Anusha – Naveen Chourey / Mukammal – kalArt Hindi Poetry

At the Height of the Heights The Might of the Night Is about to Forfeit. As the Time moves on The Blue Crayon Colours the Sheet Life is coming but yet to be seen Death of the Dark is about to begin At the strike of a Photon Beyond the Screen Rises Horizon Somehow He wakes up Sleepy as Fuck Tired of Sleeping, Yawns with a Brush Decorates the Doorway With Vermilion White Day of a Day brings Night of a Night The Sun has Arrived! Before the Change When Dark was the Bright Shining was Crime In the Might of the Night Above the Heights Before the Fall As I recall There was a Shine “My Night…” “My Night is Stronger, Darker than Hell..” “Maybe it is Endless, so I wish to Confess” “Sort of a Dream Sometimes I see..” “Are You My Venus? Waiting for Me?”

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