ANNE RICE – NEW NOVEL – ‘Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis’

Hi, thanks for watching my name is Jimmie and
I just wanted to make a video because I realize that I’m not seeing anybody
talking about this you know there’s really not a lot of
hype I don’t know if maybe people aren’t that excited about the concept or maybe
people just don’t know so I definitely wanted to make a video
just to relay a little bit about my excitement for Anne Rice’s upcoming novel
as some of you might know at the end of November I think it is Anne Rice is going to be releasing a
BRAND NEW Vampire Chronicle and if you are an Anne Rice fan, or if you are a
Vampire Chronicles fan you know, Interview with the Vampire, Queen of
the Damned, The Vampire Lestat if you know anything about her stories
regarding the vampires, and the Mayfair Witches then you are excited about this universe
you are excited about this book coming out so I did want to talk a little
bit about Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis that’s the title of the upcoming novel
as some of you know Anne Rice did decide to take a hiatus from writing anything
you know Vampire Chronicles I’m not going to be writing any more
books about Lestat or Louis, Armand, Gabrielle or the other vampires I won’t be writing any more books about
the Mayfair family. So she did focus on a few other books, a few other projects and she did return to the Vampire
Chronicles about eight years after the last one was released which I think is
Blood Canticle? It’s been some time about a decade since the last installment of
The Vampire Chronicles. -Right, right yeah why’d you want to revisit it now?
-Well I missed Lestat, I missed my hero and a lot of new ideas were coming
to me & a lot of new questions. A lot of new possibilities when I wrote the last
book Blood Canticle 2002 I really thought that I was finished. I’d,
I’d written quite a few books with my vampires and I thought I was moving
away. But as I said I began to miss Lestat a lot and I got a second wind. I
got a second inspiration. Prince Lestat came out in 2014 I think,
and I was so excited for that story I had to buy it like the moment it came
out and I just soaked it up and then I had to go back and like listen to the
audio book and I love listening Anne Rice audio books I could just like I could
disappear for like a couple years just to listen to all of the audio books
because some of those readers are so talented and Anne Rice is such a talented
writer and she’s so visually oriented she’s so detail-oriented and I’m a Virgo I love detail I love you know I want to break down I want to
know the in, the out, the sideways & around of you know the story and what’s going
on and the beautiful thing of Anne Rice’s
books is that it really feels like a film in your mind especially if you can
listen to a very talented reader you know reading that book straight
through I get excited just like thinking about listening to some of those
talented you know audio book readers. Anne Rice’s words just
being brought to life by somebody who is a talented audio book reader is my gosh
there’s nothing like it I really can’t explain it and I’ve listened to a few
audio books of other authors and I just enjoy you know that whole concept of taking a
book word for word and being able to
visualize that story I wish that film and TV wasn’t so focused on veering away
from you know, “Oh we got to make it this, you know this amount of time 30
minutes for a TV show or you know an hour in 30 minutes for a movie or two
hours”, whatever it’s just super super sad like deep down
it’s sad that like all of the story is really lost in you know the production
of the film or the production of a TV show and Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles
and Mayfair Witches, you know they really haven’t got the attention that
they deserve they are beautiful stories and she
created such a you know an intricate universe that involves you know hundreds
of different characters and you just fall in love with these characters as if
you know they’re there right there like they’re real like they exist and you
just give a shit, you know when you’re listening and she’s just so talented explaining
that universe. So I really wanted to express how
excited I am for the brand new Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis. Just a
little bit of a synopsis of the story I just woke up can you tell? The story you know Anne Rice did release a bit of
a snippet chapter where Lestat is dreaming and he can see this underwater
city he could see that the city is burning up and basically sinking in the
ocean if I remember when I read. The city, he can see it in his mind basically Atlantis you know being burnt
and sinking in the ocean and if you know anything about the Vampire Chronicles
then you’ve heard of Amel. Which Amel, if you don’t know Queen of the Damned, you know Aaliyah’s
