[ASMR SOFT VOICE] literary read (Aristotle)

good day
this is trip I hope you were subscribed to my channel hope you alive my videos
and share them with others this will be something a bit different today in my
pee it did too deep for all of us especially myself we’re gonna read from
one of Aristotle’s greatest works Aristotle degree philosopher he’s lived
from 384 to 322 BC in ancient Greece and I’ve to refer to my notes a little bit
on this one he’s considered the father of Western philosophy his writings cover
so many subjects and the sciences physics the theatre history economics
and government he tried to pull together all the philosophies of those who had
preceded him the Western civilization and Harris’s intellectual energy and
framework plus methods of intellectual and scientific inquiry from Aristotle of
course Aristotle was also a student of Plato the great philosophers Sir
Aristotle’s teachings influence thought during the Middle Ages as well as the
Christian theology he is revered a known among the medieval than Muslim scholars
is the first teacher and among medieval Christians as simply the philosopher so
today I’m going to take some readings from the Nicomachean ethics I hope I
pronounced that right and that’s the name that’s normally given to
Aristotle’s best-known work on ethics everything I think it’s something that
is certainly sorely lacking in our government and industry today among each
of us perhaps and this work discusses the moral
virtues of getting the balance of one’s behavior and social in political
situations achieving some kind of balance and that and if I stumble some
here just remember it is my desire to to go a bit further than I’m used to going
to learn something useful then challenging to my mind and I hope that
even if it’s a little too deep but you’ll find it
perhaps arresting and relaxed ‘fl relaxing and if you fall asleep during
this then that’s quite all right – okay as usual I’ll get my glasses
and I promise you we won’t do too much of this I just want to see how it comes
out as we Sun as we some people say that some people who do just X and that are
not necessarily just that is those who do X ordained by the laws either
unwittingly or going to ignorance or for some other reason and not for the sake
of the acts themselves but to be sure they do what they should and all the
things that the good man art so it is it seems that in order to be good one must
be in a certain state when one does the several acts that is one must do them as
a result of choice and for the sake of the acts themselves na virtue makes the
choice right but the question of the things which should naturally be done to
carry out our choice belongs not to virtue but to another faculty we must
devote our attention to these matters and give a clearer statement about them
there is a faculty which is called cleverness and this is such as to be
able to do the things that tend towards the mark was we’ve said before ourselves
and to hit it now if the Lord be noble the cleverness is laudable but if the
market be bad the cleverness is mere smartness hence we call even men of
practical wisdom clever or smart practical wisdom is not the Faculty but
it does not exist without this faculty and this eye of the soul the corners is
formed state not without the a the virtue has has been said and is plenty
for the syllogisms and Devers don’t worry too much about this word it means
something like a conclusion or an inference let’s continue the civic
wisdoms which deal with acts to be done are things which involve a starting
point whatever it may be let it be for the sake of argument
before we please and this is not evident accepted a good man for wickedness
perverts us and causes us to be deceived about the starting points of action
therefore it is ever evident that it is impossible to be practically wise
without being good we must therefore consider virtue of all so once more for
virtue to is similarly related as practical wisdom is to cleverness not
the same but like it so is natural virtue to virtue in the
strict sense for all men think that each type of character belongs to its
possessions is some sense by nature and from the very moment of birth we are
just or fitted for self-control or brave or have the better moral qualities but
yea we seek something else as that which is good in this
make sense we seek for the presence of such qualities in another way for both
children and brutes have the natural dispositions to these qualities but
without reason these are evidently hurtful now that we seem to see this
much that well one may be led astray by them as a strong body which moves
without side they stumbled badly because of his lack of sight still if a man
wants acquires reason that makes a difference in action and his state while
still like what it was will then be virtue in the strict sense therefore as
in the part of us which forms opinions there are two types cleverness and
practical wisdom so – in the moral part there are two times natural virtue and
virtue in the strict sense and of these the latter involves practical wisdom
this is why some say that all the virtues are forms a practical wisdom and
why Socrates there’s another famous Greek philosopher by Socrates in one
respect was on the right track while in the nether he went astray in thinking
that all the virtues were forms of practical wisdom he was wrong but in
saying they implied practical wisdom Socrates was right this is confirmed by
the fact that even now all men when they define virtue after naming the state of
character and his objects add that state which is in accordance with the right
rule now the right rule is that which is in accordance with practical
mr. hollom and then seemed somehow to divine with this kind of state as virtue
that which is in its accordance with practical wisdom but we must go a little
further for it is not merely the state in accordance with the right rule but
the state that implies the presence of the right rule that is virtue and
practical wisdom is a right rule about such a matters
Socrates then thought the virtues were rules or rational principles for he
thought that they were colleton forms of scientific knowledge while we think they
involve a rational principle it is clear then from what has been said that is not
possible to be good in the strict sense without practical wisdom nor practically
wise without moral virtue but in this way when they also reviewed the
dialectical argument whereby in my be contended that the virtues exist in
separation from each other the same man it might be said is not best equipped by
nature for all the virtues said that he would have already acquired one when he
was not yet when he has not yet acquired another this is possible in respect to
the natural virtues but not in aspect to those not in respect of those in respect
of which a man is called without qualification good for with the presence
of the one quality practical wisdom will be given all the virtues and it is plain
that even if it were of no practical value we should have needed it because
it is the virtue of the part of us in question plain to
that the choice would not be right without practical wisdom anymore than
without practical virtue without virtue at all for the one determines the end
and the other makes us do the things that lead to the end nearly through so
please I mean are just two longer but it is again but again it is not supreme
over philosophic wisdom over the superior part of us any more than the
art of medicine is over help and it does not use it but provides for its coming
into being the issues orders then for its sake but not to it further it
maintains its supremacy to maintain the supremacy would be like saying that the
art of politics rules the gods because the issues orders about all the affairs
of the state don’t worry that’s it I know this was quite tedious I was
trying to reach a little bit further and this is probably too tedious I don’t
think I’ll try to do this again from one of the great philosophers like Aristotle
I probably failed him I hope I have not failed you I hope you got a little
something from it and if it did nothing more than make you think a little bit
and you know why opt relax or even here to sleep then I’ll be happy
with that and this is truth until next time goodbye
peace out

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  1. This was such a relaxing but also informative video! I love that you are teaching us within the relaxation of ASMR! Look forward to more videos like this!!

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  4. I’m a history major and I study ancient Mediterranean, you really did Aristotle a favor here! Mentor of Alexander the Great, he was certainly an interesting philosopher. Besides his Anti-Hellene pessimism and borderline racist tendencies, he inspired a new way of thought that creates the many sectional divides we have in modern culture and nationalities, interesting choice of reading!!! Thanks for another relaxing night!!!

    Another note, if you enjoy the works of Aristotle’s virtues, you should look into the early Roman virtues argued by emperor Commodus! It pertains to wisdom, temperance, justice, and fortitude. It’s all similarly based on a mixture of Aristotle and Aeneas the Innocent from Homer’s works. Latin virtue is virtu, with the root vir meaning ones self, in the context of a man and his honor. Sorry to have ranted but from the video I think this is all things that you might enjoy looking into, I know I certainly do! Thanks again for another great video!

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