AI Generated Inspirational Quotes

So there’s this website essentially where an AI takes a set of randomly generated string of words and phrases and a random selection of images and tries to create inspirational quotes. A lot of the time these are very nice quotes, they work. They make me want to get off my ass and do shit, but the other half of the time, they’re fucking dreadful, and I think it’d be funny if we read some of those out. So like I said all of these are literally all made by an AI randomly generated on this website, which you can go on to it anytime. Be the reason why someone gets pregnant If there’s anyone that’s gonna support me to do it to the right charities, it’s gonna be Hitler.

30 Replies to “AI Generated Inspirational Quotes

  1. I got if you're told you can't lose weight, surrender with a picture of a fat belly with hands making a heart in the middle

  2. Existence can be unlikely
    To do: Strangling the human race includes strangling ourselves
    An office job is not depressing
    Get yourself some whipped cream
    Is it possible to make insecurity spread throughout the universe?
    Surrender to empty promises
    Idiots are cool
    Befriend piranhas
    First comes the romantic dinner, then comes the end of the world
    Even cab drivers poke fun at your life
    Our brains are created to remove love
    If you want to stop being like a jerk, remember to be somebody your not
    Books can make you pick up smoking again
    Study spiders

  3. i got:

    1. a picture of a exploding volcano, that says UFO UP EARTHIZATION. FATIFICATE COWARDIFICATION.
    2. a picture of a just married couple, it says: Try to worry anout the sun.
    3. a suggestive picture of legs, with: Random strangers love taxes
    4. a picture of a hand with red circular pills i it, saying, STOP BEEF.
    5. some guy holding up a sparkler: disco should be fear-inducing
    6. a picture of the earth: binge drinking is fun
    7. a picture of a marrige (but with a dark aesthetic): *lie about junkies
    8. two broskis walking off into the distance: is friendship the AIDS of our age?
    9. a man and woman holding hands under stars: stop surrendering to puberty
    10. and, finally, a woman doing yoga on a cliff: LIFE IS AN INTERPERSONAL BRAIN FUCK


  4. I turned on mindfulness mode and got "In the middle ages, a bald-headed salesman once approached a young whore and asked her "why is it so that you are so respected, you who are only a young whore?" "The reason for is that I am certain that I am honest" replied the whore. The salesman had never before heard such words stated so clearly, and took it with him for the rest of his life, and later in his life, he jumped off a cliff."

  5. "Keep calm and enjoy social media"
    "Obey crap, stay awesome"
    "Make people aware that you're whining"

    AHAHA that fucking AI is smart AF

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