character from the movie ‘Queen of the Damned’. Queen Akasha; the way that the
vampires were created was there you know Queen Akasha was actually going to
be murdered by her people, she was a queen in Egypt and they stabbed her and
this demon went into her wounds and actually made her the vampire the queen
of the vampires and so basically that demon is basically like the core of the
vampires that is the living force of the vampires that’s the heart of the
vampires the breath of the vampires and the whole story in the previous book is
of course how that core had went from Akasha to Makare. Which is Maharet’s sister and
then thus into Les- I think it, I can’t remember if it went into
Maharet, but it definitely goes into Lestat in the most recent book and so in
this story Lestat is communicating with this demon he can speak with it, he can, it is a separate
entity inside of himself so it is the core of the vampires. If
anything happens to the vampire who is carrying that core then all of the
vampires will feel it and that’s been kind of a running theme in a lot of the
Vampire Chronicles how whatever happens to the core is
going to happen to all of the vampires and so with Lestat dreaming about
Atlantis just that little snippet chapter it really makes you wonder if
the other vampires are witnessing that and then the demon he kind of questions
the demon Amel, about you know what is this? What am
I seeing? This city? I’m seeing this city burning and you know it feels like
Atlantis. What is it? And you know the demon is
kind of shirking around what it is but hopefully that book is going to really
explore in depth I have to say I was a little skeptical
when I initially saw the title. I was just like Atlantis like oh my god where
she going with this you know like she’s written about Jesus she’s written about
werewolves she’s written about you know sexual books that are very just
dominatrix & gorgeous and then she has the Vampire Chronicles and she’s focused
on the Seraphim. Angels and demons and I was really just
kind of blown away like wow now she’s doing Atlantis like oh that’s
cliche but then again like the more I think about it and the more that I
realized how talented Anne Rice is and how she can take you know the most miniscule
thing and make it elaborate and gorgeous and beautiful and
just really make you be able to visualize whatever she wants you to feel
and what she wants you to see. I mean I was skeptical reading her book Christ the Lord out of Egypt but I have
to say it’s just like this gorgeous amazing story and it of course just got a new film I think
it’s called like ‘The Messiah’. it’s a new film that Anne Rice you know it’s based off her book
and it’s just been released so if you didn’t know that go check it out yeah so I just really wanted to express
how excited I am I’m not seeing any videos online I’m not seeing anybody
talking about this except for like Instagram people are posting you know
little things here and there and a few news articles. But for the most part Anne Rice’s fans are staying really silent about this and I think that it is because of
the fact of; that the title is Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis and a
lot of people are like you know like, “Where she’s going with this?” But um, I’m
so excited to see where she goes with this so I just want to say I’m super
excited for the brand-new Chronicle and I really hope that this you know isn’t
the last one I hope that there’s definitely more to come after this book
but I’m really looking forward to November because I can’t wait for more
Anne Rice, I can’t wait for more Lestat! And the rest of the vampires and I’m
really excited! So I just spent the morning watching YouTube you know
listening to Anne Rice and if you didn’t know today’s August 6th and yesterday
was actually the anniversary of Anne Rice’s daughter Michele Rice, her death was the 5th of August. So
that was yesterday and I’ve just kind of, my morning has been kind of centered
around Anne Rice. So I just wanted to take a moment or 10
minutes, and just sit back and talk about my excitement! So are you excited? Definitely please, leave a comment or a like,
you know if not whatever, but definitely thanks for watching & what do you
think about Anne Rice writing about Atlantis? It’s interesting, no!? So thanks for

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  1. There were strong moments in this book for me, but I'm largely disappointed. I didn't get enough to care about the new additions. Keeping them based around the originals helped in Prince, but this one went too far for me. I'll still read the next addition, of course. Loyal fan and all.

  2. Your looks remind me of how Armand is described. Well minus the beard. But you are very handsome ! :3

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