to be honest with you I don’t really know I’m looking
around but I don’t really see it I think she said recite a poem hello can i oh
okay I can literally I’m inside of you Oh what whoa what what am i skipping a
class I’m going to find you she just killed me I don’t okay try again do I
click the X yeah what okay that’s so what so she just
comes for us okay so alright let’s go back in there again what’d she say okay
she says hurry up to the classroom with quickly let’s beat her there okay now what I don’t know let’s go I’m out of
here I’m running I’m running right now oh
there’s a girl what who are you who I don’t I don’t know who that is
oh my court okay yeah let’s avoid all these characters can I go in here now I
can is there anything I’m stuck what seven six
what’s happening oh okay she’s about to come find us I think yeah she’s coming
now okay now is it in here now no there’s nothing in this room oh my god
who are you what help me to solve what is okay eight what is oh my god nine
it’s negative nine no I can’t okay want negative one oh my gosh it’s tough no
who are you is that Trek who are you I don’t know who any of these people are
I’m in the bathroom okay what is this bathroom okay can I get in
oh my god there’s something in here I grabbed it I don’t know what that was
though I got paper what is how his paper gonna help me here oh no okay we got one
go go I keep getting it’s so easy to get stuck on everything on this map okay
teachers lounge what do there’s so many rooms here okay
let’s go back out I’m stuck oh go go go check this what I can’t open that one
okay I can’t open that one either dude this is a dead end if she comes in
here I’m dead I’m stuck got everything oh no dead end no no no don’t sweet me
where is she though oh my god this is actually kind of tough
only because the sensitivity is so low I’m assuming she’s gonna get I heard her
oh my god she’s right there run run run and run run do where do you where is she
okay she’s back there that room is flooded now it wasn’t flooded before
come on there’s a notebook in here okay let’s wait I’m gonna right-click and see
what the pages do the pages did nothing what oh who the heck are you I’m gonna
use the notebook cuz I think I’m gonna die use the notebook Oh
oh my god I’m gonna die I’m actually gonna die I can’t do anything what do I
do I have a notebook with an A+ on it but
it does nothing okay here she comes get ready guys come this way come this
way no okay or don’t uh go this way okay so you can Dodger oh my god please move
okay so it’s not like Baldy where if he gets you in a corner you’re dead that’s
good okay what the heck is this room dude
bunch of cactuses cacti whatever you want to call it we’re out of here I’m
gonna go out here alright so we searched all those rooms oh no what is it doing
in here I grabbed this five out of eight oh no no no get away we got to remember
to go back to that room right there I’m gonna go up here you don’t tell me this
is just one long hallway oh there’s a note back here okay okay okay I like it
I like it grab that we’re gonna head into this
room right here I’m stuck there’s nothing in here crap go back go back
oh she’s right there okay so she is it doesn’t seem like she’s getting faster
which I like okay we search there already we search this one too I think
yeah we did wait what’s that on the ground oh there’s a piece of paper in
there I don’t know what that does though I didn’t really tell us what any of
these items do so I have no idea oh god she’s already right no oh seven negative
– no – nine oh I solved it right what she got there this is such a strange
game it really is because I could take stuff from other games and then
it’s just it’s so weird like that was isn’t that like the finest raise one
jump-scare also there should be like a sensitivity bar here cuz I can’t I can’t
like it’s super slow for me to turn right now you guys can’t tell because
you know obviously you’re not using the mouse but for me it takes a while to be
able to turn all the way around like look this is one full swipe no I can’t
okay yeah we could do one full turn around but it takes my whole mouse pad
to do it I don’t know okay ball do you know yes yes yes we’re back the ask ball
Deena I get it okay so we need to figure out where all the
notebooks are and the best route for doing it okay let’s go alright so I want
to start let’s go over here first I think she should start even though we’re
not there it should start it let’s see come on
start it up oh not you what it’s not even started yet how are you already
what if I could he’s wrong what oh she just keeps asking you them if you get
them wrong interesting okay can you what who are you what are
you doing oh my gosh please get out of the way where’s the note the note is
gone now in the hallway it used to be here last round so oh my it’s so easy to
get stuck on everything it like ball these basics had that same problem but
they fixed it and this one it’s like you get stuck way worse than in ball these
basics all right let’s go this way okay there he is I don’t care about you bro
leave me alone why are you sitting on the door I’m trying to get in here oh
