5 Literary Classics In 30 Seconds…Or Less!

you thanks to the internet ebooks and social media were fast becoming a society of speed readers inspired by the folks at book a minute we’ve created very very abridged versions of our five favorite plays and novels macbeth by William Shakespeare you should be king I should be king guess what your King now I will forever be king nope 1984 by george orwell life has always been boring it doesn’t have to be did you do the thing I did the thing the great gatsby by f scott fitzgerald i’m excited to be in New York I’m a terrible role model don’t name your children after me New York is overrated we’re terrible people everyone misses the point lame is robbed by Victor Hugo I’m hungry criminal I’m so pampered that I have no concept of real life guys I’m kind of bleeding over here guys I have spared your life about that a Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens change always screws bah humbug my son is doing not Christmas bah humbug what happened to you Scrooge what’s happening to screw hi I guess I’ve been kind of a jerk my bad yeah God missiles everyone want to know more about how writers relief and self-publishing relief can help you with great writing tips and self-publishing advice visit our website by clicking the link in the description below

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