A Book I Made as an Adult

*Cameraman*And, action! *Interviewer*So, Mr. James- *James*Is this rolling? Uh, yes. And, action!(that’s a lot of takes) So Mr. James, is it true that you wrote a book? Oh, THAT thing?*wheeze* Yes, the rumors are true. One afternoon, I was just thinking to myself “Why aren’t I a published author yet?” So I just jotted down some notes and doodles and then I thought, “You know people should pay money for this.” (silence for a second) So like it’s just a bunch of pictures? No! I added WORDS too! It’s a collection of stories and opinions of mine. Some of which I’ve already made into videos and some that are completely original news stories like one chapter is all about the science fair and Yeah, it is the same story. I used in the YouTube video But I also go more in depth with a story and I draw new pictures Youtubers have a reputation of writing bad books. Does this concern you Oh, Bad books, huh? I’ll have you know that my book was the number one best-selling book in literature criticism in theory Do I know what that means? No, but did I beat tyrant Shakespeare on politics? Yes Does that mean I’m better than William Shakespeare himself I’ll let you be the judge when you pick up your copy of the book link in the description I’ll give you a clue the answers. Yes are all authors as condescending as you do you even know what that word means? James is there anything special that happens to people who order at VidCon? Yeah, the people who pre-order at VidCon get a signed copy What about people who aren’t going if it comes sucks to be them come on, haha That was a good joke. So I actually am gonna be selling signed copies I’ll be signing the first 1000 copies to people who pre-order the book on my website check the link in the description Also speaking of my site. I’ve revamped the whole thing and got a bunch of new merchandise Check it out. If you have some free time Christmas is right around the corner guys There’s also non signed copies available If you just want to preorder it regularly or you can wait until August when the book comes out and buy it at Barnes & Noble or your local bookstore and Depending on how well these sign copies sell. I’ll release more. We’ll see if you’re interested then I’ll update everything on Twitter So follow me on Twitter to be updated anyway author sure can be stuck-up sometimes like this one time when this pretty well established author was coming to my town and Doing a signing I say well-established, but I’m sure if I said his name you guys wouldn’t actually know who he is Anyway at his signing he gave an hour-long talk and he said he wasn’t gonna do a Q&A Segment because he said he’d been an author for so long that he felt that he already answered every question ever Okay mister Yahoo! Answers Sorry our questions bothered you so much and then after you listen to him talk you got to go up to meet him to get A book signed, but he was the most stereotypical I’m too good for you celebrity I’ve ever seen when you got to his table He didn’t say anything to you. And if you wanted a picture, he wouldn’t even look up at the camera So my family has this picture of all of us standing and smiling next to this guy. Just looking down reading a book So I will follow in that author’s footsteps and only take pictures with fans while signing my book and looking like this Contrast to that when I met Steven pastéis pestis, I just should have looked up how to spell say it He’s the creator of a comic strip called pearls before swine and all you need to know is that his comics are in the newspaper? And he’s really great. He came to visit Arizona and I was 15 at the time So I was making stick-figure comics and I wanted to impress Steven So I got out my ruler and protractor and I very carefully drew this comic. How was your run? Well, let’s just say justin is all pooped out What happened I don’t want to talk about it get it he pooped his pants this isn’t based off anything in real life Okay, I was 15 shut up. I went to his book signing. He was really awesome I showed him my comic he laughed and he told me to keep going and now I’m a youtuber I Mean, it wasn’t just what he said that got me into doing comics in YouTube. I wanted to do that way before I met him Anyway, he was nice ironically enough I was never a fan of reading and I think a big part of it was that teachers forced you to read books you didn’t Want to read so if this book becomes the next Romeo and Juliet or Grapes of Wrath and teachers make their students write book reports on this book They don’t make it easy for all of you in the description of this video. I will create an already completed book report for this Book now. I know what some of you are thinking James won’t the teachers know if all the book reports are the same Yes, they will which is why I added some blank spaces for you to put in your own words It’s sort of like a mad lib that you turn in for homework This book report doesn’t even have to be on my book. You can use it for any book So if you have a book report due tomorrow, then check the link in the description. Trust me You’ll get at least an 80% you know, the people who already pre-ordered this book are pretty ballsy They don’t even know what this books about for all they know It could have just been a single picture of me laughing and all the money they gave me but it’s not that I promise That’s just the inside sleeve and that’s the end of the video everyone. I’ll see you at VidCon

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