ASMR | LANGUAGE TRIGGERS (Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Korean, Turkish) [whispering, mouth sounds]

Hello (ITALIAN) I’m Outoforbit What’s your name? My Italian is not good Can we speak in Italian? I want to learn Goodnight Goodnight, sweet dreams Italian is very beautiful But it’s difficult I’m sleepy Hi, my name is Outoforbit (RUSSIAN) I don’t speak Russian I need to practise Russian I did not expect this from you, I had a better opinion of you Goodnight/Calm night Hello (SPANISH) Hello, my name is Outoforbit I don’t speak Spanish Spanish is a beautiful language (Spanish tonguetwister) Goodnight Goodnight, may you sleep well Welcome (TURKISH) I know a little Turkish Goodnight Go to sleep With every dark night comes a bright morning (Counting to ten) Peace be upon you, my name is Outoforbit (URDU) What’s your name? Nice to meet you Goodnight Sleep well Thanks Hello, my dear followers (ARABIC) Today I will try to speak in different languages I only speak Modern Standard Arabic, unfortunately Let go of worry Let go of worry and try to be relaxed Focus with me Goodnight (Counting to ten) Hello, everyone (KOREAN) My name is Outoforbit This is my book Black book I don’t speak Korean It’s okay Sleep well Random Korean dishes lmao At the end of hardships comes happiness

43 Replies to “ASMR | LANGUAGE TRIGGERS (Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Korean, Turkish) [whispering, mouth sounds]

  1. Nicely done, OutofOrbit!! 😃 I don't know any of these languages myself, so it's okay if you are not the best at them. You never fail to brighten my day! 😄 I wish to share the positive feelings I get from you with others! So everyone else can be super happy!!!

    I gloved the hand movements as always, and the wonder brush returned! 😀 Oh, please have a great day/week, sweet OutofOrbit!! 😄 I glove you!! ❤

  2. Also enjoy languages ! I understood all the Italian. Where I grew up in NYC mostly Sicilian dialect spoken with Arabic influence. Language is very interesting to me. Ty!

  3. So happy you made this video, as a polyglot wannabe myself this was sweet and your pronunciations are excellent. Super tingly, Love this!! ❤️

  4. Ты выбрала довольно неожиданную фразу на русском для АСМР 0_о
    You chose a rather unexpected phrase in Russian for ASMR (I use google translate)

  5. The gentle hand sounds and Arabic gave me the most tingles! Your hand sounds were absurdly tingly. I vote for more of that. Bless you all!

  6. DUDE you speak Urdu like a native!! Thank you so much for the video, I was refreshing your page like twice a day for a new upload <3

  7. The spanish part gave me lots of tingles 😄😴😴 A dedicated asmr video to pure spanish saying " Buenas noches" would be amazing .

  8. I was so glad to see this in my sub box today. Came at just the right time to calm some troubled thoughts. Thanks for your hard work, I’m so happy to see your channel is growing so quickly. You really deserve it.

  9. hi from turkey i like your voice tone and always like your videos, your turkish is really perfect i surprised when i hear you because i never think before you speak turkish with this good voice tone, best wishes to you polite lady 🙂

  10. TimeLine
    Italian 1:08 🇮🇹
    Russian 2:44 🇷🇺
    Spanish 4:32 🇪🇸
    Turkish 6:22 🇹🇷
    Urdu 7:36 🇵🇰
    Arabic 8:41 🇩🇿
    Korean 10:45 🇰🇷

  11. selam! You are a Muslim! 😮😍💗The girl in the hijab is very beautiful !! 🧕🏼☪️I am Russian, I really like Islam! Alhamdulillah🙏☝️

  12. I really love how Korean sounds in asmr- obviously I like kdramas as well and it sounds like you speak Korean fluently even tho you don’t. When you started saying different foods I giggled. Anyways this was really good.


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