hi everybody so Sally and I are here today to do our August wrap-up it’s already the end of summer can’t believe it yeah this summer really disappeared but I had a pretty good reading summer I would say yeah me too so let’s share a few of the things that we read during the month August the first one I read is the only middle grade book that I’m gonna be talking about today and that is Wonder Smith the calling of Morgan Crowe book 2 in the Nevermore series by Jessica Townsend it has been on my TBR list since the moment it came out I’m so happy to say it is every bit as fabulous as the first book it had been quite a while since I had read Nevermore the trials of Morgan a crow so I actually listened to book 1 while I was reading book 2 which sounds like it would be super confusing but it actually helped me remember everything that had gone on in the world already but yeah it just picked up right where the world had left off Morgan has passed her trials and has moved on to the next stage of the wondrous society training and it was just fantastic I can’t wait for book 3 it has real it my burning love for this series I’m just such a massive Jessica Townsend fans go read this if you haven’t already the first step I have called on the hawk by Maggie Steve honor now this is one that I’m going to find a little bit difficult to talk about in this wrap-up because I do feel that reading the synopsis for this will kind of spoil some of the things from the Raven cycle and I love the way you cycle and I want you to read it if you haven’t read it yet so you can read called on the hawk what I will say is that this is about the character Ronan Lynch who is one of the Raven boys and Ronan is a dreamer and Ronan that means he can take things out of his dreams I was really really nervous to read this book because I absolutely love the Raven cycle and but we would or not Ronan was my least favorite of the Raven boys even though he’s a lot of other people’s favorite character in that series but for me he just wasn’t my favorite so I was really nervous that this book wasn’t going to be for me I don’t tend to navigate towards like the bad-boy characters but I am so so relieved to say that this book absolutely blew away my expectations it was such an engrossing read I think maybe you did a really good job at continuing this world I will say that I don’t think you should read this book if you haven’t read the Raven cycle I feel like you would just miss out on so much information because they do reference the characters from that from that book quite a lot and there are characters in the book in this book so again I’m sorry I could give you much more of a synopsis other than the fact that I absolutely loved it and I cannot wait for you guys to get your hands on this one soon – next up is recursion by blake crouch this is the second blake crouch book that i have read this year the first one funnily enough will probably be on my worst reads of the year but this one i loved it is a an adult sci-fi thriller all about memory the story switches perspectives between two of the main characters the first one is a New York cop who in the first chapter gets called to a case where there’s been a new instance of something called false memory syndrome it’s this this new psychological thing that is sort of starting to grow in in frequency and no one knows what it is or why it started but everyone is very freaked out by it and then our other main character is a neuroscientist who is approached by a very wealthy funder who says that she can have unlimited research money for a project that she’s working on that it’s like she’s building a chair that will help preserve memories I was legitimately surprised by the places that this story went I won’t say anymore because I don’t want to spoil anything for anybody but if you are an adult sci-fi fan or you’re looking to it dip your toes into sci-fi because I am quite new to the genre check this one out next up I have forbidden by Tabitha azuma this is a book that Karina has been bugging me to relate for literally years and I finally finally picked it up this is a uky a book that is about sibling incest which sounds like a very difficult topic to read about which it is but I really want to say that this book is phenomenally written it’s about siblings lo Canon Maya for our older teens and they have basically been left to take care of their three younger siblings as their father is out of the picture and their alcoholic mother is a very flaky figure in their lives and she can’t be relied on to take care of them so you do end up understanding why the relationship between these two siblings comes about as they have been left in this situation where they’re kind of acting as a mom and a dad towards three younger siblings it is hard-hitting and it’s heartbreaking as obviously this is a situation that could never turn out well but it is a fantastic story I do highly highly recommend it but it is a tough one to get through and my last one this month is codename villain out by Luke Jennings this is the book that the the series killing Eve is based on I actually watched the show first and then found this at the library I loved the show and was kind of like maybe as well read the source material is well I always like a good mystery thriller but I was so impressed at how they really are two distinct entities the show is fantastic the book is incredible source material but it’s really a story of its own there’s a lot of differences between the two what both of the stories do have in common are the two main characters so there is villanelle which is a code name she is a sociopathic young Russian woman who is basically discovered and taken out of jail in order to be trained as an assassin and Eve pilaster II who is sort of an underling but works at Mi five in London it’s just this fantastic sort of cat-and-mouse story of obsession and crime and murder and just putting all the pieces together as they sort of chase each other I highly recommend you both read and watch this series and last but not least I have if we were villains by M L Rio this is a fantastic adult dark academia book that I saw a test from paper backbones over an Instagram recommend a few times it sounded like something that might be at my alley so of course I ran to the library picked it up and she was not wrong this book is absolutely fantastic it starts off with a man named Oliver who has just gotten out of jail after ten years and he is telling his story to a retired constable about what really happened that made him end up there as he’s telling the story it flashes back to his days at this elite artistic College where he and six other students are the only upperclassmen and they are their lives are dedicated to performing Shakespeare they have very set roles in the plays like there is the lead and the villain and the side character and the muse like they’re all have their very dedicated places both in the plays and in their situation at college and the situation turns dark and dangerous and frightening and something happens that ends up with Oliver in jail um it is such a wonderfully told story just so intriguing and engrossing it really explores the deepness of friendships at this age and just like the deepness the depth of emotion you can be feeling and it’s kind of come in a rage situation I will say it is quite heavy on the Shakespeare characters were often talked to each other by quoting Shakespeare so I do recommend that you have it let’s take a bit of a knowledge of Shakespeare I don’t have I’ve read quite a few Shakespeare plays and not by any means an expert on the subject but I found it was ok but maybe if you’re completely on familiar it might be a bit jarring um that said if you like stories like the secret history or even truly devious by Maureen Johnson I think this one could be of interest to you fantastically written highly recommend so those were just a few of our favorite summer reads from 2019 I technically cheated a little bit because there is one I loved so much but I actually finished it in July oh but I snuck in this one so summer reads we always love to hear what you have been reading so please leave those in the comments below if you liked this video give it a big thumbs up and subscribe for more bookish videos every week happy reading and thanks for being awesome bye

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  1. Recursion was phenomenal! Dark Matter was intense as well. I love his sci-fi books they make me a bit schizo lol but I like them!

  2. "Wundersmith" is SO good! It's driving me crazy that we have to wait so long for book 3 in the "Nevermoor" series. Thank you, ladies, for the excellent recommendations!

  3. If We Were Villains is my favorite book of the year and possibly the last few years. It blew me away, I still think about it every day.

  4. cool :))) I’m rereading frogkisser! By Garth nix and also the manga series, delicious in dungeons! I’m on book 2 of that one

  5. AHH I'm so glad you enjoyed Call Down the Hawk, I can't wait for it! Also, If We Were Villains was one of my surprise favorite reads of last year, that book is phenomenal

  6. I keep seeing If We Were Villains being recommended – I think I might need to pick it up!! Fantastic video as always ladies!!

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