Antonio Banderas Teases Spanish-Language “A Chorus Line” | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-Antonio Banderas is waving to his family back here, yeah?
-Yeah, absolutely. -Hey, good to see you. Congratulations.
-Thank you. -Antonio — nominated for Lead Actor in “Pain and Glory.” The film is nominated for Best International Film, as well. And that is fantastic and well-deserved for you. But on a bigger level, this is even more important. I’ve heard you talk about it. Tell me why. -It’s important because I am playing
the director of the movie, Pedro Almodóvar, a person that I’ve worked with for 40 years, a person that actually directed me in eight occasions. And at the same time, I have been nominated for speaking my own language, doing the movie in Spain, in a little production to which, actually, I didn’t even
have the time to do a campaign, because I’ve been on the stage in Spain, performing.
-Right. -So I —
-You’ve been in the theater. -Yes. I bought a theater.
I just found the perfect way to ruin myself. -[ Laughs ] But wait.
Speaking of the theater, there’s talk that you may bring “A Chorus Line,” in Spanish,
to Broadway, right? -But, let’s see, to New York first.
-First, New York, and then maybe Broadway? -And then maybe Broadway.
-How’s your kick? -My kick is good.
Every day, I still do the warm-up that I have to do, which is absolutely required
if you want to play a role in “A Chorus Line.” You have to do a very specific training every morning. So, this morning, I did it, and so I am in perfect shape. -Your flexibility is at best.
-In my 60s. I’m gonna be 60 this year. -Well, leap up to that stage tonight if you win, okay?
-I will. -Alright, great to see you.
Congratulations. Appreciate it.

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