Ahahahahahaha | Doki Doki Literature Club! Yuri Route (Mod)

Heyo spaghetto here and welcome back to
doki doki literature club today we’re playing a mod called yuri route this one
was a bit of a pain to get working and it crashed on opening couple times so I
had to fix a mess around with the files I read some reviews for it and I’m not
too sure what to think about this mod quite yet so I wanted to see for myself
whether it’s good or not and let’s just get into this so if it’s not good I’m
sorry oh hi Harry um hi noodle boy I’ve been waiting for
you are you ready to continue reading I’ve brought my best tea today my god
told you not to huh she really late again and consider it as
usual Natsuki excuse me must you always interrupt my conversations with your
incessant yelling you say that like I do a regular basis or something well you do
I just wasn’t paying attention okay I’m sorry
seriously what’s gotten into you lately well at least she apologized no me no
nothing is it really that bad see it is
something I’ll get over it it’s not even anything noteworthy I just been feeling
a little on edge lately anyway do we we don’t need to talk about it
well I just felt like I needed to bring it up it’s not like I really care or
anything up yet back to typical netsuke oh man I’m the last one here again well
new double I just walked into are you practical were you practicing piano
again yeah you must have a lot of determination starting this club and
still trying to make time for piano well maybe not determination but I guess
passion it motivates me to work hard for the festival and right I forgot about
that NAT Sookie we were all talking yesterday and well we decided that we
would like to support the festival as well however I understand how you feel
about not wanting to club the change I think we all kind of feel that way so as
long as we’re all working together this club will never become something we
don’t want also if you help us out with the festival then I’ll buy you a new
manga sorry that last part was really funny
look I did something I did some thinking yesterday I was a little bit more
hostile than I meant to be I guess I really felt threatened or something but
I know this is something we’re doing together another new member wouldn’t
hurt as long as they’re cool and not Wallace as long as they’re cool not
Wallace okay also this mod apparently takes place
after act 2 when URI and NAT Sookie got into that huge fight so yeah and I guess
another girl would be nice this time but more importantly I would hate to see the
event suck just because I chose to back out I’m a pro you know so I’m gonna help
too and we’ll make sure that it’s done right thank goodness it’s in that great
Monica Monica uh yeah that’s wonderful it wouldn’t be the same without you NAT
Sookie anyway noodle boy what do you want to do
today I was thinking we could we already have plans for today is that so eerie that’s correct
noodle play is already engaged in a novel that we’re reading together aren’t
you glad I’ve gotten him into literature Monica I I suppose I was just actually
it doesn’t matter it really doesn’t you guys can do
whatever you want okay um oh I’m confused okay okay everyone it’s time to
figure out the festival preparations let’s hurry and get this over with
geez why is the mood so weird today because say Rory’s not here look even
Yuri isn’t immune to it uh stagnating air is common for shouting that
something terrible is about to happen well can we just get this done I’m going
to be printing and sibling all poetry pamphlets that Sookie I was thinking I
want to make cupcakes yeah that glad we’re on the same page Yuri you can well
it doesn’t matter do whatever you want as long as you think it’ll help
Monica I’m not useless you know I know that I already know what I’d like to do
we could we can’t run a successful poetry event without having the right
atmosphere for the occasion so I’m going to make decorations set up the nice mood
lighting there see that’s a great idea and that gives us all something to do
yeah what about noodle boy noodle boy is going to help me
wait you yeah the easiest job Annika sorry but that’s just how it is
did I agree to this what hell it is what are you trying to pull
I agree with netsuke not only your work is already most suitable for one person
but my task is laborious an infant benefit from an extra pair of hands way
to wet your cupcakes please like your freaking no all you care about is
dragging new play around with you and your stupid books you and Monica hey I
didn’t even do anything okay then why not let no noodle boy
decide who to help but sit I’m abusing your power I’m not abusing my power yes
you are Monica just let noodle boy make the choice okay okay fine fine geez
notable I know how fed up you are with these two by now we could just that
Sookie shut your freaking mouth and let him decide for himself
yes shut your mouth geez he’s never going to end just make the choice okay
netsuke of course cuz this mod is Yuri’s oh but no oh no stop it I said no there
I got netsuke up Monica is angry now oh those your excites ah
I don’t want Monica Frick yeah you picked me we can meet at your house this
weekend I promise it’ll be fun is Sunday okay with you are you freaking kidding
me this is a fair that’s fine I’m sorry netsuke I was
gonna pick you it is fair netsuke it’s what he chose I did not choose no it’s
not oh it’s sorry hmm no it’s not fair
giving us all this work and then taking noodle boy for yourself what a shameful
