A Little Poetry and The Party Invite

(energetic funk music) Marciano, you have two parking tickets, one on Prospect and one on Euclid. These are parking meters. I ran in quickly to FedEx, and I didn’t pay the meter. And then when I went over to Brown to park, I didn’t notice the meter. And when I went in, I witnessed something that I thought was both racist and classist from the library clerk to someone that was trying to come in. And I actually wrote a letter to the Providence Journal about it. So I was kind of caught up, and then I went back out, and I had another ticket. I’m currently teaching five classes, studying for my exams. What do you teach? I’m teaching at RIC and at URI. What are you getting your doctorate in? English literature and poetry. I have an MFA in poetry, but now I’m getting my doctorate. What’s your favorite piece of work in poetry? Lunch Poems, by Frank O’Hara Oh, yeah? I also write poetry, I have a book. This is an interview on your doctorate, I was called earlier to ask you that question. (laughs) I can tell you that my favorite poem from that book is Having a Coke with You by Frank O’Hara. He was, oh, sorry, my mother is calling me.
(spectators chuckle) Maybe she might have some insight into the parking, Judge, since we’re way off the issue. We might as well talk to mom, too. (laughing) You want the phone? She’s trying everything, my mother’s calling me, my sick aunt is calling me, alright. Frank O’Hara’s Having a Coke with You is my favorite poem. He’s from the New York School of Poets, mid-century. That’s what I specialize in. I like Robert Frost, “Somewhere ages and ages “hence: I shall recall with a sigh. “Two roads diverged in a woods, and I– “I took the one less traveled by. “And that has made all the difference”. Yeah, my dad would like that, too. He used to bring his students here to teach them about civic court. He’s a retired public school teacher. Well, good luck, you’re teaching at two great institutions. Of course, I’m prejudiced because I was Chairman of the Board at both those institutions at one point. Were you teaching when I was chair? No, I just started teaching at Rhode Island College this year. I actually have to teach at 10 a.m. Oh, we’ll get you out. Alright, I’m gonna waive the penalties. I’m gonna dismiss one, and charge the $25 on the other. Thank you, Your Honor. And all the penalties are waived. Thank you. Good luck, and good luck on your exam. Thank you very much, I need it, I think. I must admit, I was inspired by Ms. Marciano’s case. I had no idea you could write poems about lunch. I’m now working on my own poetry book, Dinner Poems, by Ziggy Quinn. Let me give you a sample: Hooray for the buffet. All you can eat. Forget the salad. Take me to the meat. One more? Sure. I like to awaken to the smell of bacon. But don’t be mistaken, I like it for dinner too. Thank you. Marvin Barrios. Mr. Barrios, you’re charged with speeding in a school zone on Chalkstone Avenue. You have two choices. You can plead not guilty, you’re entitled to come back and have a trial, you can join the class action lawsuit, or you can pay $50 and not come back. What do you want to do? Pay $50. Okay, do you have an excuse why you were speeding? So my mom made a little party for me that day ’cause it was the day after my birthday, and she told me to drop off some friends that we had to get to my house. And it was on a Saturday so I didn’t know that the camera was gonna be on. It was a Saturday? Mm-hmm, my birthday was on a Friday this year. The current legislation excludes Saturdays. So I’m gonna treat you the same as people are being treated today with the current legislation. So on that basis, the matter will be dismissed. Was the invitation lost in the mail for me and the judge? Excuse me? The invitation to the party for me and the judge. The invitation got lost in the mail? When was the party? It was on Saturday. Oh, you already had it? Yeah. That’s you were speeding, Judge, he was racing home to get to the party, the one he did not invite us to. (spectators laugh) How many people at the party? Like, 10. It was a small party. It was church friends. Where was it? My house in Pawtucket. How late did the party go? It wasn’t too late. We finished around 6:30, I believe. 6:30? 6:30 in the morning? In the afternoon. You got the speeding ticket at five o’clock. In the afternoon? Yeah. Yeah, I was picking up my friends. It was a small get-together. Yeah, but when did the party end? What time did it end? I don’t remember. (chuckling) Yeah sure, two, three in the morning. He didn’t remember, because he was partying because we weren’t there. (spectators laugh) Good work. All rise, and hit subscribe so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one. Share these videos and weigh in on the cases. You be the judge. Subscribe now.

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  1. Not bad Ziggy! I like your silly little poems. Fact is, you probably could make a fun, silly poetry book for kids, or just for food lovers in general! I am a children's book author myself, and I say go for it! BTW, I could illustrate it for you!

  2. Judge caprio is one in a million and I mean that I'm 57 I've been to traffic court maybe a half a dozen times in 30 years every time the judge never gave me the time of day whether the cop showed up or not even if I came with witnesses he didn't want to listen to my story and I know half of my appearances I was right not guilty but the judge already had his mind made up I'm a law abiding citizen no felonies no mistermeners no dui never been in jail for anything clean as a whistle how many can say that at 57 worked my whole life married with 2 kids let's get back to where we started judge caprio is a very special person he's Italian and so am I grew up in the SF north beach judge caprio bless your soul for all the great work you do

  3. Bravo inspector Quinn πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»foodie poems my favor subject πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³πŸ’ƒ

  4. sir me and my family waiting for the day that we can meet u sir to tell you how much you are great and how much we love you sir you mean alot for all of us sir

  5. Shakespeare might have Written "Romeo,Romeo Where For Are They?" " "Juliet I'm stuck in Traffic court"!!πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

  6. If I was the judge I'd of fined him for that greasy mess on top his head, LOL…. Inspector Quinn is a funny guy, but I bet he's done some unfunny work before working on this show.

  7. Judge Frank Caprio is just amazing. Wish we (Indians) had judges like him in India. After watching almost all the videos of Mr. Caprio, I can now judge the people of Providence with their motor violations!!

  8. the guy said first that his mother told him to drop off his friends then he said party ended at 6 30 then he lied about picking up friends at 5

  9. I hope to get a ticket so I can meet the judge and say hi to him but I don’t know where is Court β™₯️

  10. I remember when my dear husband came to me and announced that he had just seen Robert Frost, the "poet illiterate of the United States" on the TV.

  11. Dinner Poems by Ziggy Quinn:

    Hooray for the buffet
    All you can eat
    Forget the salad
    Take me to the meat

    I like to awaken
    To the smell of bacon
    But don't be mistaken
    I like it for dinner too.

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