Aaina by Manav Kaul | E03 | Hindi Poetry | Terribly Tiny Tales

These days, people have been telling me
that I look like you. When I heard this,
I rushed to a mirror, stood in front of it. And then I wondered if they meant
I look like how you once used to. Or how you look now. And when this question wouldn’t let go of me,
I started looking for you. It took a while,
but I found you. And stood there watching, speechless. Time-worn.
That word is what you had become. And right then for the first time,
I felt old. Time flies doesn’t it,
as we sit there thinking everything will be fine? But it never does get fine.
There’s just a pang that remains. And the only time you do realise time has passed, is when we finally see ourselves
through someone else’s eyes. For the first time.

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  1. Wow!!! I can't even begin to describe how beautiful this is. Naah! It's not beautiful. It is Khoobsoorat. Indeed.

  2. Beyond Beautiful❤ And d first explaination of why he love writing that was Even more beautiful!

  3. “I write jo bhi main nhi jee paata hu ya jaisa main jeena hi nhi chahta hu, uske beech me kahin.” waah! 🙌


    Enough is enough for expressing its meaning.

    Complicated enough, happily enough and so on .. 

    But this enough is never enough for me.

    My life is neither complicated enough to move on nor easy enough to live with it.

    Enough what I've always wanted to feel. 

    Enough for someone, for something but I wasn't. 

    I tried every single thing to make myself enough, but it wasn't enough.

    Why do I always wanted to feel enough? 

    I never get enough explanation to know the exact feeling.  
    But that's okay, because sometime in life you crave for the things which aren't meant for you.

    I believe that someday, yes someday, ENOUGH will be my word. 

    It still my favorite word and it'll be. 

    I'm waiting for the day, when finally letting go of "enough" will be easy for me. 

    This is how, I'll live happily after not with someone but with myself.

    (*enough* is always makes me think hard)

  5. The pre thoughts before Aaina started were so resonating! It is a human tendency to always feel not sated. But some people confuse it with not being happy. Even people who are happy where they are in their life too feel like it is not enough. We as humans are always wanting something out! It is an irony that we fear change but we also want it!

    Excuse my blabber but yes! This one just striked my thoughts real hard! Sochne par majboor hi kar dete h ye videos.

    Lots of love to the team❤

  6. ye sunkar mujhe chhote se bache ki sehej muskan yaad aayi….ji han….baat kehne kaa aapka tarika utna hi divine hai…

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