why is this room what I’m I’m stuck the water the water gets you stuck are you
kidding me what so I guess certain rooms flood and if
you step in the water you’re stuck for 15 seconds interesting oh my please
leave me alone oh my gosh she is she’s way worse than playtime ever was that’s
for sure okay oh now it’s unstuck alright so wait what is this notebook do
you can I use it on her I keep getting stuck on nothing oh my come on game oh
my I’m stuck oh god I think she’s right behind me up she is alright going here
let’s check this one all right let’s grab this one
there’s the notebook she’s like a notebook shrine for bald
alright let’s go over here now bathroom perfect we need to go in here oh wow
not the bathroom this is the the eating area dining room okay this is
interesting how do I get over there uh-huh
this is literally like a maze of chairs all right whatever she’ll get stuck in
here too though I like this room though alright we’re at four out of eight now I
have some paper which I can put down for some reason I don’t understand that I
put it down there oh crap this isn’t a way out okay how are we gonna do this
Oh what no a room could just flood while you’re in it I’m dead or I’m dead what
what why would they do that a room can flooded what the heck dude it actually
flooded while we were in it that I don’t know how to feel about that cuz like
what if that happens when we’re all like the last note and then we just get
flooded and stuck that’s a 15 second like hold to like you’re gonna die no
matter where you are we’re bought like we’re Bowl Nina is she’s gonna catch up
alright Baldy you know I’ve heard this like 50 times bro alright get out of
here so the notes change places to it is interesting I think I kind of want to
start okay let’s go okay I kind of want to start in this room right here the
cafeteria I feel like this is an easy place to start actually it could be an
easy place to start or end it because if there’s two notes or three notes in here
at all times you grab the other ones then you go into here and you’re good to go
oh there’s a note in there already what I don’t think it’s started yet okay just
started all right go go go go go grab that burger I don’t know what this does
I’m assuming maybe a stamina boost like Inbal these basics but I don’t know all
right please Oh a grow bar what who are you
Am I am i trapped in here he he locked me and oh I can crowbar it out okay so
that’s what the crowbar is for I already had to use that now what is this burger
do i right-clicked it does nothing okay I’m guessing I can I’m stuck on the wall
oh my god I’m guessing I can give this to somebody if they trap me I’m assuming
that’s what all these items are for like if you get trapped by someone each
character has a different item that you can give them but I don’t know
okay that’s going here now she’s coming down this hallway okay Shrek get out of
here all rights going here all right there we
go grab this one all right three out of eight we’re worse than we were before
where we were better off in the last game but you know we got flooded oh my
gosh dude negative okay wait now what if I was to
get these all wrong and then get the last one right though
cuz I wonder if they could like glitch it out or something oh no not the
bathroom dude this is a death sentence right here this is literally the worst
Oh God No I’m stuck like I’m stuck oh crap I’m
dead I’m dead I’m dead I’m dead I’m dead oh there’s nothing to do there dang it
yeah you gotta tell this game wasn’t very well thought out because like you
can’t if she gets you in there you’re dead you can’t you can’t get around
there that and then again there was also nothing in that bathroom well why did I
go in there there’s nothing in there what the heck man I went in there for no
reason all right let’s go back in again let’s do this okay yes ball Deena I get
it I’m gonna spam spacebar so I can keep turning around looking back at you okay
let’s do it all right I’m gonna save the cafeteria for last all right that is
clearly the the easiest route I think because that room is so massive that you
can easily get around her so yeah I think that’s that’s probably our best
bet we’re gonna save that for last we’re gonna do the hard ones first and then do
that one final all right now is there gonna be a page in here no oh okay
school started no page in there all right let’s go this way I feel like I
should save my stamina I don’t know okay let’s grab that I thought that was a
laser gun for a second I thought it was but now it’s not the freaking telescope
I was like oh no it went away okay right when I was about to step in
there it went away all right we got an a-plus book I don’t know why why is
there a book with an A+ on it I don’t know and we should explain the items oh
please don’t no please oh my item oh that’s what you use it for
I knew it I knew you would use it on her cuz you know math book a plus you know
her it makes sense all right now I’m gonna grab all this stuff I just grabbed
a bunch of random items I need to get out of here before
she comes again oh wait now I’m gonna go into this room oh not you Shrek not you
teachers lounge this is dangerous this is super dangerous oh no oh no I think
