“Aligned” by Hortense le Gentil | Weekend Book Club Recommendation

Hi Chester Elton here with a recommendation for my weekend book club. This one is by Hortense le Gentil. I know my french acccent is horrible. It’s called “Aligned.” I love this idea of connecting your true self with the leader you’re meant to be. You know Hortense is a part of our MG 100 group. And really is a delight to be around. This is a self-published book. It’s high-quality and it’s high-quality intellectual content. What I mean by that is it’s really interesting the way Hortense puts in simple things and then exercises for you to keep yourself aligned. I was talking to a friend of mine recently and he said, you know first to be a great leader you have to have this awakening, then you have to have alignment, and then you have to have the willingness to give it back. And aligned certainly does all of that. I like when she talks about the mind gap. The mind gap of where you are and where you want to be. I love that expression there’s a mind gap. Talks about the importance of reflection. And I’ve talked about this before, the idea of reflecting on who you are, who you want to be, and how you get there. You know, again she puts in these wonderful exercises, little quizzes, you know, talk about your dreams, talk about where you want to go, talk about how you’re going to get there. Write it down, I love the exercises where you have to actually write things down. She talks about looking in the mirror, mirror mirror on the wall. I really enjoyed that section where you know she talked about taking the little test, what were the major turning points in your life? What are the most important decisions you’ve made? And again, reflecting on it and writing it down. I love the mirror mirror you know my grandfather wrote a poem called “The Man in the Glass.” I love that idea of literally looking yourself in the mirror, looking yourself in the eye and saying, “Who am I?” I think the opening of the poem was, when you’ve got all you want and you struggle for wealth, the world crowns you king for a day, then go to the mirror and look at yourself and see what that guy has to say. I love this book, I love that it has calls to action, it’s a great read, it’ll make you think and then the call to action is, will you write it down, will you follow through, will you reflect? Well it’s a lovely book, comes out in October it’s aligned by my good friend Hortense le Gentil and I know I’m not saying that right or doing it justice. I hope you’ll give it a look, I hope you’ll buy it, I know that it’ll make you a better leader, a leader that is engaged enabled and energized to build those great all in cultures that you and your people deserve. Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it, cheers!

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