thing to do here I didn’t even give you any work you decided for yourself you’re
being a little bit unreasonable here I’m being unreasonable oh no her eyes uh Monica I can’t believe how delusional
and self-important you are pulling mutabal a way for me every single time
you’re in Putin you’re not included in something are you jealous
crazy or maybe you just hate yourself so much so you take it out on others here’s
the suggestion how do you considered killing yourself it would be a
beneficial for your mental health Yuri you’re scaring me a little
Suki let’s just go I don’t think she wants us around right now see that was a
very hard I wanted to spend a little time with him is that so much to ask
Yuri Falls Monica and that Suki to the door hey noodle boy Yuri really is
something isn’t she uh Monica giggles as Yuri pushes her out
the door finally finally this is really all I wanted butyl boy there’s no need
to spend the weekend with Monica don’t listen to her just come to my house is
dead a whole day with just the two of us doesn’t that sound wonderful wow they
really is something wrong with me isn’t there but you know what I don’t care
anymore I’ve never felt this good in my whole life just being with you it’s far
greater pleasure than anyone I could imagine I’m addicted to you it feels
like I’m going to die if I’m not breathing the same air as you doesn’t it
feel nice to have someone care about you so much
have someone who wants to revolve their entire life around you but it feels so
good then why is it feeling warm like something horrible is going to happen
maybe that’s why I tried stopping myself at first but the feeling is too strong
now I don’t care anymore noodle boy I have
to tell you I’m I’m madly in love with you it feels like every inch of my body
every top of my blood is screaming your name I don’t care what consequences are
anymore I don’t care if Monica is listening please leave a boy just know
how much I love you I love you so much that I even run the pen I stole from you
I just wanted to pull your skin nothing crawl inside of you that wine makes me
uncomfortable every time I read it I just want you all to myself and I will
only be yours doesn’t that sound perfect tell me
noodle boy tell me you want to be my lover do you accept my confession the
Holy yes well I sure as heck do Yuri stop it not again hmm not again
what I pounced on Gary knocking the knife a
good 6 feet away I won’t let this happen why
after I freaking said yes are you kidding me
that’s right noodle boy but but no it’s my turn to freakin talk do you even love
me would you you would kill yourself that’s not love none of it is you really
love me you’ll understand that I’m not going with Monica come to my house
Sunday please for the love of God don’t do this ever again it’s done I get off
Yuri and leave mmm spicy she follows me out we leave the school I guess we’ll
see today’s the day
Monica is coming over uh I have no idea how she has my phone number but so is
URI at least I think I see someone coming oh my god is URI
um this is more weird I guess than I thought it would be I’m sorry about
yesterday yeah I understand I hope you don’t hate
me what no no I just need your help a
little see no one is great it’s weird believe me I have to deal with a lot
worse yeah URI giggles a bit kind of creepy if you
think about it why don’t we get inside it’s cool today
I get yuri inside but oh hi noodle boy hi Monica did you just get home why do
you say that looks like you’re going inside crap I don’t think I could do the
festival right now hmm I don’t think you understand I know
who’s in there wait how what no matter let’s get started I said I I didn’t ask
we are doing it out of the tip of my eye I see you’re running out of my backyard
thank God all right fine it’s Monday the day walking to the club Oh hiya noodle
boy Yuri is here early oh oh hi Yuri do you have a fun time
with Monica wait is she different um can I ask you a
question sure hmm are you are you URI of course I am
hmm is everything all right noodle boy what happened yesterday I stayed home I
stayed at home uh-huh you’re not Yuri what do you mean noodle
boy this isn’t good I’m gonna go to the bathroom all right I
suddenly have to go to the restroom yes what is wrong with Yuri I put my head
against the door did it work I knew my coding skills Ron what the
all right normally your years ago that should have made him hate Yuri I opened
the doors oh hi noodle boy cut your crap what stop
messing with Yuri hmm no way Hey all right that should do it now we just
have to do okay now to restart but it’s happening Oh say or hey I see an
annoying girl running towards me from the distance waving her arms in the air
like she’s totally oblivious to any attention she might draw to herself my
girls say oh hey my neighbor and my good friend since we were children you know
the kind of friend you’d never see yourself making today but it kind of
just works out because you known each other for so long we used to walk to
school together on days like this but starting around high school she would
oversleep more and more frequently and I would get tired of waiting up
what if she’s going to chase after me like this I almost feel better off
running away however I just saw an idol in front of the crosswalk and let’s say
or II catch up to me I overslept again but I caught you this time me I’m sorry
going through puberty real quick maybe but only because I decided to stop and