I’m think it’s game over I think I don’t where is she
oh no she’s right there oh crap she turned the corner as soon as I did what
the hell do you know why you gotta be so hard this is actually hard and it’s it’s
hard not because it’s actually hard it’s hard because it’s so broken alright Bali
da let’s go how are you even running with like those huge heels on well you
got skills alright girl look at that look look how she goes she’s got it she
doesn’t even move her feet she’s that skilled with those heels dude she’s what
thought work that’s good teleported no okay that was weird
alright let’s check here first no don’t okay don’t come over here girl I’m gonna
go this way because I don’t want to run into her alright I’ll start with this
room bunch of computers no note though alright let’s go alright we’re gonna go
back and we’re gonna try this room I should save my stamina for like those
long hallways because that’s what keeps getting me the long hallways but if I
had stamina oh no no no no no both of you I don’t okay what if I get these
wrong and then this one right so six seven a okay 13 nope doesn’t work
alright well worth the try let’s go are we gonna go this way please no why are
you there okay he disappeared what the where all the notes at I haven’t found
one in both of the rooms I’ve searched that’s weird
let’s check this one no no note again what there’s got to be one in here oh my
this is the worst thing they added into the game by far this is the worst thing
15 second hold for water who like you’ve actually you step into a pool and you
just your force you can’t move for 15 seconds in real life it’s like no no no
no you stepped in the water bro alright you can’t move the water holds you down
in place somehow it’s such a weird feature okay there’s
no page in here either what are they all in like one room somewhere they have to
be uh oh my god dude move oh my gosh move ok nothing in here
Oh a page finally I found one okay let’s go over here no this is dangerous this
is danger I’m getting out of here go go what what the heck oh crap I thought I
was out I’m not I might be dead move okay no she’s still pretty far no no
she’s not okay let’s go this way uh-uh you need to slow down Baldy okay
you really do um let’s go in here all right I need to grab this this is gonna
be dangerous because she’s gonna be coming through there okay
keep dodging I’m gonna put these notes down and grab the burger because why not
two burger all right Can I grab okay got that note so there was three in here
this time all right now we need to get her over here
yup yup yup come over here come over here there you go keep coming
okay now we need to go this way and loop around her oh my gosh I hope she’s not
faster than us she is we’re dead okay she went all the way around perfect
all right through here move move Shrek wait clean that up clean that up Shrek
what are you doing can you clean what here’s a mop but he doesn’t pop up water
oh not you oh my gosh negative two there we go okay I saw her but I’m gonna try
to run in here okay Wow where all the notes at that’s so weird
we’ve only found like a few not the bathrooms did we already searched the
bathrooms I thought we did yeah oh not you oh crap she’s right there alright I
don’t know where to look for these notes like there’s only a few oh my god again
this is the worst character in the game what the where am I
what where am I I was put into the teachers lounge okay uh I’m dead I okay
creepy dude what are you doing out here can i I can’t leave I’m stuck on
everything I literally oh my I’m dead I’m dead yeah
I can’t run because you’re gonna kill me holy I’m stuck alright we were actually
dodged her alright let’s go out here what again again what drop on my items
give her all my items please leave me alone
I how did I get to touch it again it just
escaped it I don’t know man that’s weird all right well guys I think I’m in this
video here though that was Baal Deena’s bassist and education literary grammar
let me know if it gets let’s see another video on this game I I don’t know how to
feel about it it really does seem like it was a mobile game that they just
poured it over judging by the textures and everything it’s very like compressed
and it looks like they spread it out and then put it on screen and for a computer
and I think that’s all they did I don’t know I might be wrong though it might
just be how they did it I have no idea but yeah it definitely has its problems
you can get stuck on literally everything so that’s really broken there
needs to be some kind of sensitivity bar because the way the game has sensitivity
right now it’s super slow and I have a high DPI and it’s still slow for me so
that should say something but still I like it I mean it was interesting and it
has its bugs and it has its problems and you can literally lose to the dumbest
things in this game but I do like it so let me know if you guys want to see more
of this game by leaving a comment down below saying ball Deena and of course
hang that subscribe button and that like button down below and I’ll see you guys
in the next one peace out guys

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