51 Facts from Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel

Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel has been released,
and like every other Star Wars book, it was packed with lots of cool details and references
to other pieces of the Star Wars universe as well as hints at what’s to come in Rogue
One. So in this video I’m going to cover fifty
one new facts revealed by James Luceno’s book! Why fifty one? I don’t know! It just worked out that way! Some of these I covered in my review yesterday,
but there were lots of little things that I think are worth talking about that just
don’t merit their own individual video, so let’s get started! Oh, and of course, this is going to be absolutely
full of spoilers, so if you plan on reading this, you might want to hold off on watching. The Death Star began construction as a Republic
weapon, not Separatist. After Dooku brought the plans to Sidious,
Palpatine used them to instill fear that the Separatists were building a superweapon and
that the Republic needed to build a version of their own first. Palpatine created the Strategic Advisory Cell
to take charge of the battle station project. The members of the Cell assumed the plans
had been captured with Poggle the Lesser after the Second Battle of Geonosis. Every member signed the Official Secrets Act
to keep Republic citizens, even the Jedi, from learning about the project. One member of the Advisory Cell was Gubacher,
who appeared in the Clone Wars as the engineer that upgraded the members of D-Squad. Orson Krennic was a Lieutenant Commander in
Special Weapons, after transferring from the Corps of Engineers. The rank insignias of the Republic and the
Empire not only indicated seniority, but also worked as automatic security clearance to
enter restricted areas. Construction on the Death Star began less
than one year after the battle of Geonosis, meaning it took nearly twenty three years
to build. Sentinel Base, which was mentioned in the
novel Tarkin, was already established by this time. Since the Death Star was being built in Geonosis’s
orbit, the asteroids surrounding it were mined for ores. Geonosis’s battle droid factories were also
converted to refineries to assist in construction. The first piece of the Death Star to be completed
was the prime meridian. Geonosians were responsible for introducing
autonomous thinking to battle droids, so they weren’t controlled by a central computer
like Naboo. Knowing the Death Star would require a large
work force, Poggle the Lesser’s freedom was negotiated in exchange for the use of
his drones. Sate Pestage, Janus Greejatus, and Ars Dangor
all mentioned attending the return of Poggle to Geonosis with Krennic. Geonosians almost needed work to survive. They fought and killed each other over tasks
they found satisfying, a practice which was considered completely natural to them. Over the course of its construction, members
of the Strategic Advisory Cell wondered why Dooku never attacked the construction on Geonosis. Of course we know this is because he is simply
following his master’s orders. It would appear that kyber crystals were impossible
to synthesize because they were organic to some degree. The Jedi called them living crystals. Large kyber crystals were rumored to decorate
the various Jedi temples spread throughout the galaxy. We may see something like that on Jedha. Galen Erso was researching kyber crystals
so that he could harness their power to provide cheap energy to developing worlds. Lyra, Galen’s wife, was pregnant with Jyn,
and it’s mentioned that the more wealthy women of Coruscant would pay surrogates to
carry their children to term. Jyn was born in the first year of the Clone
Wars. That would make her twenty one years old at
the time of Rogue One. Galen was from a planet called Grange, which
is a brand new planet. Lyra was Force sensitive, but not enough to
control it. She was more just connected to nature and
could feel the Force rather than access power through it. Lyra was also an intergalactic traveler, and
we learn that there were a number of wonders of the galaxy, much like the wonders of the
world. There were fifty wonders of the core. There were thirty wonders of the mid-rim. There were twenty five wonders of the outer
rim. Morseerian scientists working for the Separatists
were attempting to develop biological agents that would target the clone troopers, which
is referenced in Servants of the Empire as the reason the clone army was phased out. Galen spent some time imprisoned by the Separatists. Upon his return to Coruscant, he and Tarkin
bonded over their shared experience, although Tarkin had a much harsher experience. Krennic disliked the idea of reporting to
Tarkin, who was rumored to take control of the entire Death Star project. Tarkin, as we all know, did have his eyes
set on controlling the project, but was content for a while to allow Krennic to serve as the
scapegoat for the numerous delays on construction. Up until the end of the Clone Wars there was
an area on Coruscant that was untouched by the city called the B’ankora refuge. The Imperial company logo was not so subtly
the Death Star. This is my own rendering based off the description
in the book. Galen was given access to the largest kyber
crystal he had ever seen, noting its clear color, confirming a tweet from Pablo Hidalgo
stating that the large crystals were also colorless until bonded with a Jedi. Every department of the battle station’s
development had a cover name and agency. The superlaser’s cover was Project Celestial
Power. Other names included Stellar Sphere, Mark
Omega, and Pax Aurora. Galen was a pacifist and was under the impression
his research was for energy enrichment. But his work was sent to another facility
where attempts were made to weaponize it. One failed test resulted in the total destruction
of an entire city and the deaths of tens of thousands of beings. Another similar facility was located on the
planet Hapori, which was noted for the Battle of Hypori. The battle described is taken from the 2003
Clone Wars cartoon, so part of that series is now officially canon! The superlaser’s first successful test fire
took place near two black holes. This could be a nod to the Maw Installation
from Legends. Those two black holes were nicknamed Hero
Twins. This is a reach but maybe that’s a reference
to Jacen and Jaina Solo, also from Legends. Although classifying Jacen as a hero by the
end is definitely open for debate. The test superlaser was two percent the size
of the final version. A group of smugglers attempting to hide weapons
and munitions from the Empire used an incredibly antiquated technology called a boat. A visitor marveled at the craft actually floating
in the water rather than above it. A mining conglomerate named Turlin/Benthic
was located on a planet taken over by the Empire for its resources. Benthic is the name of one of the new aliens
in Rogue One named Two Tubes, who is known to be fighting the Empire after they invaded
his home world. The galaxy had what were called Legacy worlds. They were like protected environmental or
historical sites. The Empire began ravaging them for resources. Saw Gerrera began fighting the Empire in retaliation
against the devastation of Legacy worlds. When Galen learned what his research was being
used for, he escaped Coruscant with Saw’s help. This means that Jyn had a long history with
Saw. The Ersos traveled to a planet called Lah’mu,
which is probably the same planet seen in the Rogue One trailers. Gerrera gave the Ersos a communication card
in case they ever needed his help again. I think he will help rescue Jyn from Krennic
in Rogue One. Galen’s escape meant a complete stall on
the final superlaser until he could be found. Krennic was blamed for the escape of the Ersos. For his failure he received a demotion and
Tarkin was assigned to oversee his future work. There you have it! Fifty one fun new facts from Catalyst! I’m sure I missed some, so if there is something
cool you’d like to talk about, leave it in the comments! Also, even though I just spoiled quite a bit
of the book, if you’re still interested in experiencing the full story for yourself,
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Force be with you!

