A Novel Medical Exercise Machine based on Ischemic Conditioning and External Counter Pulsation

What is the most natural and powerful therapy? Exercise! What is the most difficult and tiring therapy? Exercise!! Of course exercise is tiring, and for some people, particularly the elderly and ill, it is quite challenging. Studies have shown that exercise reduces the risk of heart attack by 70%; no other drugs or medical therapy has such a powerful effect. The most successful prescribed drugs, cholesterol lowering drugs called statins, and of course the most well known drug aspirin, collectively reduce the risk of heart attack by 30-40%. This speaks for the amazing health effects of exercise. However, it is much easier to take a pill than to exercise, whether it is running on a treadmill, sweating on a Stairmaster or jogging outside in the elements. Exercise is not easy! It is much more challenging for the elderly, sick individuals, and those with joint and musculoskeletal problems. Now imagine getting the health benefits of exercise without the exertion! How amazing would that be?!! Introducing a revolutionary medical exercise machine that can replicate the cardiovascular effects of exercise while lying on a bed! This amazing device can make a huge impact on people and potentially save many lives. How does this amazing exertion-free exercise machine work? Before answering this question, we need to be reminded what happens in the body during exercise. What are the chemical and mechanical effects of exercise on the body, and what are the specific effects of exercise on the cardiovascular system? During exercise, our muscles burn more oxygen and nutrients than they receive, thus they experience ischemia – meaning inadequate oxygenated blood. In the exercise world, this is known as an anaerobic environment – which means oxygen level goes down, lactic acid goes up and we start feeling the pain and discomfort until we can’t continue and ultimately slow down or stop. During slow down, more blood with oxygen and nutrients are delivered to replenish the muscles. This phase is called reperfusion. As we breathe and feel reenergized we start exercising again. Therefore, exercise is a series of ischemic and reperfusion episodes. This is well known to exercise physiologists. One other thing happens during exercise … the increase in blood flow and heart rate that create more shear stress on the arterial walls which in turn results in the release of nitric oxide – the wonder molecule that has many health effects. In conclusion, exercise is a series of ischemia and reperfusion, accompanied with increased heart rate and shear stress in the arteries. Our revolutionary medical exercise machine replicates these physiologic effects. By inflating cuffs around the arms and legs, this device stops the flow of oxygenated blood to the muscles which results in an anaerobic environment. Then after a few minutes the cuff is released and blood flow is resumed. This periodic obstruction of blood flow and release is called ischemic conditioning which is a well-known scientific phenomenon in cardiology and cardiovascular laboratories. Another important aspect of this exercise bed is how it increases the pulse rate and shear stress in the arteries. We deliver this by a well-known technique called external counter pulsation. This technique was introduced decades ago for backward infusion of blood to the ailing heart of patients with chest pain and heart failure. In our device, we use this technique not to infuse blood to the heart but to push blood back and forth in the arteries which creates extra shear stress and doubles the pulse rate. Both of which are known to increase nitric oxide. Additional features of this patented revolutionary medical exercise bed are: Hypobaric mask that creates the effects of working out in high altitudes. The beneficial effects of hypobaric chambers are well known. Vibration, which can be total body or segmental. Studies have shown this can increase nitric oxide and improve bone density Neurostimulation, which can help improve the beneficial effects of ischemic conditioning. Yet another feature of this medical exercise bed is gentle heating to increase peripheral circulation and reduce systemic arterial resistance both of which happen during physical exercise and contribute to the beneficial effects of exercise. Along with these health-promoting effects, we continuously monitor ECG and pulse oximetry. Furthermore, we monitor endothelial function by using Endothelix’s proprietary DTM technology. It is noteworthy that all of these are included in our revolutionary and proprietary medical exercise bed to replicate the physiological effects of exercise. Interestingly, this approach is not only promising for ordinary people who need to exercise but also for professional athletes. Several studies have shown that ischemic conditioning can improve athletic performance. In one of these studies, ischemic conditioning is performed on Olympic swimmers an hour before competition and was shown to reduce the 100 meter butterfly time by 0.9 seconds, which is highly significant in Olympic competition. Other studies showed ischemic conditioning reduced the time in long distance runners while increasing the power output Last but not least, there are numerous studies showing the medical therapeutic effects of ischemic conditioning. As shown in this illustration, the therapeutics effects are seen in different organs and illnesses. They are covered by the following issued patents: In summary, our proprietary and revolutionary medical exercise machine offers a number of breakthrough applications, from treating cardiovascular patients to replicating the beneficial effects of exercise. The technology is based on unleashing the body’s natural power. It can improve wellness in the general population, and enhance athletic performance and endurance in professional athletes.

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