Academic Writing Tips : How to Write a Romance Novel

Hi, this is Laura Turner and today I’m going
to give you my best advice for how to write a romance novel. So, you want to write a romance
novel, but you’re not exactly sure where to start. My particular preference for where
you should start, you can start anywhere. You can start with a plot, you can start with
the world that you’re going to put it in. I think you should start first by picking
your hero. Figure out who you want to write about and then who is going to be in this
world with this hero. Figure out what the hero wants. Figure out what you want, as a
writer, and what you love to write about and what you love to see, and that will help you
pick out your hero. Second, I think is most important is to plot your outline. Actually
make an outline of your chapters, figure out what you want the hero to do, what you want
the hero to learn through the novel, and what you want the readers to get out of the end
of your novel. So that you’re not just sort of writing, episodes that don’t connect and
working with different characters and all this stuff. Try to actually create an entire
book around your one character. So plot your outline. Then number three most important
is plan your time. Actually have time each day to sit down and write on this novel because
I have known people who have been writing novels for years and years and years and have
never finished them. Just simply because they could not plan their time well. So sit down
everyday to write. It doesn’t matter if it goes in the final draft or not. Just sit down
and write a chapter and see how it goes and see where it fits in into the plot, and if
you follow the three “P”s: pick the hero, plot the outline, and plan your time, hopefully
you can get your novel finished and then you can start rewriting. So good luck.

6 Replies to “Academic Writing Tips : How to Write a Romance Novel

  1. That's excellent advice, to write every day or as often as you can. When writing everyday, not only are you making sure you are continually working on your project, but you are also making sure that the storyline is in your head…ideas will flow from that as you go about your daily life. Plot bunnies like to attack when you least expect them to hehe

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