wait for you you say like you were thinking of ignoring me that’s me noodle
boy well if people stare at you for acting weird then I don’t want them to
think we’re a couple or something fine fine but you did wait for me after all I
guess you don’t have it in you to be mean it even if you want to whatever you
say it’s a worry we cross the street together and make her way to school as
we draw near the streets become increasingly speckled with other
students making their daily commute by the way noodle boy have you decided on a
club to join yet a club I told you already I’m really not interested in
joining any clubs I’m too cool for that I haven’t been looking either and that’s
not true you told me you would join clubs this
year did I I’m sure it’s possible that I did and one of our many conversations or
I dismissively go along with whatever she’s going on about she or he likes to
worry a little too much about me when I’m perfectly content like just kidding
by an average while spending my free time on games and anime uh-huh I was
talking about how worried I am that you won’t learn how to socialize or have any
skills before college your happiness is really important to me you know and I
know you’re happy now but I diet the thought of you becoming a NEET in a few
years before you’re not used to the real world you trust me right don’t make me
keep worrying about you all right all right I’ll look at a few clubs if it
makes you happy no promises though you at least promise me you’ll try a little
yeah I guess I promise you that yay why do I look why do I let myself get
lectured by such a carefree girl more than that I’m surprised I even let
myself relent to her I guess seeing her worry so much about me makes me want to
ease her mind a little bit even if she does exaggerate everything inside her
head the school day is his ordinary as ever but it’s over before I know it
after I pack up my things I stare blankly at the wall looking for her outs
of motivation clubs serie wants me to check out some clubs I guess I have no
choice but to start with the anime club what no noodle boy ah Monica oh my goodness I
totally didn’t expect to see you here it’s been a while right uh yeah it has
Monica smiles sweetly we do know each other well we rarely talked but we were
in the same class last year Rocco is probably the most popular girl
in the class smart beautiful athletic basically completely out of my league so
having her smile at me so genuinely feels a little what did you come in here
for anyway oh I just been looking for some supplies to use for my club you
know if there’s any construction paper in here or markers I guess I could check
the closet but I really know why you’re in here you’re in here for this sweet
sexy noodle boy right Monica you’re in the debate club also right about that
actually quit the debate club really you quit yeah to be honest I can’t stand all
the politics around the major clubs it feels like nothing but arguing about the
budget publicity and how to prepare for events I might try to take on something
I personally enjoy and make something special out of it
in that case what club did you decide to join actually I’m starting a new one a
literature Club literature that sounds kind of like a nerd club how many
members do you have so far it’s kind of embarrassing but there’s only three of
us so far it’s really hard to find new members for something that sounds so
boring well I could see that but it’s really not boring at all you know
literature to be anything reading writing poetry I bead
what about members Eve keeps her manga collection in the club room wait really
what a nerd yeah that’s funny right she always insists that manga is
literature too I mean she’s not wrong I guess and besides a member is a member
right did Monica say she hmm hey needle boy by any chance are you still looking
for a club to join uh I mean I guess so but in that case is there any chance you
could do me a big favor I won’t ask you to join but if you could
have the very least visit my club it will make me really happy
please well I guess I have no real reason to refuse besides how could I
ever refuse someone like Monica she forces me to do everything sure I guess
I could check it out awesome you’re really sweet near the boy you know that
it’s nothing really shall we go then I’ll look for the
materials another time you’re more important okay Monica and thus today
marks the day I sold my soul to Monica at her irresistible smile that’s a new
one i timidly follow Monica across the
school in upstairs a section of the school I rarely visit well being
generally used for third-year classes and activities
Monica full of energy swings up in the classroom door you mean I gently opened
the door I’m back and I brought a guest with me yeah hyeri calm down I guessed seriously you brought a boy way to kill
the atmosphere boys have cooties anyways oh don’t be mean that Sookie but anyway
welcome to the club noodle boy all world all words escape me in this situation
this club is full of incredibly cute girls hmmmm so let me guess you’re
Monica’s boyfriend right what no I’m not I too much of a jerk to commit to one
girl uh Sookie the girl at the sour attitude names apparently not Sookie is
the one I don’t recognize her small figure makes me think she’s probably a
first year anyway netsuke energetic as usual and this is URI the vice president
it’s nice to meet you Gary who appears compared ibly more
mature and timid seems to have a hard time keeping up with someone like NAT
