Albertus Stories: Breakwater Literary Magazine

my name is Monica, I’m a current
English major with a concentration of creative writing. I graduate in the year
of 2020, and this is my mom and this is my dad. Breakwater has been a huge part
of who I am as a person, to have this opportunity has been really eye-opening
for me and it has given me so much strength that— I can do this when I
graduate and go into the publishing and editing world. Three words that describe
my Albertus Magnus experience are hectic, wicked, and interesting. A dream, high
expectations, and success. A journey, diversity, and being involved. Family,
change, and excitement. My name is Christian, I graduate in the class of 2022, my major is art therapy. My name is Paige Williams, I graduate in
2020, and I’m majoring in communications. my name is Anne and I’m director of the library and college archivist. I feel like ever since I started Albertus I have a lot of freedom to explore and I’ve been able to
reinvent myself as a person.

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