A Poem about Poetry || Spoken Word Poet (why I write poems)

I write but not for the poets though I
hope the poets hear I write to any who will listen and hope someone will care
I’ll write for the boy behind the screen who thinks he need not read I hope he
learns that truth will stand even when his childhood leaves I write to the poor
man on the street who holds everything he knows because this poet believes
words are worth more than anything he owns I write not for the singer but I
hope still she listens because she should sing some songs that she’s
carefully written I write mostly for my mother because she slowly reads each
line she knows that poems must be replayed
more than a single time I write to those who will be awakened by what my poems
has said because words have a power to change your heart whenever they are read
I write for those who read my poems which may one day get title author
unknown it matters not when a stranger reads these poems and doesn’t know my
name because when these greatest poets are forgotten it’s the truth and hope
that will remain I’m not hoping that my poems are ever seen or so I just hope
that they will be read and their truths are still retold alright where poetry
will not die its heart keeps on beating as long as humanity is alive poets
writers and singers are born and killed each day but the wards they leave
continue even when they’re in the grave I’ll write these poems for myself
because I know what my poetry means glory to the maker and change lives are
my deepest dreams I care not if another poet is impressed by the way I write a
poem or line goodness truth and beauty is what I hope these poems will leave

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