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  1. The closer we get to Rogue One the less it looks like Saving Private Ryan in space and the more it looks like a traditional Star Wars movie. Which is fine, I honestly believe the only thing that could keep me from enjoying the movie is how Vader is handled.

  2. It seems like this book takes place immediately before Tarkin seeing as is ends with him in charge of Sentinel base but I'm a little confused about the reference to Tarkin running missions with Vader since I thought they had a contentious relationship at this point. Also any idea when the sterilization of Geonosis happened? I was surprised to see Genotians around so long after the war ended.

  3. That's great! Now all they need to do is reintroduce Durge into the canon, and they'd have all the the 2003 Clone Wars elements that they truly need.

  4. Even though I like the videos being longer when I wake up for high school I used to watch them but now they are to long to watch now D:

  5. So James Luceno pulled something from the 2003 Clone Wars and made it canon. Thats just one of the reasons Luceno is my favorite author

  6. Jacen as a Hero… not so much. Nice call! And nice enough to let the listener want to research… Or wait for a Jacen story. Shame it can't weave with legends!

  7. Please could you make a video like this for every book released in the new canon? I know it's a hard work but… pleeeaaseee!

  8. The Lyra Erso force sensitivity angle seems overblown. Perhaps the story group is showing a distinction that all creatures (or not just Jedi) can feel the force. Has Obitt might be force sensitive too because he felt something during the battle.

  9. Fact 48: Didn't quite catch the name of the planet (lavmu?) BUT the landscape you see there is from Iceland. So if you ever want to pretend to visit the planet you might want to visit Iceland ☺

  10. And fact 33 is bullshit. Coruscant has not only been completely covered by city, but is also city all the way to the core. Christ all might. Can't these writers be somewhat consistent.

  11. #38; The Battle of Hypori is Canon again?!!! 😀 I always thought that the old Clone Wars series (at least the first half of it) happened before the start of later The Clone Wars show, so I am glad to hear that is now confirmed and brought back into the story.

