9 Reasons To Learn Another Language.║Lindsay Does Languages Video

Hello, I would like 2 coffees, 1 Magnum and
1 Calypo. CA-LY-PO. You know, Calypo? Thank you! Thank you very much.
*sigh* We’ve all seen it right? In a restaurant on
holiday and there’s a British family on the next table talking very LOUDLY AND SLOWLY
to the waiter because that way he will understand. It’s embarrassing.
So without further ado, I want to encourage you to begin learning a language today.
Why? Well, we’ve already covered reason 1: So you don’t sound like a moron when you’re
on holiday. Next! Reason number dos: Speaking a foreign language,
statistically speaking, makes you more attractive to the opposite sex…or same sex, whatever
floats your boat. Reason number trois: Learning another language
makes you better at your own. Yeah, when I was studying for my TEFL certificate,
all of those hours that, granted, at the time felt very boring, in French and Spanish learning
grammar, and grammar, and grammar, and verbs, and verbs, and verbs…hum.
Well they came in very handy in helping me understand what the heck my TEFL course was
talking about. Quote number 1: You can never understand one
language, until you understand at least two.Geoffrey Willans.
Reason number vier: When you learn a language, it’s not just about learning words, but about
culture and those nitty-gritty intricacies that make the speakers of that language who
they are. And that’s what makes you smart when you learn a language.
Quote number two: Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own.Johann
Wolfgang von Goethe. Clearly I don’t know anything of his own ’cause I can’t say his
name! Reason number go: Expand your list of potential
friends. Roughly 5% of the world speak English as a first language. That’s not a lot of people
that might share your love for 1930s stamp collecting or making your own underwear…maybe…
Besides, what about other language learners? We’re a friendly bunch, right?
Quote number three: To have another language is to possess a second soul. Charlemagne.
Reason number liu: From the Alzheimer’s Society website, for I am no doctor. It is sometimes
said that learning a language can help reduce the risk of developing Dementia. Enough said.
Reason number seitse: A quick Google search, and I can say that ’cause it’s YouTube, will
show you just how much more bilinguals get paid in comparison to monolinguals.
Reason number lapan: If I describe you as monolingual it makes you sound like a monkey…or
is that just because I know the Spanish word for monkey is mono…err…ok…
New reason number eight: Your brain makes weird connections like that. That’s cool,
right? And that leads me nicely to reason numero…naw:
it’s fun! Thank you for watching! Subscribe, share and
sss…I’m out of s’s…sayounara! Numbers in a foreign language. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

39 Replies to “9 Reasons To Learn Another Language.║Lindsay Does Languages Video

  1. 10. it is fun paying around with grammar, vocabulary and expressions
    11. you can impress a native speaker
    12. you can say and do things you never would in your native lang.

  2. Haha. Actually I find that my English has gotten worse since I've been heavily dabbling in other languages. I started noticing this when I spent quite a bit of time studying German a few years ago… and it's quite apparent now as I spend most of my free time studying Dutch. 🙂 Love the videos, btw! People like you inspire me to want to become a polyglot! 

  3. Hey there, i'm german and teach english for kids and teens and try to transcript the video so they can read along, since they startet just a year ago. what is the website called you quote in reason 6? i tried hard but i just can't figure it out ( i'm not a native speaker myself…) 🙂 would be lovely to get it so i can hand it in correctly.

  4. I actually love learning languages. I've learnt French and English and school, y estoy aprendando el castellano en el instituto. In my free time, I'm learning Japanese on my own, and I think I've made quite some progress and it's really interesting to learn about the fundamental differences between European languages and a language that has formed very independently. 言語は面白くてと楽しいですね?(I'm really sorry if that's incorrect.)

  5. Reason 8 is an everyday occourance for me. It gets annoying sometimes because once I think anout it, I always have to find out if certain words are related to each other.

  6. Hi, Lindsay, i am Alexander from South America, and i consider my self a ployglot in process 🙂 since i have studied english, german, chinese, korean and portuguese, apart from spanish, which is my mother tongue.

    It would be so nice to contact you through a social network, or e-mail, so to practice some of those languages or share points of view with you, because you look like an expert in this topic, and i am just a beginner. 🙂 🙂

  7. Oi, Lindsay 🙂 Sou professora de música e adoro cantar em outras línguas. Estudo Inglês e italiano. Adorei seu vídeos! Você é uma fofa! Saudações do Brasil 🙂

  8. coole video. ik ben op het moment bezig om japans te leren, ook frans, ik ken een beetje russisch en duits. sayonara! have a good day.

  9. Wyt i' n hoffi frothi tofi cofi?(Oi teen hoffee frothee toffee coffee)
    -Do you like frothy toffee coffee?
    Welsh language is not fun, if you feel like you have spelt the word wrong, it is probably right.Who calls a village "Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwrndrobwllantisiliogogogoch" anyway?

  10. I am learning French and I am really happy I came across your website, which lead me to your vlogs. You have a new subscriber for sure.

  11. well, it's kinda entertaining to learn another language, In good way, it's good for job opportunity, and comunicate with foreigner…. in evil way, you can mock someone and he/she doesn't understand what did you say,

    as Indonesian, it's hard for me to learn foreign language, in my language, Indonesian grammar is too simple, no past/present/future tenses, no plural noun forms, all you do is only learn verb with prefixes, and affixes and all in alphabet it's not like as japanese with hiragana, katakana, or kanji… or something with tonal language like mandarin, or cantonese language… well, after I try to learn german, spanish, japanese and russian, i think every language has own art and beauty based on their own culture

  12. Once you know enough French and Latin–which are worth learning in themselves just because so much of the English language comes from them–the other Romance languages (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese) become a lot easier to learn!

  13. The people of France know how to speak French.  The Canadian version is a nasal, bastardized replica of a Labrador moose call.

  14. [chuckles] When I was in college, one Chinese student said that my speaking English at a normal pace (which was on the fast side for the region we were living in) made me easier to understand.

  15. Is there anyone who can teach me another language? I'm Afrikaans so I can teach you Afrikaans in return.

    I'm busy with German currently on Duolingo but its hard to learn how to pronounce words just from that.

  16. You got me at reason number 2. Also, i can communicate with more people, and i really need to increase my chances.

  17. If you’re ever stuck on what language to go for, just remember English, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi and Arabic are the 5 most spoken languages across the world.

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