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What’s your next plan? Today, a very exciting concert takes place in Shanghai , where young jazz singer Mykol Mayo sings at the Lincoln Cultural Center. Will you arrive in time? I think yes, yes, there is still time In 2011, Olga Galperwish came from her Belarusian city of Videbis to Beijing to work as a broadcaster on China International Radio. The Russian-speaking population of China quickly learns through her reports about cultural life in different parts of the country and abroad. The distance between Beijing and Shanghai is 1318 km Several years ago, they traveled the distance with the railroads that were built a hundred years ago in more than ten hours. With the advent of the longest railway and high-speed train, travel time has been reduced to five hours at first. and to four hours and eighteen minutes since 2017. Experts estimate that every minute that passengers save on their way from Beijing to Shanghai attracts millions of dollars to the Chinese economy. It has become possible to live in one capital and work in another Residents of residential areas on the street have become more active to move. The number of joint projects is also increasing Trade and domestic tourism flourish. Beijing and Shanghai are getting closer The world has long been discussing China’s economic miracle Now we see a distinct neu phenomenon: speed Chinese speed A few hours later I will move from the capital Beijing to the tempting city of Shanghai I will soon have a very interesting meeting rightly the Harmonia fast train is by far the most popular intercity transport in China. He has so far surpassed the plane The travel time is nearly the same considering the route to the airport and the long checks where tickets are much cheaper in first class railcar. And if you travel by second-class railcar, you can reasonably save Mood changes and individuals change, but more importantly, The speed that can be used in a great way at work Hallo How much is this? Yes this Thanks If speed makes Olga’s job easier, then for train driver Miao Jing, it’s just work. There is a white signal on the way of the train and a green signal on the control panel In 2011 he started to drive the Harmonia fast train In 2017, he mastered the driving of the new Renaissance train that his a speed of 350 km / h Such trains operate between 23 administrative centers of promising provinces I feel a little worried when I drive the train It is the first high-speed train in China The speed is very high it is more than 350 kilometers Japan was the first country to exceed a speed of over 200 km / h with its high-speed train: the shot. The French then made their TGV super trains capable of speeding up to 300 km / h. Finally, a high-speed train emerged in China that reached 350 km / h The first high-speed train, Harmonia, appeared in China in 2007 Ten years later, his revised version appeared: Renaissance Here we see a streamlined shape design for the first train railcar The streamlined nature of the mold makes it possible to overcome air resistance The shape should also have a beautiful appearance The image that inspired Chinese designers to make the Harmonia train is the waterfall that rushes from the high mountains Dynamics, courage and energy When the train is traveling at a speed of more than 300 km / h, the air around the train is stretched as if the train were penetrating a wall. If the metal’s durability is not enough, the air pressure will flatten the front part. But on the other hand, if we increase the mass of the metal too much, the speed will decrease. The solution is to use solid hollow walls of very strong and light steel sheets. During the design the greatest strength of resistance is taken To identify design flaws, a miniature model is tested in a wind tunnel. The emergence of the Harmonia train in 2007 changed not only Chinese speed but also the landscape. China now has a 29,000 km high-speed railway So far, this is a world record During the construction of the Beijing-Shanghai route, a bridge had to be built in the widest part of the Chang Jiang river. Eighty percent of the road was lifted on land bridges. In this way it was possible to preserve agricultural land and thus the lifestyle of people living along the way. A further fifteen thousand kilometers will be built until 2025. If Beijing is a political and cultural capital, Shanghai is China’s most populous city. It is also the financial and creative capitalcity. The train arrived on schedule. Olga Galperwich’s China International Radio correspondent enjoys the performance of American jazz musician Michael Mayo. After the concert, Olga recently recorded with the jazz musician to be aired tomorrow on China Radio International.

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