Sookie yeah yeah it’s nice to meet both of you
so I ran into the noodle boy in a classroom and he decided to come check
out the club isn’t that great wait Monica didn’t I tell you let me know in
advance for you brought anyone knew I was going to well you know make some
bloody cupcakes sorry sorry I didn’t forget that but I just happened to run
into him in that case I should at least make some tea right yeah that would be
great why don’t you come sit down noodle boy
the girls I have a few deaths arranged to form a table Yuri walks to the corner
of the club of the room and opens the closet meanwhile Monica and that Sookie
sit across from each other still feeling awkward I take a seat next to Monica
okay so I know you didn’t really plan on coming here but we’ll make sure you feel
like right at home okay as the president of the literature Club it’s my duty to
like make this club fun and exciting you know I’m surprised there are more people
in the club yet because I’m here and I’m I’m pretty attractive you know it must
be hard to start a new club you could like put it that way not many people are
very interested in putting the effort to start something brand new especially
like when it’s something that doesn’t grab your attention like literature you
have to work hard to convince people that you’re both fun and worthwhile but
I make school events like the festival that much more important I’m confident
that we can all really close club before we graduate like yeah right now Sookie
Wow I guess and Sookie reluctantly agrees
such different girls all interested in the same goal Monica I must have worked
really hard just to find these two Yuri returns of the table carrying a tea set
she carefully places a teacup in front in front of each of us all right excuse
me sorry a friend of each of us before sitting down the teapot in the middle
people you keep a whole tea set in this classroom what are you the Queen of
England or something don’t worry the tsys gave us permission after all this
isn’t a cot a hot cup of tea help you enjoy good for it a book I guess books
are for nerds I’m more into video games and Japanese
cartoons don’t let yourself get intimidated you’re he’s just trying to
impress you ah that’s not insulted Yuri looks away I mean that you know I
believe you well tea and reading may not be a past
type for me at least I enjoy tea even though I’m more like Monster energy
drinks I’m glad Yuri faintly smiles to herself in relief
so noodle boy what kind of things do you like to read well considering how little
I read these past few years I don’t really have a good way of answering that
I like to play video games know manga I met her quietly to myself half joking
that Sookie’s head suddenly perks up it looks like she wants to say something
but she keeps quiet yeah not much for Rita I guess well that could change if
it’s with you sweetie what am I saying I spoke at that thinking after I saw Gary
sweet that sad smile anyway what about you URI well let’s see URI traces the
rim of her teacup with her finger my favourites are usually novels that build
deep and complex fantasy worlds but I have a love creativity and craftsmanship
behind them is amazing to me and telling a good story in such a
foreign world it’s equally impressive here it goes on clearly passionate about
her reading she seems so reserved and timid since the moment I walked in but
it’s obvious by the way her eyes light up and she finds herself comfort in the
world the books not people but you know I like a lot of things like your sweet
thick biceps stories with deep psychological elements usually immerse
me as well isn’t it amazing how a writer can so deliberately take advantage of
your own lack of imagination to completely throw you for a loop anyway
I’ve been reading a lot of horror lately uh I read a horror book once totally
didn’t scream like a little girl I desperately grasped for something I
could relate to to a minimal level because I’m not
at this rate you might as well than having a conversation with a rock yeah
these rock-hard abs I didn’t expect that from you Irie
it suits your personality oh is that so really if a story it makes me think or
takes me to another world then I really can’t put it down
surreal horror is often very successful at changing the way you look at the
world if only for a brief moment ah I hate horror it’s horrible
oh is that why is that well I just that Sookie’s eyes start over me for a split
second never mind that’s right usually don’t like to write
usually like to write about cute things don’t you NAT Sookie what gives you that
idea you left a piece of scrap paper behind
the last Club meeting it looked like you’re working on a poem called fine
fine that’s sick you I mean that’s Sookie you write your own poems how do
sometimes why do you care I think that’s impressive why don’t you
share them sometime no netsuke avert our eyes from these rock-hard abs you didn’t
like them not a very confident writer yet well one
day if you just if you do your cardio you’ll be as confident as me I understand how netsuke feels sharing
that level of writing takes more than just confidence the truest form of
writing is writing to oneself you must be willing to open up to your readers
exposing your vulnerabilities and showing even the deepest reaches of your
heart do you have any writing experience to Yuri maybe if you share some of your
work you can set an example and help Natsu Q feel more comfortable sharing
hers Hey I guess it’s the same for Yuri we all
