AP Literature and Composition

We’re here with some students from AP lit senior class and they are going to be talking about the class so what sort of content will you learn in this class in this class we learn how to deeply analyzed reading and you learn a lot of poetry and how to deal with that um it’s more like a continuation of AP language and composition like the junior version of this class it’s just more advanced I would say it’s more advanced and yeah there’s a lot of close reading and deep analysis yeah yeah there’s a lot of different analysis on you do get to like a deeper meaning in the books that you read and like the other said it’s a lot of poetry and a lot of analyzing and you have a great discussions in the class so for a second question what sort of challenges did you face while taking the class um I had trouble at the beginning trying to find the deeper meaning but Miss menaul helps you find that yeah um I came from a regular AP but a literature class so it was kind of hard to go from literature to a college level class so that was a challenge I faced with the reading and the assignments and the essays I think I faced a lot of the same challenges at that she faced but Ms. Menaul is a great teacher so she really she really does help you understand and interpret the symbolism and the meaning behind you know those passages and it’s great my biggest challenge would be taking the time out of my day to actually read because as a senior sometimes you don’t want to but it’s really worth it if you do yeah it’s about maybe 20 to 40 pages and I reading so for question 3 for this class how many hours each week should i expect to spend on reading and homework like Tina said it’s only about 20 and 40 pages a night which it varies if you’re a fast reader or slow reader but I spend maybe like 30 to 40 minutes um like a night I guess so it’s not that bad for me I’m Kind of at slow reader so I take about maybe an hour to an hour and a half maybe like 40 minutes to read in 40 minutes to like I don’t know gather my thoughts and analyze and do your yeah Logs l like you do reading logs every single time to read and I just have to have extra time to like interpret like what did i just read because what happens a lot so you know what Tina was saying it’s kind of hard to like read a book for like 20 minutes and you have to like go back and reread what you read because like you can get like different interpretations of what you just read before you read so you know you have to go back and make sure everything like goes with the stuff we’re learning class I would say that’s the same as Tina probably an hour to an hour and a half with doing the reading logs in the reading because Okay for our last question why did you take this class and did it meet your expectations um I took this class to get a deeper meaning of the books and I liked having good discussions and I know AP classes you have better discussions than just having a teacher lecture so I like more of the discussion style and with this class having to be so small it gave the good discussion layout that I liked um I just have to get like like improve my writing skills and also to grab the deeper meaning and the message in a book it’s not just like that what the what is the tag what’s import subtitles more like what you learn for the book or what you are going to like carry this book onto your life and how one for myself yeah um for me I did it because I wanted the college credit but I also did it because I really need to improve my writing and I’m not a very good writer so and I took this class sort of like TinaI took it because I wanted an AP class that wouldn’t make me feel overwhelmed because sometimes when you have a lot of AP classes it gets really stressful but this class is actually really chill and you don’t have to stress out over it so it’s it’s been really good well thank you for your time ladies

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