  12. Correct me if I'm wrong, but a subtle hint suggested that the crystal given to Galen to study was the exact same crystal intercepted by anakin and obiwan in the unfinished episodes of the clone wars

  13. I want to start reading the books. can someone guide me to s site that lists the books and their proper reading order. thanks

  14. one question how did the crystal get the green colour on the death star super laser if there wasnt any colour yet if there was no jedi to help the empire create the green laser

  15. What if the Separatists had been constructing their own and the two Death Stars were built concurrently…
    If other facilities could (more or less) replicate Galen's work, could similar actions happen with the 2nd Death Star? It would explain the apparent hastiness if its construction. Of course, it then begs the question of who built it, as they had enough trouble building the one from ANH.

  16. At the one hour ten minuite mark in the audio book Kennic mentions a missle platform that was created then scrapped. To me it sounded like a shout out to the Galaxy Gun.

  17. okay alex, maybe you can help me. i have not finished the book, but I have seen so many conflicting things on the internet about this. does this book actually end after Tarkin? because the whole argument is based on jyn's age there is no way it could. many feel it ends in 17 bby, versus the books placement of it in most likely 13 bby. what are your thoughts?

  18. 6:33 Not being as familiar with the later years in Legends, I assumed the "Hero Twins" were an allusion to Luke and Leia. Love the reference to Clone Wars 2003; I knew that planet sounded familiar!

  19. I'm wondering if the kyber crystal necklace we see Lyra giving Jyn in the trailer is the same piece of jewelry Lyra saw when confronted by the 2 merchants on Coruscant.

  20. #51 is incorrect. Krennic's demotion was dismissed by Amedda at the end of their final discussion in the book. Amedda's last words to Krennic were "Finish what you started, Commander." Krennic argued against demotion but begrudgingly accepted Tarkin's oversight of his activities. This was enough to satisfy Amedda and let him keep rank while pursuing Galen Erso.

  21. #40 is completely bogus! We really need to let the whole "Jedi Twins" crap go! The only child of Han and Leia in canon is Ben Solo/Kylo Ren! I'm sick of hearing people trying to make their own canonical ties from the Legends universe!

  22. The Geonosians that rebelled and fought one another in the new death star cells was crazy bloody. The way the book described it, it sounded like all the compartments they built were plastered with blood and guts from floor to ceiling.

  23. Sucks that a cc is required for free audible trial…they cashing in on those people who forget to cancel before they are billed for first month…

  24. Correction: Krennic was not demoted as he managed to dissuade Ameda from it, the latter saying "Finish what you started, Commander." or something similar by way of dismissal. Nothing further was said in the book about a demotion. 🙂

  25. I think it's mildly interesting that they also killed off Poggle the Lesser in the book. I imagine that Luceno needed to get the ok from the folks at Disney to kill off a character from one of the films (albeit a minor one) and to me, his death didn't add anything to the story.

  26. So one question. If the Death Star was begun after the Battle of Geonosis, and was being built in the Geonosis System, is it explained how no one noticed it during the Second Battle of Geonosis?

  27. As i understood on the production of the Death Star from the book is that most of it was completed, except for some interior and the laser, by the time Galen Erso made his escape. If this was so it would explain why the 2nd Death Star had been built as fast has it had.

  28. could you please do a video about love and intimate relationships in the SWU and what do foods do beings eat? blue milk, 1 quater portions etc and does earth exist in the SWU? and also how do they go to the toilet? what planets do "humans" come from and if they are human or still considered alien race? i'm so confused. i need help. thanks and i love your channel! ☺

  29. Intergalactic would mean she'd have traveled through more than one galaxy. Is it meant this way or did you mean Interstellar travel (traveling between stars in one or outside a galaxy)?

  30. Has anyone ever noticed. During construction of the first Death Star (@58 seconds), you see the circle where the weapon is placed in have a "panel" below it. Yet in Rogue One that "panel" like structure isn't there and instead the super laser is added in (sorta built like a tube tv with the extra stuff protruding out the back of the disk). I've noticed this before and was insanely confused upon seeing the Death Star being completed in Rogue One (either an over sight on their part or mine). Still neat

  31. 6:17 I think the Battle of Hypori is canon as is Grievous' first battle being publicly known, however I don't think just making the two episodes of Clone Wars 2003 that it appeared in canon while the rest of the show is still retconned is rather inconsistent. So I think the events happened but the animation artistic interpretation did not.

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