Ali Hassan tests Humble The Poet’s literary knowledge | Canada Reads 2017

It’s been good hanging
with you today, man. Such
a pleasure. I’ve really
enjoyed it. It’s a weird thing for me
to bring up right now, but you know, you’re Humble.
You’re Humble The Poet. Yes. But you’ve been
talking a really big game about how much you read. And you said you read
all five of these books. I read all
five of those. I read those all
in a week. Is it cool
if I quiz you? I’m not saying I don’t
trust you. I trust you. You should. You can ask
me anything. I’m extremely
literarily endowed. Literarily endowed. I mean, not everyone’s going to
pick that type of language. That’s because I’m
very well-read. OK. “Does it hurt my granddaughter?”
He asked in their… Cabin. Language. How am I going
to know that? Okay, alright,
well look, you’ve… The endowment took
a real turn there man. [laughs] He sniffed at the biscuit again,
taking in the hints of salt, canola oil, rosemary,
human sweat and… Raisins. Apple.
God, this is… I don’t know. You must be super
embarrassed right now. Are you sure
that was apple? Of Miriam’s five children,
two were… Adults? Dead. Dude that’s
an important part of the book. Come on.
This is… That’s the saddest
part of that book. You just gave away
the saddest part of that book. You guys. I mean it will still
be exciting when you read it. Also I didn’t tell
you which book it is. In January 1999,
at the Nairobi Conference, during an evening reception
I presented an Inuit… An Inuit… Are there any
alternate pronunciations? Of Inuit?
It just really Inuit. The thing that
comes next… it’s… Inuit. I-N-U-I-T.
Inuit. Think of a product that
the Inuit might use. That they may give as
a gift to each other. Inuksuk. Soapstone carving. That was my
second guess. [exhales deeply] Well, hopefully you
get this one, this is embarrassing
for you brother. I know this one like
the back of my hand. Okay. Oh great.
Perfect. I think your friends
are being hunted by a… Killer bee. Serial killer.
Very close. Almost… I got
the killer part. Oh, you got
the killer part. One out of
five ain’t bad. Humble, I’m going to give you
these books to read again and you take your
time with them. And then we’ll be back
again for another quiz. All right. Generally I would say
that it’s been a pleasure, but I’m also filled with a a
fair amount of disappointment. [laughs] You take care,
bro. # [theme]

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