sit in silence for a moment hey I just got an idea how about this that’s Sookie
and here I quizzically look basically at Monica let’s all go home and write a
poem of our own then the next time we meet well I’ll share them with each
other that way everyone is even um I mean the thought it was a good idea well
well I think you’re right Monica we should probably start finding
activities for us all participating together I decided to take the
responsibility of vice-president after all I need to do my best to the nurture
of the club as well as its members besides now we have a new member it
seems like a good step for us to take do you agree as well noodle boy well done
there’s still one problem and what’s that now that I’ve reached the most
support topic I bluntly come forth and what’s been on my mind the entire time
URI sweet nice I mean I never said I would join this club all right it’s not
like I normally hang out with nerds Monica Mia can visit me to come and stop
by but I never really made any decision I still have other clubs to look at and
um you know what I lose my train of thought all three girls stare back at me
with dejected eyes but I’m sorry I thought yeah
the girls exchanged glances before Monica turns back to me I guess they
need to tell you the truth little boy the thing is we don’t have enough
members to get to inform a official Club we need four and I’ve been trying really
really really hard to find new members but I actually ended up killing the last
one so now we only have three and if we don’t find one more member before the
festival it’d be great if you join us I am defenseless against these girls
because man have you to look at your have you seen URI Oh am I supposed to
make a clear-headed decision when it’s like this I would feel terrible for
letting everyone down in this situation and besides the club itself seems pretty
chill so Frank pumps it’s the price I have to
pay in order to spend time every day with these beautiful nerds right okay
I’ve decided them after I’ve seen URI I’ll join the
literature Club one by one the girls eyes light up oh my goodness really do
you really mean that noodle boy yeah sure whatever
it could be fun right as long as I get to hang out with URI I really did scare
me for a moment I mean if you really just left after
this I would have been super mad noodle boy I’m so happy we can become an
official club now thank you so much for this you’re really amazing I’ll do
everything I can to give you a great time okay everything go get me go get me
two boxes of fries and a monster that that’d be great uh thanks I guess as
well okay everyone I think with that we can officially end today’s meeting on a
good note everyone remember tonight’s assignment write a poem and bring it to
the next meeting so we can all share Monika looks over to me once more
beautiful I look forward to see how you express yourself yeah
can I really impress the class star Monika was my mediocre writing schools I
already I feel the anxiety welling up inside me the only skills I have are
beating like Dark Souls bosses meanwhile the girls continue to chit chat as URI
cleans out the tea set I guess I’ll be on my way then
okay I’ll see you tomorrow then I can’t wait with that I depart in the clubroom and
make my way home the whole way I my mind wanders back forth between the three
girls net Natsuki uri and of course monica well i really be happy spending
every day after school in the literature club perhaps if i have the chance to
grow closer to one of these girls all right I just need to make the most of my
circumstances and I’m sure a good fortune will find me and I guess that
starts with writing a poem tonight oh I didn’t even get to write my poem hi
needle boy I’ve been waiting for you are you ready
to continue reading I brought my best tea today wait what is this goodbye
what yeah I hear you Monica yeah mm-hmm all right
Oh Oh from silly old me okay Monica you gotta play it alright but it’s this mod is it just gonna show the end credits
again really is that how this ends can I dare skip yeah
it’s literally just showing messed up end credits
okay yeah just delete everything okay writing dan salvato well I guess it’s
the end of this mod it was kind of mediocre honestly the person didn’t
really add much to it and it seems like they I saw a lot of spelling errors in
the new added writing so it kind of bothered that bothered me a little bit
but I guess if you want to play this you can that’s just there’s not much new to
it or new content like I appreciate people trying and creating something but
it’s just what do you make when you make a mod or an add-on to a game you
shouldn’t like just add as little as possible and then not really have an
ending much to it I feel like this mod was really
confusing from the beginning to the end and it felt like acts 1 2 & 3 just all
mixed together so yeah I guess that’s that’s it
I’ll wait the credits out and I’ll see if there’s anything after them so I
guess that’s it for the game it literally just ends here with Monica’s
final note and I don’t know I wanted more man so thank you guys so much for
watching made sure that I could subscribe from at
more mods you’d like me to play down below and I’ll try and check them out I
will play more of the Doki RPG as well if you’re looking forward to that and as
always I’ll see you guys in the next video I need to go give my voice a break
and drink some water oh alright anyways goodbye everyone

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